Prepare your home for a new season with a branch candle centerpiece

Fallen tree branches and logs can be used and upcycled in a lot of creative ways, one of the ideas being to turn them into candle holders or beautiful centerpieces for the table. Every such project is unique because of the nature of the materials involved. You can customize the candle holders in a lot of different ways and use them to welcome a new season or to add some texture and natural charm to your home.

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Let’s say you want to create a beautiful fall centerpiece for the dining room. It could look similar to the one on martysmusings. The project starts with the proper branch. You can remove any unnecessary stubs and other details in order to make the branch right for the project. Then drill a few holes in it, big enough for the candles to fit in. make sure you don’t pierce through the branch with the drill. You can sand the edges and even paint the branch if you want.

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To make the branch sit flat on the table you can either try to find one that actually does that naturally or to cut it and give it a flat bottom. Make sure you don’t damage the bark. It makes the candle holder look extra charming. Drilling the holes for the candles should be pretty simple. You can also attach a nice sign with a festive message if you want. On lizmarieblog you can find a nice idea for Christmas.

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There’s also the option of using a tree branch or a log to make individual candle holders instead of a large one for the entire table. In this case, you’ll have to cut the log into smaller sections. You can alternate the dimensions. Then drill holes at the center of each one and put candles in. you can display them in groups or as individual decorations. {found on thepinkdoormat}.

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All you need for such a project is some fallen branches and a few common tools such as a saw, a drill and some sandpaper. Use any type of branches you want. You’ll be leaving the bark on so take that into consideration when choosing them. You can use any type of candles you want for the project. Tea light candles are usually the most popular choice. {found on lifeovereasy}.

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If you want, you can put your candles inside simple glass votives before inserting them into the new branch candle holders. You might be able to find some fallen branches in your own back yard and in that case the project would also be infused with some personal memories. In any case, there are plenty of ways in which you can personalize such a project. If you need more inspiration, check out the idea offered on getrichordiytryin.

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We mentioned you can choose to display these chic candle holders in sets. You can check out hometalk to see how such an idea would look like. This set would look really nice in a beach-themed home décor. You can create something similar by cutting a large tree branch into three sections with different heights. Wrap some twine or natural fiber around them to turn them into a set.

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The set can include two, three or more such candle holders. In fact, you can have a whole collection if you want. You can display them as a set by simply creating an interesting-looking arrangement without actually securing them together in any way. You can also choose to mix and match different tree branch candle holders of different colors and types. You’ll find more inspiration in this sense on shemakesahome.