DIY Pineapple Wall Art

Interior design is such a personal reflection of your home and unique style. Instead of purchasing art from a store, you can make a piece of unique art very simply and inexpensively. Add elements of design trends and tailor them to your own personal preferences to create the perfect piece for your home. The humble pineapple is a long running design trend! By creating a geometric pineapple using a crafting technique that has made its own comeback; paper quilling, you can add a modern pop of colour to your home decor.

DIY Pineapple wall art

So what are you waiting for? You just need to grab a few supplies from your craft cupboard or your local craft store and you can get started!

DIY Pineapple wall art - Supplies

Materials and Supplies

  • Blank canvas
  • Recycled card
  • Glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
DIY Pineapple wall art - Paint

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is paint the blank canvas. Grab your tube of base colour acrylic paint and brush it all over the front and edges of the canvas and then leave it to dry! You can either use a dish to put the paint in first or you can just squeeze some paint directly onto the canvas and brush it over the surface. You want to use a fairly wide brush to apply the base colour. And you can choose from the array of current trend colours from neon to pastels, depending on your own taste and decor.

DIY Pineapple wall art - Contrast gold color

Step 2: After the base colour is dry, you want to add a second contrast colour. Metallics are still featuring strongly, so I chose to use metallic acrylic paint. Mix water with the acrylic paint to thin it down and for a nice abstract effect, like I used, splatter over the base colour. Put it to one side and let it dry completely. You could always use a second complimentary colour and sponge it on, to create more of an ombré effect.

DIY Pineapple wall art - paper rolling

Step 3: To create the pineapple, you can use simple paper quilling techniques. For the main fruit cut a 0.5″ strip of yellow card and coil it into a loose circle. Pinch opposite sides of the circle into points and repeat on the remaining two sides of the circle to create a diamond shape.

DIY Pineapple wall art - Glue

Step 4: Glue the end to secure. You can use any appropriate craft glue for this, but for speed I used a hot glue gun.

DIY Pineapple wall art-geometric shape

Step 5: To add a little definition to the geometric shapes, wrap a 0.5″ strip of black card around the diamond shape and glue to secure.

DIY Pineapple wall art - leaves

Step 6: To make the pineapple leaves, Cut a 0.5″ strip of green card and coil it into a loose circle. Pinch one end of the circle to create a leaf shape and glue the end to secure. Add extra layers of green card to create larger leaves.

DIY Pineapple wall art-wrapping

Step 7: Add definition to the leaves by wrapping a 0.5″ strip of black card around the leaf shape and glue to secure.

DIY Pineapple wall art-arrange to create the fruit

Step 8: Arrange the pieces to create a pineapple and glue in place on the canvas. You may like to create a paper template with a pineapple outline, to help you arrange the quilled paper shapes. You can arrange the shapes on the paper template; glue the shapes to each other and then glue the finished pineapple shape onto the canvas.

DIY Pineapple wall art craft

Your pineapple wall art is ready to be hung on your wall!!! You can sit back and admire your handiwork.

Try your hand at making a tropical pineapple wall art using paper quilling, or why not try making a watermelon or citrus fruit wall art! You could also use different crafting techniques such as weaving.

When you want to update your room again, with a little care you should be able to remove and recycle the paper quilling pieces and repaint over the canvas.