Snake Plants – The Most Tolerant And Easy To Care For Succulents

Snake plants are among the most common and popular indoor plants and that has a lot to do with how easy it is to care for them. There are more than 70 different species of snake plant. They’re all native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. The most common one is Sansevieria trifasciata also known as mother-in-law’s-tongue because of its long and pointy leaves.

Laundry room decorate with a snake plant

Some species of snake plant can grow to be 12 feet high although there are also types that are only 8’’ high. You can usually recognize the plant by its long, pointed and upright leaves which are dark green and sometimes have yellow edges.

Large rattan basket with snake plants

If you want something a little bit different, check out some of the less common species of snake plant. Some have round striped leaves with dark green coloring and there are also types that have red-tinted leaves. Some species feature narrow leaves with white stripes.

Growing snake plants is easy

Growing a snake plant is easy. If you decide to buy one from the store, make sure it’s healthy. It should have a dark green color. Pale leaves are usually the sign of a plant that didn’t receive proper care.{found on lemichellenguyen}.

Snake plant to decorate the room

As soon as you bring your new snake plant home from the store, it’s recommended to transfer it into a new pot. Make sure the pot is large enough so the roots don’t show through the soil. Fill the pot with fresh soil.{found on taylorandtaylor}.

Modern bathroom vanity flanked with plants

If you decide to grow a snake plant for leaf cuttings, that’s fine too. It’s a relatively easy process although you need to be extra careful because the cuttings can easily rot so don’t them too much water.{found on bethkoobydesign}.

Mid century reading corern with floor lamp and chair closer to an air purify snake plant

The easiest method however, besides buying a snake plant, is to grow it by dividing. This means that you can remove the fleshy rhizomes produced by the roots and then transfer them in a separate pot.

Decorate the outdoor area with snale plants

Snake plants are very appreciated as decorations inside the house, although they can also thrive outdoors. However, keep in mind that this is a succulent plant which means it retains lots of water inside its leaves.

Modern planters for snake plants

Snake plants need indirect sunlight so a good place for them would be in front of a window facing East, West or South. Give the plant more light and it will grow faster. Although these are the optimal conditions, snake plants can also survive in full sun.{found on sarahgreenman}.

Create an elevated border with snake plants outdoor

Avoid giving your snake plants too much water. They retain water through their leaves and they only need to be watered every two to three weeks. Water them more frequently in summer and give them less water during winter.

Use room temperature water for snake plants

Use room-temperature water to avoid shocking the roots and the leaves and avoid watering the plants when it’s very hot outside or in mid-afternoon. Too much water causes the plants to rot so it’s best to be cautious.{found on madmodhome}.

Scandinavian dining area decorated with snake plant

You can give your snake plants fertilizer which can be dissolved in water. However, don’t use food plant in winter or fall. It’s best to leave this for when spring and summer come.

Rattan basket filled with snake plants for corners

Although snake plants are very versatile and can thrive in a lot of environments, some believe that the best place for them is in the bedroom and not because they get more light there but because they’re actually air-purifying plants.

Decorate the bedroom with snake plants

Snake plants give off oxygen at night and filter toxins from the air. This makes them perfect for the bedroom. They keep the air fresh and clean and they also look beautiful with their sculptural leaves and interesting colors.

Decorate the space understairs with snake plants

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a snake plant inside or around your house. All you have to do now is find a species that you like and bring it home.

Place behind sofa large potted plants

Some say it’s recommended to have six to eight waist-high snake plants per person in order for them to filter the air and give off oxygen in good proportions. So if you were planning to get more than one, you were quite inspired.

Entryway snake plant

There are many good spots for a potted snake plant inside the house. For example, have one placed by the bench in the mudroom or on the entrance hallway. Greet your guests with fresh air and a fresh décor.

Small pots with snake plants

Combine a snake plant with other succulents. For example, you can make a lovely green corner in the room and put together some cacti, maybe also an aloe plant or two. Mix and match stylish pots for an eye-catching look.

Rattan basket with snake plants

As your snake plant grows bigger, you might need to transfer it in a larger pot. It needs space for the roots to grow so the plant can stay healthy. As the pot gets bigger, you can put more emphasis on its shape, design and color.

Perfect spot for a snake plant

A perfect spot for a snake plant would be on the bedroom nightstand. Of course, it would be best to place it close to a window so it can get enough sunlight during the day.

Desk snake plant

Your office desk could also use a snake plant. The larger species can be a bit too much so perhaps you should opt for a type that doesn’t grow big. A small plant can look lovely on the desk, by the lamp.

Snake plants like centerpieces

You can also use snake plants as centerpieces or decorations. One or two of them can look beautiful on the dining table or in the living room. To make them stand out more, raise them on a side table or put a few books under the pot.

Touch of color with snake plants

Use a snake plant to add a touch of color to a room decorated with neutrals or with whites. The plant’s dark green color will contrast with the rest of the décor, resulting in a well-balanced look.

White rocks and snake plants

If the décor and layout allow it, you can create a divider topped with snake plants. It could look like a long, narrow and tall planter or like a bar.