Simple DIY Necklace Holder Stand Ideas That Would Make Great Gifts

A simple necklace holder can improve your mood every time you put jewelry on and happiness, even in small doses, makes our lives better so today we thought we’d show you some of our top favorite DIY ideas when it comes to jewelry organizers.

 DIY Necklace Holder Stand

We selected necklace holder designs that are fancy and stylish without also being complicated.

A sculptural necklace design made with dowels and zip ties

A sculptural design made with dowels and zip tiesView in gallery

Looking at this fancy jewelry organizer you’re probably thinking it’s a very nice sculpture made out of carefully welded strips of metal but in reality these are just some wood dowel pieces connected with zip ties. You can make your own version and if you want you can even make several and offer them as gifts.

You’ll need some wood dowels, something to cut them with, zip ties and spray paint. You can find additional details about the project on monsterscircus.

Industrial-style jewelry holder made of copper pipes

Industrial-style jewelry holder made of copper pipesView in gallery

Instead of wood dowels you could use copper pipe pieces. The design would be simple but not without character. Check out this copper pipe jewelry stand as a reference. The pipe sections are connected with three way T fittings and the stand looks a bit like a tree.

The base is made out of a wooden block. You can spray paint the stand if you want to but the natural copper finish is pretty chic too.

Spray-painted copper pipe jewelry holder

Spray-painted copper pipe jewelry holderView in gallery

In case you’re curious how your copper pipe necklace holder would look like if you spray paint it, check out this project from acraftedpassion. The entire stand is made out of pipes and fittings, including the base. It has a matte black finish and the pipes have caps at the ends.

Wooden triangle stands for necklaces

Wooden triangle stands for necklacesView in gallery

Designed specifically for necklaces, this triangle-shaped jewelry stand featured on themerrythought is super easy to craft and also very easy to customize if that’s something you want to focus on. All you need for this project is a wooden board, a saw, a drill, sandpaper, some wood glue and pegs. You can paint the board if you want to and you can even use tape to create interesting patterns on it.

Stylish vase and tree branch combo

Stylish vase and tree branch comboView in gallery

A super easy way to get yourself a necklace holder without spending too much time or effort is to just go out and find a tree branch (or several) and to rest it in a vase sturdy enough to not tip over. You can decorate the branch if you want to. You could use washi tape, spray paint or colored yarn to do that. You can find more details about the project on mysocalledcraftylife.

Cute organizer from a repurposed picture frame

Cute organizer from a repurposed picture frameView in gallery

All the jewelry organizers we showed you so far are great for necklaces and bracelets but not so much for earnings. The project featured on sarahortega is focused specifically on earrings so be sure to check it out. To make something just as chic and practical you only need a picture frame, some paint, wire mesh and a staple gun.

Wood branch stand for rings

Wood branch stand for ringsView in gallery

There are also jewelry stands which are meant to hold rings and the DIY kind can look something like this. We found this wood ring holder on wildheartcrafting. It’s made out of a branch and a round slice of wood held together with glue. If you like the idea, look for a branch with multiple extensions so you can have more hooks on which to store your rings.

Miniature pyramid jewelry holders

Miniature pyramid jewelry holdersView in gallery

Another cool idea comes from apairandasparediy where you can find a tutorial for this plywood jewelry pyramid. It’s a fairly simple project and the design is minimalist and super chic. The supplies needed for the project include a plywood triangle (you can craft it if you can’t find one in stores), a small piece of wood and glue. You can find ways to customize the design if you want to.

Wooden spice rack repurposed into a jewelry organizer

Wooden spice rack repurposed into a jewelry organizerView in gallery

One of the simplest ways to get a wall-mounted jewelry holder is just by repurposing a spice rack. By positioning it upside down you can attach little hangers to the rack for necklaces and bracelets. It’s not a great design for rings and earrings however so you may need two different organizers for different purposes.

Spray-painted branch organizer

Spray-painted branch organizerView in gallery

Tree branches are excellent for creating DIY jewelry holders and since you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes it would also be a lot of fun to go out exploring for supplies. Once you brought back the perfect branch, spray paint and attach it to a wall or to a cabinet with screws. Your tree branch jewelry holder is complete.

All-in-one jewelry organizer

All-in-one jewelry organizerView in gallery

Some jewelry holders are great for necklaces and bracelets, some for rings and some for earrings but what if you want to keep all these things in one place. A jewelry holder that looks something like this would be the answer. This one has a combination of small knobs that you can hang things from as well as small boxes at the bottom for everything else.

Repurposed frame organizer for necklaces

Repurposed frame organizer for necklacesView in gallery

A super simple idea is also to make an organizer for necklaces out of a wooden frame. Pick a frame that’s big enough for this. It should be longer than the necklaces and wide enough to hold several ones. First, spray paint the frame if you want it to better match your décor. Then simply screw in a series of hooks at the top and space them out evenly. That’s pretty much it. You can find more details on itsoverflowing if you’re interested in a complete tutorial.

Minimalist necklace holder

Minimalist necklace holderView in gallery

This design from fashionlush is also meant for necklaces but can also be used for bracelets or a combination of both. It’s super simple, minimalist even, being made only of a metal pipe and some string. Basically all you need to do is run some string through the pipe so you can hang it on a wall, then put some S hooks on the pipe.

Simple branch organizer

Simple branch organizerView in gallery

This design is fairly similar to the one we mentioned previously but in this case the main protagonist is a tree branch instead of a metal pipe. You would need string to hang the branch as well as small screw-in hooks which you can insert into the branch, on the underside. Check out sweetteal if you want more details.

Sculptural necklace holder made of wood

Sculptural necklace holder made of woodView in gallery

If you’re looking for a type of jewelry organizer that you can easily disguise as a sculpture or wall decoration, check out the design featured on consumercrafts. It’s made of different wood pieces like dowels and beads which are combined to create a stylish wall-mounted holder with four rods that you can hang necklaces and bracelets from.

Compartmentalized jewelry holder

Compartmentalized jewelry holderView in gallery

Here’s a wooden jewelry holder that’s a bit of an upgraded version of a basic wooden frame one. It’s something that you can craft from scratch out of wood. Start with the back panel and then add the outer frame and all the separators. You’ll end up with this cool-looking organizer with different sections for different types of jewelry. You can check out the full tutorial on diyhuntress.

Wall-mounted cabinet-style jewelry organizer

Wall-mounted cabinet-style jewelry organizerView in gallery

Instead of putting all your jewelry on display, this organizer from housefulofhandmade lets you hide everything inside this little wall-mounted cabinet. It doesn’t need to be large or very deep and you can also use the interior of the door for more storage.

Minimalist wooden strip organizers

Minimalist wooden strip organizersView in gallery

Here’s a nice idea for a sort of modular jewelry holder. This one is a set of three elements, an organizer at the top for earrings and possibly also for rings, the one in the middle with a rid for bracelets and another one at the bottom for necklaces. In theory you can customize as many of these wooden strip organizers as you need and display them on a wall. Check out the tutorial on thehomesihavemade for additional info.

Distressed window frame jewelry holder

Distressed window frame jewelry holderView in gallery

That’s right, this jewelry holder is made from what used to be an old window frame. Transforming the frame into a jewelry holder was just a matter of putting in some chicken wire instead of glass. The distressed finish on the wood gives it a very cool and retro look. You can find this project described in more detail on lifelovelarson.