Mikado Table Lamps by Miguel Herranz

Flying to the sun is a thing that can remind you of the Icar’s motif. He is the one who has tried to escape from his exile and took some wax wings, made by his father to fly away. Unfortunately, he reached too close to the sun and his flight ended in death.

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The designer Miguel Herranz created Mikado table lamps. The design of these lamps has the shape of some wide spread wings which in combination with light makes you think of Icar’s motif.The glow that comes out between the curved “wings” creates a silent and relaxing atmosphere. It is perfect for the quiet ambience in your bedroom or your desk office. They are available in three diverse models and various colors like: cherry, yellow, grey and green.Mikado table lamps have a modern design, are useful and fit any interior which needs a warm glow.