Metal Leaf Walls, A Bold Choice For A Glamorous Décor

Even though they are sometimes considered to be pretentious, spaces decorated with metal leaf on the walls can also be chic and stylish if the rest of the décor is in sync with this particular detail. The walls are a very important part of any décor but they often get neglected. However, metal leaf walls could never pass unnoticed. Whether it’s just an accent wall or an entire space wrapped in metal leaf, there are ways to make it feel inviting without feeling overwhelming.

Leaf bathroom

All the rooms of a home can be decorated with metal leaf. For example, you could add some spark to your bathroom by opting for silver leaf walls. Make sure the fixtures and the furniture match the style you have started to create. White would be a nice color to complement the walls as its simple and easy to combine and match with anything.

Modern bedroom leaf design

Sometimes it can also be good to highlight a certain detail in the décor. For example, this space features metal leaf walls that are very rich and eye-catching on their own but that really stand out in this case as there’s also a silver-leafed fireplace wall included in the décor. It is, however, risky to adopt such influences and it’s difficult to obtain the right amount of spark and boldness.

Gold leaf design1

A similar case is this living room. The golden leafed walls are an eye-catching décor element and they really stand out. To emphasize the richness of this décor element, a patterned accent curtain was also added. This particular wall represents an important focal point in the room, the rest of the space focusing on darker, contrasting tones.

Eclectic bathroom leaf design

Sometimes a detail such as a silver leafed wall can be the detail that a room needs to stand out. For example, you can add a little drama to your bathroom by opting for silver leafed walls in combination with simple and elegant furniture and fixtures. The ceiling can match the walls for continuity or it could be left white.

Bath leaf wall

Metal leafed walls in the bathroom are a way of breaking the monotony and of adding a little glamour to this space that often gets neglected. The solution is simple and more unpretentious than you’d think. The walls will allow your bathroom to glow and they would also add depth and character to this space. Make sure all the other elements are nicely balanced.

Living room fireplace leaf

The dining room is another space that could use a little drama. In the case of this room there are several options. You could opt to cover all the walls in metal leaf and to choose something simple or you could only have one accent wall and in this case you could opt for something textured of patterned, something that would stand out even more. Try to integrate the windows and curtains as seamlessly as possible into the décor.

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