Luxurious penthouse in New York

New York is for some the best city in the world. But nothing is perfect and sometimes Yankees feel the pressure of an agitated urban environment and miss the comfort of a more natural place. But with a little taste and help from interior designers from Archi Tectonics, and of course, also with a little fortune, we can compensate the busy urban environment from outside with a cosy apartment.

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The GW 497 building, which is situated in New York City’s SoHo district, houses a luxurious but worm apartment. The 3200 s.f. Schein Loft is located on the eighth floor of the building, above the existing warehouse. Its space is more as an open layout where spaces are arranged as a series of overlapping zones rather than enclosed rooms so it can give you a freedom sensation. It seems that for the architects and designers of this project not only the looks of the apartment were important, but also its façade. This is why faceted is made from a glass curtain wall which also allows the natural sunlight to enter the interior living spaces.

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The interior spaces of the apartment are intended to protect you from the outside chaos, by offering you a comfortable and also contemporary design. The impression of freedom is given by the use of natural materials such as oakwood, recycled bogwood or materials from local stone quarries, and art storage areas that are integrated into the anatomy of the residence. The apartment gathers a music room, a guest bathroom, a master bedroom and its adjacent bathroom.{found on archilovers}.