Residential Skyscraper Central Park Tower Offering Stunning Views

Central Park Tower is New York City’s second-tallest building. The supertall skyscraper is also the tallest residential building in the world. Situated on Billionaire’s Row in Midtown Manhattan, the building offers luxurious living in a resort-like atmosphere. 

The Bare Essentials: Central Park Tower

The Bare Essentials: Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower, located at 225 West 57th Street, sits in the heart of Billionaire’s Row. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture designed the 1,550-foot tall building. The project’s developers included Extell Development Company and Shanghai Municipal Investment Group.

The structure is the second-tallest building in the US and the Western Hemisphere. Worldwide, it is recognized as the 15th tallest building. with 98 above-ground floors and three basement levels, the building is a premier pencil tower.  

Otherwise known as Nordstrom Tower, the first five floors are dedicated to the famous department store of the same name. The supertall mixed-use residential skyscraper has 179 condos. On average, each unit is 5,000 square feet.

Luxury Amenities

Inside Central Park Tower you’ll find the latest in state-of-the-art luxury amenities. The building is referred to as an “urban resort.”

Floors 14 through 16 feature fancy extras. The area includes a private garden, a 60-foot outdoor swimming pool, a sun deck with cabanas, BBQ grills, and a bar and fireplace.

Indoor amenities also include a fitness and wellness center with a 63-foot indoor saltwater swimming pool and spa. For the sports enthusiast, you’ll find a squash and half basketball court. The facilities also include lockers, showers, and steam and sauna rooms.

In the resident’s only lounge you’ll find a game room and billiard tables. A private screening room, live performance space, conference room, and modern business center are also included.

Central Park Club

Also included is the Central Park Club, dubbed the “World’s Highest Private Dining and Entertainment Club.”

More than 1,000 feet up high on floors 97 through 100, the club sits roughly 50,000 square feet above Manhattan.

Rottet Studio designed the interiors and Colin Cowie Lifestyle created a lighting system that automatically adjusts as the sun sets. The system also includes music that evolves as the day progresses while providing custom scents that change according to the seasons. 

A ballroom with a seating capacity of 120 is available for weddings and private events. The restaurants and bars have rotating menus created by Michelin-starred chefs. There’s even a cigar room and wine lounges.

Super-Skinny Skyscrapers

Super skinny skyscrapers, otherwise known as “pencil towers,” are not new. Over 20 years ago, as land values increased, cities became denser and the supertall skyscraper flourished.  

The pencil tower originated in Hong Kong in the 70’s, where the building style is common. 

The Central Park Tower has an aspect ratio of 25:1. Improvements in building materials and engineering technology have made super skinny skyscrapers more common.

Controversial Shadows

Super skinny tall buildings like the Central Park Tower are not without controversy. Many New Yorkers are protesting against them because they cast long shadows across Central Park. 

However, it’s not just their long shadows that have proven to be problematic. The engineering achievements associated with 1,000-foot-high trophy apartments have not lived up to their promises. Water damage, malfunctioning elevators, and creaky walls are recurring complaints. 

Sky-High Prices

The price tag of a Central Park Tower condo isn’t surprising. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  The combined value of the building’s 179 units is $4 billion, making it New York’s most expensive condo project.

The Central Park Tower penthouse had the highest asking price of $95 million, but more than 20 of the condos were asking for $60 million or more.

The top floor penthouse encompasses 15,898 square feet and has seven bedrooms. There’s a huge terrace and a private elevator lobby of 1,647 square feet. The over-the-top residence even has a private ballroom.

Recent resales, however, have seen lower prices. A New York appraiser told Archinect that residents in most luxury skyscrapers have seen values drop, especially on Billionaires’ Row. Since their peak in 2015-2016, prices have dropped between 25 and 50 percent.

The New York Times reported three recent Central Park Tower sales were well below their asking prices. For example, one listing at $78.1 million sold for $48 million and another one asking for $63 million sold for $40.8 million. 

Billionaires’ Row

A number of these ultra-luxury residential buildings in New York City are on a section of Central Park South. This sits on the south end of Manhattan’s Central Park. Because they contain some of the priciest residences in the city, it’s called Billionaire’s Row.

Most of these super skinny skyscrapers are on 57th Street and many people call that street Billionaire’s Row too.

Air Space For Sale

Due to the zoning laws and high-quality bedrock, New York is home to several pencil towers. One reason for the towers’ emergence is a loophole in New York’s zoning policy that allows for air rights to be transferred to these structures from surrounding buildings.

Shorter buildings with large land plots are selling air space or transferring development rights (TDR) above their buildings for almost the same cost as the land underneath their physical buildings. The land rights are stacked upon each other to increase the height of a tower. This legal loophole is private, nor does it have restrictions regulating the planning process.

Those who own shorter buildings are increasing the price of their air space, which increases the value of the rights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where is Central Park Tower?

Central Park Tower is located in Midtown Manhattan at 225 West 57th Street. Known as Billionaires’ Row, the street has a number of ultraluxury residential skyscrapers. 

How much is the cheapest apartment in Central Park Tower?

The cost of apartments in this superskinny skyscraper varies according to what units are for sale. Listings available show asking prices as low as $8.3 million for a two-bedroom, 2.5-bath residence of 2,141 square feet.

What is the most expensive apartment in Central Park Tower?

In mid-2021, a duplex on the 127th and 128th floors was listed at $150,000,000. If it gets that price it would be New York City’s third highest-priced sale. Recent sales of the most expensive units in the building have only brought about half the asking price.

Does Central Park Tower Sway?

All supertall buildings sway. Engineers have said that a tower that is 1,000 feet tall can sway a few inches on a windy day. If winds reach up to 100 miles per hour, the swaying can be as much as two feet.

Are there problems with living in a supertall building?

Some people say that supertall buildings are not sustainable because they cost so much to build. They can also have problems such as bad flooding from leaks and constant elevator problems. Some of the tallest buildings are also noisy. They creak, bang and click. the monthly maintenance fees also see frequent increases.

Central Park Tower Conclusion

The tallest residential building in New York City offers more than just a stunning view. As the world’s tallest residential skyscraper, Central Park Tower features resort amenities and more. With a commanding view overlooking Manhattan, the thin structure offers luxurious living, but at a price.