The luxurious Nolitan Hotel in New York

The Nolitan Hotel is located in New York and it’s the typical inviting hotel with elegant and sophisticated décor but with a cozyness that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a collection of everything people like about hotels and all these features have been put together in a concrete shell. There are many interesting and beautiful things about this hotel.

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The Nolitan Hotel features a series of retro details throughout that, combined with the sumptuous and eye-catching details make this place unique. The hotel also has floor-to-ceiling windows that not only provide lots of natural light but also offer panoramic views of the busy city. It’s the most recent hotel that was opened in Manhattan and, even though it might not seem extremely modern and glamorous on the outside, that concrete shell hides beauty and elegance that can’t be found anywhere else.

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The design for the hotel was created by Grzywinski+Pons. It has a simple and chic exterior design and it offers just the right amount of information to make you curious and to make you want to solve the mystery of what the hotel looks like on the inside. The interior of the hotel is very beautiful and chic. Rustic, industrial and modern influences work together to form an inviting and personalized décor. The private rooms are stylish and elegant and they have a décor similar to those from the common areas thus creating a continuous image.