Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Every Homeowner

There isn’t a shortage of low-maintenance front yard landscaping ideas. However, homeowners who take pride in their outdoor living spaces may not be familiar with the ways they can maintain a perfect-looking front yard.

low maintenance landscaping

Those who would like to learn more about how to achieve a pristine front yard with minimal effort, you’ve come to the right place. Lawn care doesn’t have to be hard, and if you know the ins and outs, you’ll discover how easy it can be.

Backyard design with gravel and different plants

We’ll show you the best low-maintenance landscaping options for your outdoor living spaces.  Also, we’ll explore their long-term benefits. Each idea allows you to spend less time caring for your front yard and gives you extra time to do more important things.  

Benefits Of Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Benefits Of Low Maintenance Landscaping

Let’s take a look at the benefits of extremely low-maintenance landscaping ideas. Each suggestion will provide you with a better-looking front yard all summer long.

New Plantings

With new plantings, you can restructure your lawn maintenance work schedule. The goal is little to no yard work. This will allow you to spend less time working on your front yard. After you get everything set up, you can relax and watch your lawn grow. 

Less Work More Play

Automation for watering

Depending on which low-maintenance landscaping idea you choose, a low-maintenance yard may take extra work to set up. However, it will mean less weeding, watering, mowing, and pruning in the long run.

Easy To Change

Many low-maintenance landscaping options are versatile and easy to change when you want a fresh new look. Replacing the type of mulch you use or switching out some perennials every few years can give your yard a new look with little effort.

Conserve Water

Most low-maintenance landscaping options require less water, which saves you money on your water bill, but is also good for the environment.  

Eco-Friendly Front Yard

Low maintenance landscaping uses little to no synthetic pesticides and herbicides. There are fewer harmful chemicals leaching into the groundwater. Additionally, less mowing and trimming reduces noise pollution and the need for gas or electricity consumption. Low-maintenance plants don’t require as much water or attention. 

Automation for watering

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Here are a few low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard. You want to achieve a welcoming front yard, so keep reading to learn how to create one.

Automation for watering

Here is a low-maintenance landscaping idea for your front yard from Dig Your Garden. Tall shade trees cover a grid of low maintenance plants that offer colors and textures.

The black mulch creates a backdrop that makes the color of the plants pop. The landscape design also discourages weeds from growing on the surface of your front yard. The stone pathway leading to the front door and patio finishes the look off with a clean and modern feel.

Crushed Stone Path

Automation for watering

This low-maintenance landscaping project shared by Showcase Landscape & Irrigation combines a variety of materials to create a low-maintenance front yard that makes a statement. The slate tile pathway winds itself through the front yard with a mixture of fieldstone and mulch.

The landscape design assists with water drainage while keeping moisture in the ground. Low maintenance evergreen and perennials add to this front yard by providing a touch of color and texture.

Garden Design

Automation for watering

With a mixture of stone and foliage, this front yard by BE Landscape Design is a drought-tolerant solution. It’s also an example of how low-growing clover is a good idea.

The concrete stair pathway offers a modern look while providing a cooling effect for the front yard. A mixture of sand and soil types with field stones provides an easy solution to low-maintenance landscaping.

Well Designed Landscape

Automation for watering

Syn Lawn shows provides an example of how beautiful an artificial front yard lawn can be. The lawn needs no mowing, watering, and little care. Among low maintenance landscaping ideas, this one ranks close to the top.

The moist soil and mulch base safeguard against weeds. You could also go with black mondo grass for something different but just as attractive. Large fields stones add to the organic charm of this front yard. And the concrete walkway leading to the front door provides and visual divider for the lawn. 

Native Plants

Automation for watering

This front yard design is from Dig Your Garden Landscape Design. It consists of a concrete entry path surrounded by pebble accents and rich green foliage. The planter beds have a grey base. The cream gravel color consists of succulents and textural grass. Also, do not rule out creeping thyme as an option. The plants also help with making your front door the focal point of our landscape design.

Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping Ideas

It would be a mistake on our behalf if we didn’t move from the front yard to the backyard and share a few landscaping ideas.  

Flower Bed

Automation for watering

Roxy Designs shares this meadow-style backyard that consists of hardy plants in an array of colors, textures, and sizes. You’ll need to know the square foot area of your entire space before you begin. The different sizes of your plants and varying heights of your backyard space will also need to be measured. 

If you went with black mulch as an underlay, it would ensure the focus remained on the foliage while discouraging weed growth. The organic beauty of this lovely meadow is completed nicely with the rugged stone pathway that winds freely throughout.

Rock Garden

Automation for watering

The pebble garden in this backyard landscape designed by the Garden Route Company aids in drainage and discourages weeds from taking root, and a variety of colorful succulents adds interest and charm.

The stone pathway is filled with mat-forming perennials, directing you to the wooden planter boxes. 

Backyard Spa Landscape Design

Automation for watering

ACRE Design Studio proves that you don’t need grass to have a beautiful backyard, most of this landscape’s ground cover is concrete and stone tile. The combination of stones and wood pair together and give this yard a modern, organic feel.

If you live in a cold climate and you want to create visual interest, then turn your backyard into an outdoor spa. Greenery is incorporated here but it’s easy-to-manage and requires little maintenance overall.

Backyard Zen Garden

Automation for watering

The concrete path and raised beds give this backyard by Marlin Landscape a sophisticated charm. A mixture of gravel and mulch for ground cover helps with drainage and limits weed growth while lawn grass provides texture and color.

Shade and privacy are provided by the large trees and columnar along the back fence. The light wood fence and bench finish this beautiful yard off by providing curb appeal and warmth.

Manicured Grass

Automation for watering

Another example of how realistic and beautiful artificial grass can be. This ultra-low maintenance backyard created by Courts & Greens has the look and warmth of real grass but requires no mowing or upkeep.

The artificial grass combined with the concrete driveway, paver stone path, and gravel border means there is nothing to do in this yard but sit back and enjoy it!

Landscape Design Tips 

Landscape Design Tips 

Here are some specific tips that will help you fine-tune your outdoor lawn spaces.

Front Yard Meadow

A beautiful meadow of flowers, grasses, and shrubs is a low-maintenance option that will give your yard an abundance of charm. Although the initial set-up of meadow-style landscaping requires careful planning, once it’s set up, it will almost take care of itself. 

Weed Free

The key to meadow landscaping is to create “weed-free” conditions before any planting or sowing. To accomplish this, you will first need to mow down and kill the existing vegetation and then sow a cover crop of rye, buckwheat, or something similar. This cover crop acts as a deterrent for weeds and protects the ground surface from water and wind erosion.


Automation for watering

Once your cover crop is done, plant your new landscape. Keep in mind that there is no pattern or grid you need to follow. 

Water Conservation

Another benefit to meadow landscaping is that less water is required. Often, watering from regular rainfall is enough. However, in hotter or desert climates, a drip irrigation system or regular sprinkler should be used.

Pick Plants

Flowering plants offer beauty and charm. The type of plants you choose for your front yard is an important when planning low maintenance landscaping. You want to select plants that are also low maintenance and thrive under any condition. Ones that require little watering and infrequent trimming.


Perennials are ideal for outdoor living spaces. They grow back by themselves year after year. You may want to consider mat-forming creeping perennials to replace your grass entirely. Some perennials are more low maintenance than others. They also make great front porch decor items.  

Plant Lavender

If you have a front porch, plant lavender. The Plants that are native to your area are always the best option. These plants are already climatized to your area’s weather and are used to the existing soil conditions.

This means less fertilizer and pesticides because they are used to the soil’s natural state. As a backup, try Black Eyed Susans for added flair. 

Evergreen Shrubs

Automation for watering

One great option to consider is evergreen shrubs. The plants come in different forms including creeping varieties and dwarf varieties, columnar, and trees. They need little to no care aside from occasional watering and they keep their beautiful, vibrant color all year round.

Monkey Grass

Clumping monkey grass is a hardy plant that thrives in most climates and soil conditions and is naturally resilient when it comes to weeds and bugs. It does grow to be about fifteen inches long so depending on your preference, you may want to trim it occasionally.

Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. A few high-performance, low maintenance plants can have a huge impact when placed correctly.

Shaped Rocks

If you don’t want your entire yard in stone but like the idea of not weeding, consider adding a layer of randomly shaped rocks in your flower beds. Layers of rock help the soil retain moisture and discourage weeds from rearing their ugly heads.

Stone Types

When using stone for your landscaping, keep in mind that man-made stone is strong and resilient, so it is best for areas that see high traffic. Natural stone on the other hand tends to be softer and less stable so it should be reserved for areas that get very little traffic.


Automation for watering

Wood is another great material to add to your grass-free outdoor space. It adds an extra organic element and compliments stones.

Artificial Turf

Automation for watering

Artificial grass has come a long way since its early days and is a fabulous option that requires almost no work. Made from a mix of nylon and polymer, artificial turf has different grass heights so it looks like the real thing. Color gradations give it the look and feel of real grass.

Artificial plants and flowers may also be a consideration but make sure to choose those meant for outdoor use. Indoor artificial plants are not made to stand up to varying weather conditions.

Hardscaping is an option for low maintenance landscaping. Decorative stone, brick, pavers, and other materials help create a durable surface that’s easy to clean, and almost takes care of itself. 


Automation for watering

Succulents require little water and are a low maintenance landscape option. They can be closely mixed with other succulents to add colorful variety to your yard. Some examples of succulents include Agave, Aloe Vera, Crown of Thorns, Roseum, and Burro’s Tail.

The shallow-rooting plants do require ample drainage and should be placed in raised beds with well-aerated soil. Sunny locations in your yard are usually the best.

Automate Water Controls

Nothing says low-maintenance landscaping than an automated watering system. Setting the water system to turn on at set times is a great, no-hassle way to make sure your front yard gets the water it needs.

Most in-ground and above-ground irrigation systems have timers you can set and are programmed to take the season or time of year into account. If you use an above-ground sprinkler, you can purchase separate timers that attach to the hose bib and regulate when the water will run.

Additional Tips

Consider putting down a layer of weed barrier under your topsoil. This paper-like material allows airflow and water seepage so your plants can grow but prevents weeds from passing through.

Don’t rake up your leaves in the fall. Simply run them over with the lawnmower and allow them to sit on the lawn through winter. They provide an excellent source of nutrients and are a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Can I Fertilize My Front Lawn Without Chemicals?

If you’re using fertilizer with chemicals, you should start using  low nitrogen organic fertilizer. To make the switch, wait until early spring after your soil is warmer to apply organic fertilizer on your lawn. You’ll need to do it again at the end of the fall season. Organic nutrients are released throughout the growing season, which means they’ll be available as needed.

Can I Make Lawn Fertilizer?

Making DIY lawn fertilizer is easy. All you need to do is mix one cup of Epsom salts and ammonia in a sealed container or bottle. Next, add two or three tablespoons of this mixture to a watering can and spread it over 200 square feet of your lawn. For similar results, mix everything with equal parts water to make a liquid fertilizer that will cover your entire lawn.

Can I Grow Cannabis On My Front Lawn?

It is against the law to grow cannabis on your front lawn. Violators can be charged with a misdemeanor offense and fined $1,000 a day.

Do Voles Damage Lawns?

Among yard pests, voles are most likely to cause the greatest damage. Voles usually attack during the winter. To prevent vole damage, keep your lawn fertilized. 

Can I Plant A Fruit Tree In My Front Yard?

Yes, you can plant a fruit tree in your front yard. However, before you do anything, check with your Homeowner’s Association to see if there are restrictions on the types of fruit trees you’re allowed to grow in your front yard.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Conclusion 

When you use low-maintenance landscaping for your front yard and other outdoor living space, you’ll find yourself with extra time to do other things. With so many available options, you shouldn’t have a problem finding low-maintenance landscaping ideas that work for you.

For bigger projects, learn more about your USDA hardiness zone. This will help you when choosing plants for your front yard landscape. Maintaining your yard landscape should be an enjoyable experience, but only if you put forth the effort.

Lawn care is a year-round responsibility. With this in mind, you can never have enough landscaping ideas to implement that will save you time in the long run. The best way to take care of your lawn is to stay on top of it. Your home’s exterior is important and adds curb appeal. Remember, it’s not entirely about you, but also your neighbors. Nobody wants to live next to an unkempt lawn. 

If you want your front yard to be the focal point of your outdoor space, then you can achieve that with minimal work. The goal is to spend more time relaxing rather than working. If you tackle important maintenance issues during the early summer, for example, you’ll be fine for the rest of the year. When you pick plants that add to your home’s curb appeal and maintain a healthy flower bed, you’ll have an attractive yard that others will admire.