Living Room Storage That Will Keep You Ahead of The Clutter

Spring cleaning is over. You made your home a sparkling piece of art and now you’re enjoying summer days with barbecues and dinner parties. Your kids are having sleepovers and game nights. Suddenly you look around and you may not be able to tell amidst the stack of library books and flip flops and unopened mail that your house was once a clean haven. Summertime is a busy time which makes it easy to let your house go. But there are a few ways that you can keep things neat and tidy during these hot months. Namely, storage. Get your living room back in shape with these 15 pieces of living room storage so you can rest easy beside the pool.

Woven curved basket

Never underestimate the versatility of a good basket. You might already have one full of throw pillows and blankets. Stash those away for colder weather and use your woven piece to hold shoes or library books or the pile of sports equipment that always seems to be in front of the door. (via West Elm)

Teak Swing Shelf

Short on floor space in your living room? Hang this teak shelf above the couch to hold your favorite photos. Or hang it at side table height to hold your guests’ glasses when they come for dinner. (via Anthropologie)

Tassels basket

This tassel basket is such a fun and interesting piece. It promises to provide a place for your TV remotes and extra pens and chapstick and whatever else piles up on your coffee table. (via Leif)

Pink shade magazine storage

There isn’t a better time for lazing around with a magazine than those summer Saturday afternoons when it’s too hot to do much of anything. Keep your favorites organized and on hand in a dotty magazine file like this. (via Urban Outfitters)

Moroccan Wedding Basket

I’m not sure it’s possible for Moroccan wedding blankets to go out of style. If you’re already got one for your bedroom, add this gorgeous basket to your living room. (via Anthropologie)

Styles White Marble Shelf with Bronze Brackets

A touch of marble in any room brings that bit of luxury you’ve been looking for. You can install these marble shelves on a Saturday morning and have them filled with your favorite summer decor by afternoon. (via Crate and Barrel)

Wire Mesh Storage - Storage Bin

It’s a fact that mesh crates are one of the most practical kinds of storage available. Being metal, just get the right color and they’ll match your decor in any room. Plus, with all the different sizes to choose from, you can have them for all your living room storage needs. (via West Elm)

Honeycomb wood shelf

If you can get one in the shape of a hexagon, do it. This honeycomb shelf is the perfect piece to fill that little empty corner in your living room. Use it for a houseplant or to display all your kid’s summer art. (via Urban Outfitters)

English Rose Garden Bucket

How lovely is this rose garden bucket? It’s perfect for toting dirty shoes from the living room rug to the mud room or beautifying the last few logs of wood that you didn’t get to put in the fireplace. (via Anthropologie)

Cameron storage bench

I think everyone should have a storage bench. Not only does it make clean up time a cinch when you have kids, it will give your living room a pretty coffee table or extra seating, depending on where it’s placed. (via The Land of Nod)

Wire storage baskets

Sometimes, you just need a heavy metal crate to really match your home’s industrial theme. These crates are your solution. And if you stack them, they’re the perfect height to replace your side tables. (via Urban Outfitters)

Pom Pom Seagrass Basket

What’s more fun than pom poms? Basically nothing. These baskets have a lovely mix of minimal and family friendly. Your kids will love picking up when they have these to help. (via Anthropologie)

Hand-Painted Wooden Wall Hook

All this talk about kids. Maybe its just you and the cat in your apartment. Hang these beautiful hooks by the door to hold your purse and your sunglasses and any other summertime essentials. (via Urban Outfitters)

Woven Geo Baskets

Woven fabric baskets might be my favorite. They will squish into any spot you need to put them and usually, they’re accompanied by a colorful pattern. Get a few in several sizes for your books and mail and TV remotes. (via West Elm)

Abaca Spiral Basket

One of the best things about this basket is the interesting pattern. If your home tends to be artsy or bohemian, this is the perfect living room storage option for you. (via Anthropologie)