Life Without A Headboard – Balanced Design Ideas

The headboard became a basic furniture piece for every bedroom and its functionality could not be questioned for a very long time. However, multiple modern and contemporary interiors have now given up the headboard, either choosing alternatives or simply looking great without one.

Concrete Yerger residence by Chen + Suchard Studio

A bedroom doesn’t really need a headboard when it has an entire wall which can serve as one. The Yerger residence by Chen + Suchard Studio has a glamorous master bedroom. The gray color and the texture blend well with the purple bed and the décor as a whole.

Whidbey Retreat Bedroom woth no headboard

When the headboard is not there, a bedroom can still look complete if it were to have a window above the bed or something else to attract attention or to add color. The Whidbey Retreat designed by Patano Studio Architects offers a wonderful source of inspiration.

Apartment in Tel Aviv Bedroom

The aesthetic role of a headboard can be replaced by something else. In the case of this apartment in Tel Aviv, that role is performed by the wall hanger. This piece as well as many others in the apartment were custom designed by the Mayan Zusman studio in order to create a balanced and harmonious interior design throughout.

Framed painting above the bed head

A painting displayed above the bead can just as easily complete the room, making the headboard unnecessary. To add more character to this wall there’s also the option of mounting two sconces on it, choosing the ideal height and angle. Casa C2 by Lucas y Hernandez-Gil Arquitectos is a great example.

Old water tower bedroom design

A colorful painting can also offer a bedroom the cheerful touch it needs in order to feel welcoming and comfortable. When the rest of the décor is neutral and minimalist, the strategy used by the Gresford architecture studio can be the ideal approach.

Small frames above the bed

Similarly, several small paintings or art pieces can be framed and displayed as a coordinating collection above the bed. They draw attention to this particular spot and make the lack of a headboard less noticeable. This design strategy was used here by Studio Esnal.

M 22 House Bedroom without headboard

A different approach can be to design the bedroom with an accent wall. The wall behind the bed would have this role. A different paint color, a pattern or wallpaper can be used in this sense. The M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh can be used as a source of inspiration.

Floor To ceiling Wall accent used like headboard

An alternative to the standard headboard can be a floor-to-ceiling panel attached to the wall. The panel was designed to intentionally stand out by means of color and a subtle pattern. The gray on the wall coordinates with the bed and the area rug. This is a custom design by KUBE architecture.

Floor to ceiling wood walla accent

For the D79 House, mode:lina architekci came up with a clever and stylish idea: to create a cozy nook for the bed. They did this by incorporating a bookcase which matches the wooden floor and the wall section behind the bed. The wood is the key in this case.

Bedroom with white walls and black pendant lamps

A bed can be nicely framed by a pair of sconces or pendant lamps. As displayed in the case of this residence by TomMarkHenry, harmony and symmetry go hand in hand. A pair of small nightstands emphasize this idea even further.

Place the bed closer to windows

The bed is usually placed against a wall. However, this is not the only design possibility. When you have windows as large and as beautiful as the Qvest residence by Michael Kaune, you want to make the most of them. The windows provide a gorgeous background for the bed and a headboard would only obstruct the view so its presence is not needed.

Grey bedroom design with yellow touch

Some might say that a bed without a headboard is incomplete. Well, that is definitely not true. It’s all linked to the look and style you prefer. A small bedroom with a minimalist and modern interior can look more airy if it doesn’t have a headboard. Such is the case of this apartment in Warsaw by Madama.

Simple bedroom design with no headboard

Simplicity is also the key in the case of the Heritage project by Smart Design Studio. Every design detail in this case has the role of establishing a simple, modern and welcoming ambiance. The lack of a headboard is unnoticeable thanks to the blue accent wall.

Bedroom wooden shell

The POD Boutique Hotel in Cape Town proposes an intriguing design featured by one of its bedroom suites. Greg Wright Architects made the sleeping area, the bathroom and the seating area part of the same open plan. What’s really stylish in this case is the wooden shell which wraps around the bedroom section.

Stacking green bedroom

By designing a custom shelving unit for the bedroom, Vo Trong Nghia Architects managed to give this bedroom a really beautiful look. The unit frames the bed creating a void which suggests the image of a headboard. It is in fact the emptiness that makes this décor complete.

Apollo Architects & Associates Bedroom With Floor To ceiling Windows

A bedroom with panoramic views of the surroundings such as in the case of the SBD25 residence by Apollo Architects & Associates needs simplicity. As a result, no unnecessary elements were included in its design, not even the headboard.

Beautiful teenager capri bedroom

Canopy bed frames don’t necessarily include headboards. Of course, a headboard can be used in combination with this type of bed. Still, the frame itself is sufficient and stands out by itself so if the headboard is a purely aesthetic element there’s no need to add one. Architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva gave the Capri Suite residence a gorgeous look without using this feature at all.

Accent wall for bedroom

A headboard can sometimes disrupt the harmony in a bedroom. The Country House designed by Aleksandra Fedorova Bureau is one of those cases. The clean and simple lines of the design complemented by the zen décor are a perfect combination.

Mattress on the floor for bedroom

A detail to take into consideration is that a bed without a headboard can look more casual and more comfortable. This is the case especially if the bed has a low frame or if it’s simply a mattress placed directly on the floor. This casual design strategy was used by Destilat for this apartment in Vienna.

Lighting play an important role for bedroom

The lighting can also play a crucial role in establishing the right décor and ambiance in a bedroom. This is a bed without a headboard and, while this detail is noticeable, the wall sconces maintain a pleasant ambiance throughout. This is a bedroom designed by C. F. Maller Architects for Villa R in Denmark.