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11 Great LED Kitchen Light Fixtures – Update Your Cooking Space

When one looks to redesign their kitchen, they mostly consider the practical elements that have to be in a room designed mostly for cooking and doing the dishes. Often associated with chores, the kitchen becomes one of the least desirable rooms in the house, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you can plan the design in a smart way. By adding more appealing elements to the kitchen, you can turn this room into a really pleasant space, and LED kitchen lighting is one step closer towards that goal.

Choosing Kitchen Light Fixtures

LED kitchen light fixtures are a wonderful idea for two reasons: LED bulbs are more economical (they consume less electricity and last longer compared to other bulbs), but they are so easy to integrate into different types of fixtures that they make up some of the most visually appealing lights that money can buy. Even so, there are a few things that you have to consider before buying not just LED kitchen lighting, but kitchen lighting in general, and here is a list of the important know-how you need to grasp before shopping:

  • First of all, there are many different kitchen lighting styles to consider. The three most common types include traditional lights (with elegant designs and plenty of decorative elements that make the fixture a focal point in the room), transitional lights (which don’t have that many decorative elements but they are easier to match with different types of kitchen furniture and layouts), and contemporary lights (with a more streamlined and minimalistic look). Choose wisely!
  • You will need to choose the appropriate lights based on the exact location of the fixture. Do you want under-the-cabinet lights that are good for cooking during the night as the light is concentrated on the working space itself? Do you want ceiling fixtures that will illuminate the entire room evenly? Are you more interested in fixtures that go on top of kitchen islands and counters because that’s where you spend most of your time in the kitchen?
  • Kitchen island lights are often different in terms of design compared to the other common types of kitchen lights. For instance, pendants are very common for this particular spot, but so are linear island fixtures. The latter include models that have their own adjustable light source.

Types of Kitchen Lights & Their Destination

This is a topic that’s worth expanding because the concept of “LED kitchen lights” is quite broad and there are some specifics that we have to get into. You can randomly choose a light fixture and mount it anywhere in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it will look good. Without further ado, here are the most common types of fixtures that people use in their kitchen:

  • Sconces are a wall fixture, which means that you can place them in a kitchen but not just everywhere. You need to have available wall room for a sconce and preferably one with clearance above and below the fixture itself. They are good for location that needs focused task lighting (like next to a kitchen counter which is mostly used to prepare food. For your kitchen, it is best if you consider sconces that come with adjustable next so that you can reposition the light into the area of your choice and use it accordingly.
  • For kitchen islands, chandeliers and pendants are your best option. These fixtures are typically designed to match the rectangular shape of a kitchen island and have proportionate width to allow light diffusion as to cover the entire area of the island.
  • As far as table lighting is concerned, you can use the same types of fixtures as those designated for kitchen islands. Chandeliers that match your kitchen décor should be relatively easy to find, and they are generally more stylish and focused on details compared to those designed for islands.
  • If you need light under a particular kitchen cabinet, there are special under-cabinet lights that serve this exact purpose. They are installed underneath suspended cabinets of modular kitchen furniture and will focus the light on the area underneath them. These are really great for cooking because the light fall down upon your working surface and you will always have a clear view of what you’re doing. Some people like to use under-cabinet lights for ambient purposes, in which case they are installed above the cabinets themselves to provide an interesting glow.

11 LED Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Kitchen Island Teardrop Pendant

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The teardrop pendants we’re about to show are absolutely stunning and look amazing whether the lights are turned on or off. They are a modern ensemble that fits perfectly in contemporary kitchens. They are ideal for installing above kitchen islands so they can radiate light all around. They work with both light and dark furniture choices. There is a total of nine pendants, each one with its own bulb. The fixture is compatible with LED bulbs (which are included with your purchase). The base and poles of the fixture are made from metal, while the shades are made from glass.

Baileyton 4-Light LED Kitchen Island Cylinder Pendant

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This cylinder pendant is the very definition of modern, with a slim and sleek design that fits into any modern kitchen. There are four different pendants on the metal base, each one being equipped with an integrated LED bulb. The bulbs can be replaced, but that’s not even the best part of these amazing-looking lights. The pendants have an adjustable height, which means you can place them at the height of your convenience.

Seo 3-Light LED Kitchen Island Globe Pendant

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These beautiful globe pendants are the perfect example of how creative you can get when it comes to kitchen lighting. They are the kind of lights that you’d love to see in a modern kitchen, right above the counter. Made from a combination of steel and aluminum, these lights have a silver finish that absolutely glows and reflects the elements around it up to a point where you get beautiful visual from something as trivial as a kitchen light fixture. They are designed to be safe to use even in damp locations and come with built-in LED lights and a shade that’s made from plastic.

Shiv 5 – Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

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This kitchen island pendant is as beautiful as it is practical, with a design that’s focused on the elegance of the details. Drawing lighting power from 5 LED bulbs, this light fixture is the perfect kitchen addition to home decorated in a more rustic style, as the predominant materials are wood and metal, blending in perfectly with a more traditional décor. It comes with an adjustable height feature which can vary from 21” to 53”. It measures 10.2” H x 31.9” W x 10.6” D overall and it can be connected to a dimmer switch to give you more control over the light intensity.

Daisetta 1-Light LED Kitchen Island Rectangle Pendant

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You know how we talked at the beginning of this article about contemporary kitchen lights and their minimalistic design? The Daisetta is one of those fixtures, one that excels in simplicity and elegance and serves as a great kitchen ambient light. Granted, this is not the light that you would use to chop vegetables in the evening, but it’s the kind of light that sets the mood for relaxing kitchen time and can help you get around the kitchen to enjoy a refreshing glass of milk at night. It is powered by a single integrated LED light and has a sleek metal body with a unique appearance. The rods can be adjusted to heights between 5.5” and 77.5”.

Pudsey 5-Light LED Kitchen Island Geometric Pendant

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If you’re a fan of reflective surfaces and have put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating a luxury kitchen, this is the light fixture that would fit perfectly into that type of décor. This geometric pendant is predominantly made of metal that reflects and shines to add even more light into the kitchen compared to what regular bulbs can achieve. The design of the pendant is amongst the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, almost reminiscent of luxury Cartier necklaces. There are five built-in LED lights that adorn this 13.75” H x 37.25” W x 13.75” D fixture.

Ceres 5-Light LED Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

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The Ceres pendant is a LED kitchen lighting fixture that focuses on a minimalistic design to help you achieve a contemporary streamlined kitchen décor. It can serve as both an island and a kitchen table lighting fixture, as the five integrated LED bulbs will spread a sufficient amount of light for cooking, eating, or having a chit-chat above the kitchen counter. The height of the pendant can be adjusted to vary between 6” and 120”. The shade and the base of the pendant are both made of metal, with the shades being glossy and reflective. Overall, the fixture measures 3.75” H x 3.75” W x 34” D.

Marnie 4-Light LED Kitchen Island Cylinder Pendant

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Cylinder pendants are the perfect kind of kitchen lighting fixtures for modern homes. These particular lights are composed from four pendants that are attached to a fixture made entirely out of metal. The pendants have a glossy silver finish which is reflective and look astounding when natural light comes in through the windows and bounces off the metal surface. Each of the four pendants has its own integrated LED light and they all have the same measurements and are attached to the base at the same height. The fixture can be connected to a dimmable switch and the height can be adjusted (although the manufacturer fails to mention the minimum and maximum height).

Maggiemae 6 – Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

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The Maggiemae kitchen table lighting pendant is the kind of fixture that shows you how something as basic as a metal frame can be converted into a product that’s eye-catching and outstanding. While people normally associate rustic items with wood, this is the type of traditional fixture that works perfectly in country-style homes. The geometric frame is complemented by the chain link that allows you to adjust the height of the fixture between 27” and 99”. The candle-style bulb fixtures (bulbs are not included) are exactly what this fixture needed, being reminiscent of medieval chandeliers that adorned castle rooms.

Fonville 1 – Light Single Cylinder LED Pendant

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The Fonville pendant has impressed us with its sleek design and has plenty of other elements that make it worthy to include it on our list of best kitchen lights. It is a single pendant which is available in a variety of different finishes, including champagne, silver, or gold. Made entirely out of metal, this fixture conceals an integrated LED light with a body adorned with pyramid spikes for a more unconventional design. The shade is also made from metal and the fixture can be adjusted to heights between 16.25” and 113.5”. The fixture itself measures 16.25” H x 1.75” W x 1.75” D.

Josephus 3 – Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

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With a more robust and rugged design, the Josephus kitchen pendant is a lighting fixture designed for more specific types of kitchen decors. Blending in perfectly with modern houses and industrial setups, this pendant relies on three heavy shades and details that some might find too rugged. The metal based is available in a beautiful silver brushed finish that supports the smokey glass shades that conceal the bulbs (which are not included with the purchase of the fixture). The fixture can be adjusted at a height that varies between 20” and 56.63”.


Finding the proper kitchen lighting is a matter or more than just choosing what types of bulbs you want. Sure, choosing LEDs is a good decision because of the long-term benefits that these types of lights provide, but there are plenty of other considerations that stand between you and your future kitchen lighting fixture. Consider the many different types available, make sure the model matches your other kitchen elements and décor, and choose fixtures that are resistant to high humidity, especially if you tend to cook a lot.