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LED Kitchen Light Fixtures For Contemporary Illumination

LED kitchen light fixtures are a stylish feature of contemporary kitchens. If you thinking about redesigning your kitchen, add LED strip lights to the ceiling and underneath your cabinets. You might spend more upfront, but you’ll save more in the long run.

According to a recent report from the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), healthy lighting is good for your health and well-being. Our objective here is to show how LED kitchen light fixtures can improve your kitchen space. We’ll also show you the best LED lights on the market today.

LED Kitchen Light Fixtures

When you make your kitchen more appealing, it will put you and your family in better spirits. There’s no reason why your kitchen can’t be a pleasant space, and that’s where lighting can help.

Amazing LED Kitchen Lighting Fixtures For 2022

Here are the best LED kitchen light fixtures on the market today.

Kitchen Island Teardrop Pendant

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

Teardrop pendants are stunning and look great whether the lights are turned on or off. This modern ensemble fits with contemporary kitchens. They’re easy to install above kitchen islands where they radiate light all around. They work with both light and dark furniture choices.

The fixture is compatible with LED bulbs. The base and poles of the fixture are made from metal, while the shades are made from glass.


  • Easy to install
  • Stylish look


  • You’ll need gloves to change the bulbs

Baileyton Cylinder Pendant

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

This cylinder pendant is the definition of modern, with a slim and sleek design that fits into any modern kitchen. There are four different pendants on the metal base, each one equipped with an integrated LED bulb.

The bulbs can be replaced, but that’s not even the best part of these amazing-looking lights. The pendants have an adjustable height, which means you can place them at whatever height you desire.


  • Easy to install
  • Stylish look


  • Lights burn out fast

Daisetta 1 Rectangle Pendant

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

The Daisetta excels in simplicity and elegance and provides your kitchen space with ambient light. This LED light has an adjustable drop and sturdy metal body, and its geometric form adds an industrial vibe.

It’s a mood lighting more than anything else. The light is powered by a single integrated LED light and has a sleek metal body with a unique appearance. 


  • Stylish
  • Industrial look


  • Doesn’t provide enough light

Pudsey 5 Geometric Pendant

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

If you need a stylish light for your kitchen island, look no further than this light fixture. If  don’t want a reflective surface but you desire a luxury kitchen, this light fixture is what you’re looking for. The geometric pendant is made of metal that shines, adding more light to your kitchen.


  • Five lights included
  • Beautiful design


  • Some have said that it’s too bright

Fonville 1 LED Pendant

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

The Fonville pendant offers a sleek design and other elements that make it worthy of our list. The single pendant light is available in different finishes, including champagne, silver, or gold.

Made of metal, the fixture conceals an integrated LED light with a body adorned with pyramid spikes for a more unconventional design. The lights also offer adjustable height control. 


  • Long lasting
  • Cool style


  • Price is wrong

Josephus Pendant Lighting

Josephus 3 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

With a more robust and rugged design, the Josephus kitchen pendant is a lighting fixture designed for more specific types of kitchen decors. Blending in perfectly with modern houses and industrial setups, this pendant relies on three heavy shades and details that some might find too rugged.

The metal-based is available in a beautiful silver brushed finish that supports the smokey glass shades that conceal the bulbs.


  • Elegant style
  • Dimmer controls


  • Fragile

Popular Kitchen Light Fixtures

Let’s look at the most common types of light fixtures used in kitchens today.  


This light fixture can only be installed in certain places in your kitchen. Installing a sconce requires wall space with enough clearance above and below the light fixture. Sconce lighting is good for an area that needs specific task lighting.

For kitchens, you should use adjustable sconce lighting so you can adjust the light accordingly.  

Chandeliers And Pendants

These light fixtures are designed to match the rectangular shape of a kitchen island. Their width is proportionate to allow light diffusion so it covers the island.

As far as table lighting is concerned, you can use the same types of fixtures as those designated for kitchen islands

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights are installed under cabinets. The lights provide an ambience for your kitchen space. They also add more light to your kitchen countertops so you can see better when preparing food. 


What Is Blue Light?

Blue light has shorter wavelengths and radiates more energy than other colors. LED lights emit blue light. Research has found a potential link between retina damage and shortwave blue light with wavelengths between 415 to 455 nanometers, an unhealthy range. Smartphones and TVs, for example, have a wavelength between 400 and 490 nanometers.

Why Do My LED Kitchen Lights Not Turn On Immediately?

 A low voltage power supply will stall LED lights from turning on immediately. When you turn on the light switch, and your LED lights flicker and take about 30 seconds before they’re completely on, it’s due to a weak power source. You’ll need to check your wiring to see if it needs to be replaced.

What Are Cool White LED Lights?

Often referred to as pure white, cool white lights emit a vibrant white color. Earlier LED versions almost looked blue. The latest versions have an icy white feel.

How Much Do LED Light Strips Cost To Run?

LED strip lights consume less power than traditional incandescent lights. The amount of power an LED strip light uses is related to the light density and the strip length. On average, a standard 16-foot LED light strip will cost under $3 to run for one year.  

What Happens If LED Lights Get Wet?

When an LED light is submerged in water, it could electrocute you. LED lights with a dry rating are to be used indoors and shouldn’t be next to or exposed to water. If your LED lights have been exposed to water, remove them, and allow them to dry. After they’re dry, see if they still work. 

LED Kitchen Light Fixtures Conclusion

Proper kitchen lighting is more than just choosing what type of bulb you want. LED light fixtures offer long term benefits that regular light bulbs can’t provide. 

If you want energy efficiency, you won’t find anything better than LED light fixtures. Not only will LED lights help you save money in the long term, but they’ll provide your kitchen with a soothing ambiance.