Lane Halogen Wall Sconce

Houses are used to be inhabited by people both during the day, but also during the night. So you need to light them in order to be able to see what is inside and to find your way there. Lamps were the most preferred lighting devices and they have been placed on the ceiling, on the walls or on the floor. The modern lamps are called wall sconces and some of hem use halogen, which provides white light instead of yellow light like before. This Lane Halogen Wall Sconce is the best example.

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This lamp was designed in 2007 by Alfredo Häberli and has a very modern design full of elegance and grace. It is actually made of a strip of aluminum and the halogen light bulb inside the glass protective rectangle. Aluminum is a special material that reflects light and enhances the luminescence in the room. The wall sconce is fixed to the wall for better safety and the light falls in an oblique angle on the wall. The item is manufactured by Luceplan, an Italian company that deals with lighting devices. You can buy it from their web site or from YLighting store for $355.