Kitchen layout ideas

While some people may argue that bedrooms must be the most important room to take into consideration while designing a layout some others might argue that it is the living space or the kitchen. Whichever it may be, the kitchen always seems to be an important part of the house. Without a proper design of the kitchen any house seems incomplete.

Kitchen layout ideas

This is the place where a very important activity such as cooking takes place thus designing a kitchen according to the family structure seems to be a very intelligent thing to do.There are various forms of kitchen design, of them some like the L shaped kitchen and the u shaped kitchen have gained vast popularity.

Galley Kitchens

Galley Kitchens: This is the easiest design taking a very low budget to form. Very cost effective for new couples who are on cash shortage, first time buyers and young people. This type of kitchen are fitted using standard styles, in this design the sink and the cooking are side to side creating an effective production line system. The other wall is used for storage of materials. This type of kitchen is best for functionality and not meant for those who have culinary skills and want to spend hours in the kitchen.

L shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchens: As mentioned earlier this type of kitchen is very common in many households. This type of kitchen usually allows the children to move around freely playing and eating at the same time. The end of the L-shaped kitchen usually ends with a big oven or a fridge. The breakfast table can be set in between for a better usage of the kitchen room.

U shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchens: With a U-shaped kitchen is easy to access in major areas of preparation, washing and cooking. This type of kitchen usually does not allow any space for chairs and therefore very popular among the older families, they usually have other rooms for dining.

Island kitchen

The island kitchens: Island kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen designs and often require a generous budget due to additional requirements, such as a granite countertop on the island.

Double kitchen island

Double kitchen Island: A larger open space plan, secondary islands can be used to divide the open floor space and provide additional work at surface. Usually, the main island is used for the preparation, cooking and washing and secondary space and additional entertainment.

The new trend is away from any traditional technique for cooking and use all the wall space for greater functionality. Modern kitchen usually have glass storage for all to see what’s inside. Every inch of the cabinets are used properly without causing waste of space.In the end, the design always depends on the person using the place so whatever necessary to rely on the user’s choice.{pitures from Alno}.