Cabin Bathrooms With Rustic Charm and Natural Style

Cabins are a place that allow us to get away from normal life and enjoy peace and quiet, but you don’t have to give up every luxury. Cabin bathrooms can be luxurious as well as functional.

Cabin bathrooms
Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

Most traditional cabins have a rustic look but there are a number of new cabins with a modern aesthetic. Cabin bathrooms reflect the various styles of these unique cabins.

Rustic cabin bathroomView in gallery
Egon Walesch Interior Design

Thus, from the use of diverse textures, the incorporation of light and windows, and the use of specialized materials, these bathrooms have ideas for everyone.

Cabin bathrooms: Ideas and inspiration

We have gathered up some fabulous pictures of cabin bathrooms. We will have some suggestions on decorating tips and tricks to give you inspiration to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere for your cabin bathroom.

Luxury beach cabin bathroom

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Byron Beach Abodes

For its small size and simple design, this beach cabin in Australia has a look of luxurious comfort.

The clean foundation is embellished with natural textures like wood, seagrass, and a hide rug that play off the natural theme of the surroundings.

Further, the designers have positioned a rounded bathtub beneath a hanging shower head to make the most use of the space.

Warm colors and textures

Warm colors and texturesView in gallery
Modern Mountain Life

This bathroom radiates warmth. The mix of textures and colors in this bathroom is effective. The rustic wood walls and floor dominate the room with relief provided by the modern style white freestanding tub and sinks.

Further, the tribal rug echoes the glowing tones of the wood surfaces and the whites of the fixtures and ties the design together.

Keep it simple

Keep it simpleView in gallery
Abby Hetherington Interiors

This bathroom has a serene and uncluttered style. The designers chose to extend the natural texture from the foundation of the room to the reclaimed wood ceiling and window frames.

Also, they have kept the fixtures simple with no curtains, just privacy shades, to allow in all the natural light in what might otherwise be a dark room.

Cottage style cabin bathroom

Cottage style cabin bathroomView in gallery
Cabin Life

Soften the look of your rustic cabin bathroom with some cottage-style furniture. Add a clawfoot tub with a pretty floral shower curtain and some distressed painted furniture.

Further, incorporate live plants and flowers to bring in the natural textures of the outdoors spaces to your interior space.

Old meets new

Old meets newView in gallery
One Kindesign

Some of the most beautiful but simple of cabin bathroom ideas are when old meet new in an organic way. For this sink, the designer has chosen a rough-hewn beam with a carved sink.

The rustic look of the sink and stone wall is balanced by the elegant simplicity of the sleek shower and fixtures. If you like this look, choose one or two elements for the bathroom that are rustic and counterbalance them with modern accents.

Make the most of the vanity

Make the most of the vanityView in gallery

Sometimes the best solutions in a rustic bathroom are the most obvious. For example, if you are looking to add storage into your cabin bathroom, find a bathroom cabinet that fits the style and wood of the bathroom as a whole.

Add draws and shelves to the cabin bathroom vanity for open and closed storage options. The visible towels and bath accessories on this vanity give the bathroom a more relaxing vibe and functional design.

Form follows function

Form follows functionView in gallery
Dering Hall

Do you have a large crowd of kids that you need to accommodate in your cabin bathroom? Try a trough sink with several faucets in order to make bedtime preparation easier. Your bathroom will function better, and the large sink set into the wood beam counter will present a cool industrial vibe.

A bathroom for relaxation

A bathroom for relaxationView in gallery
Locati Architects

Create a serene retreat in your cabin bathroom with a cozy seating area, a soaking tub, and live greenery. This large luxury cabin bathroom is a place where you can relax. Even though this bathroom is the perfect place to be alone, the large windows still allow you to feel that you have a connection to the wider world.

Bright color for contrast

Bright color for contrastView in gallery
CLB Architects

Modern cabin bathrooms might seem like a contradiction in terms. However, the modern look is popular in cabin-style design. This cabin bathroom utilizes white subway tile with a whitewashed wood ceiling. Also, the green door provides an interesting contrast to the light tones that enlivens the room.

Play with texture

Play with textureView in gallery
Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

There are so many textured surfaces in this log cabin bathroom that you might think that it would be too much. However, all of the textures have a warm and variegated tone, so they blend well with one another. If you like this look, design your bathroom with tones that have to complement color tones with a variety of textures.

Vaulting the ceiling

Vaulting the ceilingView in gallery

If you are working with small square footage when designing a bathroom for your cabin, consider a vaulted ceiling to add a more open feel and memorable design. The large window further opens the space and the light colors give distinction to the rustic wood beams.

Unified color palette

Unified color paletteView in gallery
Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd

In some spaces a monochromatic themed room would look stark, but this bathroom has depth and warmth. For the makeover of this fishing cabin, the designer has chosen to use warm whites of many varieties and textures. This includes a Carrara marble counter, white shiplap walls, and white cabinets. If you like this look, don’t be afraid to paint and accessorize with all white. In the end, the result will be fresh and original for a cabin bathroom.

A sense of space

A sense of spaceView in gallery
Jean Longpre

This is a unique imagining of a cabin bathroom from Jean Longpré. In this remodel, the designer has chosen to leave the bathroom space open to the vaulted ceiling without cutting off the light from the decorative windows. This gives the space a uniquely modern style in this historic setting.

Rustic chic bathroom

Rustic chic bathroomView in gallery
Magleby Construction

Many small rustic cabin bathrooms can feel cave-like. Not this small bathroom; instead, it is a vision of light and sophistication. There are large windows that bring nature inside combined with white walls. The wood ceiling and floor balance the lightness. Further, the chandelier and rug add decorative interest.

Industrial rustic cabin

Industrial rustic cabinView in gallery
One Kindesign

Industrial materials such as corrugated metal work well with rustic cabin style. This bathroom designer has kept the materials minimal by not using a shower surround. They paired the open shower with a concrete tub and sink that resist water damage. The rough wood walls and ceiling bring texture and warmth to the bathroom.

Modern bathroom remodel

Modern bathroom remodelView in gallery

While we don’t tend to think of cabin bathrooms with bright colors, modern cabin bathroom ideas incorporate more color variation in their design. Consider this bathroom cabinet for Klickitat Cabin which serves as a family getaway. If you like this look, add a bit of textural and color interest to your cabin bathroom with a bathroom cabinet painted in a bright tone.

Statement light fixture

Statement light fixtureView in gallery
Francesca Owings Interior Design

If you have a simple style bathroom and want to add bold interest, try a dramatic chandelier. This designer utilized a rustic branch light fixture to heighten the interest of this bathroom. Further, she added contrasting black details to give the rest of the design more depth.

No holds barred

No holds barredView in gallery
Lauren DeBello Interiors

There is no reason why cabin bathrooms need to be rustic. Thus, if you have a modern cabin, you can go another direction with the decor. This designer chose to go full glam with gold detailing, a white color tone, and a beautiful beige tile floor to ground the design.

Minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroomView in gallery
First Lamp

One of the most distinctive things about cabins is their setting. Most of the time, they are situated in the woods or mountains where it is remote.

Therefore, there is a greater interest and ability in utilizing large windows in private spaces. This bathroom is minimal and clean in its design with the large window in the shower as the focal point.

For obvious reasons, this shower design would not work in an urban setting. However, it is stunning for a rural environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you accessorize a bathroom?

Bathroom accessories are anything that adds comfort and interest in the bathroom beyond just the necessities. For any bathroom, you need soap dispensers, a toilet paper holder, bath rugs, towels, a bar for towels, and baskets for storage. In a cabin bathroom, choose accessories that emphasize the natural textures of the environment.

What is the best cabin bathroom decor?

There are many different styles for cabin decor. However, most cabin bathrooms incorporate some kind of wood trim, metal accents, textural elements like plush towels and rugs, baskets for extra storage, and striking or local wall art.

What is a rustic style bathroom?

Rustic design uses elements from the natural world including wood, galvanized metals, stone, and warm and cozy textiles. Rustic bathrooms use rough hewn beams, reclaimed wood cabinets, and natural stone or tiles that look like stone for the walls and floors.

What is rustic chic design?

Rustic chic design blends the elements of rustic design with a more modern style that is polished and sleek.

How do you mix modern with rustic?

Modern rustic is more tailored and restrained than traditional rustic style. With this design style, you can still incorporate natural wood throughout the design, but it should be less rough in texture. Also, use a neutral color palette with cooler tones. Further, integrate straight and tailored furniture into the design than pieces with curvy lines.

What colors work well with traditional rustic style?

For traditional rustic style, focus on decorating with deep and natural earth tones like burnt orange, browns, grays, and green.

Cabin bathrooms: Conclusion

We are all excited when we can get away to a cabin in the countryside and live in a more simple and authentic way. While we understand the need to give up some of life’s small luxuries for peace and quiet, the style and function of a cabin bathroom can increase the serenity we experience.

Of course, cabin bathrooms vary in style from one end of the style spectrum to another but each has wonderful ideas to offer.

Therefore, if you are designing your own cabin bathroom or if it is just time for a refresh, consider trying something new to create a more restful retreat in this intimate space.