How To Reupholster A Chair: 10 Chic Ideas

If you have an old armchair or chair that looks outdated and ugly it’s probably not because of the structure but because of the upholstery. So don’t just throw it away. There’s a very good chance that the chair can look beautiful again if you reupholster it. It sounds like a complicated job but it’s actually not that difficult. Just look at these examples and you’ll see.

Before after chair

Reupholstering a chair can be very messy. So make sure you do it either outdoors or on the balcony or terrace if you have one. And since you’re giving the chair a new look, you can also give it a fresh coat of paint or re-stain it. You can cut a new board for the seat if the old one is too damaged or if it doesn’t look that durable anymore.{found on site}.

Reupholstered wingback chair upclose1

Here’s how you can reupholster a wingback chair. First choose the fabric you want to use. Then cut the fabric and tuck it inside the creases. Secure it with a staple gun. You have to be organized so work in sections. First take care of the two side pieces, then the front piece and then the back and the seat. After that, cut the front facing arm pieces. Cover the inside of the armchair as well.{found on fourgenerationsoneroof}.

Turqoise chair makeover

As you can see, this chair had some great lines but it wasn’t looking so good with that old upholstery. A fresh coat of paint and a reupholstered seat made it look like new again. The seat was taken off and the dusty fabric was removed. After that, the chair was painted. Then foam was cut and the batting was added. At the end, the fabric was stapled onto the seat.{found on mypassionfordecor}.

Before after chari

Here’s how you can reupholster a chair seat in five easy steps. First you have to take off the seat. Then choose the fabric you want to use. You have to make sure you cut enough fabric plus 2-3’’ on each side. Staple the middle on each side and then work your way around. Staple the fabric in place and your chair will then have a fresh new look.{found on lifeasathrifter}.

Turquoise chair

This armchair had a pretty nice design but the upholstery was old and dusty and it made it look ugly. But the new upholstery features a very nice shade of turquoise that looks wonderful in combination with the dark-stained wood. What’s great is that such a project doesn’t cost much. You just need the fabric and some free time. It would be a nice weekend project.{found on thehaystackneedleonline}.

Chair re

Desk chairs get deteriorated after a while and it’s important for you to make sure they are comfortable if you don’t want to have back problems. So when you notice that the seat is no longer ok or when the upholstery is just too old and ugly, make some time and give your desk chair a makeover. You need a few supplies that include fabric, foam, batting, a staple gun and a screw driver. First take apart the chair and then pull the plastic backing off. Separate the fabric and foam from the wooden pieces and then measure and cut new foam. Cut the batting and the fabric as well and staple the new upholstery.{found on practicallyfunctional}.

Bed ottoman

This is a bench makeover but it’s quite similar to what we’ve already presented you. At first this was just a basic piano bench. After the makeover, it became a lovely bench for the bedroom. It got a cozy seat with black and white striped fabric and it’s definitely more comfortable and good-looking now. It’s a very suitable addition to the bedroom.{found on site}.

Blue chair 1

Chair makeover before

This chair got a very chic makeover. Believe it or not, that’s a tablecloth that was sued as upholstery fabric. But before the new fabric was used, the chair was sanded down and painted. Then a coat of varnish was applied. At the end, the cushion was reupholstered. Then the nail head trim was added and the chair got a very chic look.{found on livelovediy}.

Spray chairs

When you want to give a chair a makeover, you don’t necessarily have to think of this as a complicated or complex project. A chair would look like new again even if all you do is apply a fresh coat of paint. For example, give a wooden chair a more light look by painting it a pastel color, almost white. You can also make a comfy cushion to go along with it.


Here’s what you have to do if you want an ombre chair. First get the materials: a wooden chair, steel wool, a drop cloth, gloves, mask and goggles, spray paint primer, 3 colors of spray paint and a clear coat. Sand down the chair and start priming in thin and even coats. Let it dry and then start applying the colors. Start with the top color which in this case in white and then move on to the blue. Then apply the third color. Let it dry for 24 hours and enjoy.