10 Cute And Easy To Make Burlap Bags For Every Occasion

Ever seen someone walk around with a burlap bag and realize that you’ve completely overlooked this very simple and very option? That’s right, burlap can be quite fashionable if you know how to use it. More than that, when we think of burlap bags we actually also mean storage or favor bags which you can use around the house or offer to those you care about. All these 10 projects are really easy to recreate at home with minimal supplies so all you have to do is have fun and enjoy.


Let’s start with something practical like a burlap pouch in which you can store your clothespins. You can make a peg bag just like the one described on apartmenttherapy by following the instructions and you’ll either need a coffee sack or some burlap fabric. Other than that, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine would come in handy. You’ll need to make a burlap rectangle and to sew up the corners so you can turn the sack into a round basket. Add a handle which you can out of braided binding from the side of the sack or using some webbing.

Burlap gift pouch

A little bit of burlap fabric can go a long way if you want to use it for making a cute little gift pouch. There are lots of ways in which you can customize the pouch. Sticker paper is a great option. Once you sew the bag a rectangle folded in half which you sew along the sides) you can use some fabric paint and a stencil to personalize the bag. The finishing touch could be a thin ribbon which you can tie around the bag with a cute knot. {found on thecraftaholicwitch}.

Rustic lace burlap favor bag

Given how cute these little bags on alittlesweetlife are you can actually use them as favor bags at a wedding or party. To make them look just as elegant as those featured here you’re going to need burlap fabric, lace ribbon, twine, round tags, heart stickers, a needle and some string. Cut the burlap and sew the pieces to make the bags. Wrap lace around the bottom of the bag and sew it on using matching string. Then put a heart sticker on the tag and run some twine through the hole at the top and secure it around the top of the bag.

easter egg hunt bag

You can make Easter more fun with an egg hunt bag. Making the bag is really simple. You can also just buy one but making it from scratch would be very easy as well. You just need burlap and a sewing machine. Once you have the bag, decorate it using a template and a sharpie. Fill it with Easter treats and that’s the whole project. You can find its description on thethingsshemakes.

Burlap bunny bag

Another cute Easter craft is featured on thecasualcraftlete. To make a bunny bag just like that you’ll require a burlap bag (you can sew one yourself in just a few minutes), a bunny stencil, white yarn, paint, a pom-pom and a hot glue gun. Place the bunny stencil on the bag and secure it with tape. Paint the inside and let the paint dry. Make a white pom-pom and attach it to the bunny (as the fluffy tail)

How to make a new sew chevron tote bag

You can also make a burlap bag for everyday use and you can customize it in a lot of fun and interesting ways. If you want to skip this part you can just get a plain burlap bag from the store. You can decorate it with fabric scraps. Actually, you’d only need a piece of fabric which you glue onto the bag. You can make a pocket or just treat it as a very simple decoration. You can see the transformation on creativegreenliving.

Glitter iron tot burlap bag

A similar project is also featured on somethingturquoise. The burlap tote bag seen here has a front pocket which suggests this is actually a project for brides. It starts with a burlap tote bag which you can either sew yourself or buy. Just make sure it has a cotton pocket. Decorate the pocket with glittery letters. You can customize the bag in a lot of ways.

Beach tote bag diy

Burlap is also an excellent material for making beach bags. Any other heavy weight fabric would do just fine as well. Wash, iron and cut the fabric. You’ll also need lining for the bag. Trace a square in each corner after you’ve sewn the rectangles together. Fold and pin and shown in the instructions and your bag will now start to take shape. At the end, add the handles and you’re done. The project is described on somethingturquoise.

Trendy burlap tote bag diy

Using transfer paper you can customize your burlap tote bag in tons of interesting ways. For example, turn it into a beach bag by following the tutorial provided on thecasualcraftlete. You’ll need an image (a pair of glasses in this case. Print it onto transfer paper, place it face down on the bag and iron it slowly. Then let it cool for a while and remove the backing paper.

Bural purse pouch

To keep all the small things tidy and organized inside your bag you could definitely use a pouch with a zipper just like the one on trinasadventuresandsuch. You’ll need a zipper, some cloth fabric for the lining and burlap. Cut the two types of fabric into rectangles, sew them together and sew the zipper on. You can also use a Sharpie to customize the outside of the pouch. Fabric paint is another option.