How to Make a Living Room Stand Out With Furniture

The living room is often perceived as being the most important room of the house. It;s definitely the largest and it’s where you welcome guests and family. The living room has to be comfortable and inviting but it also has to look elegant and stylish. So how can you achieve that? The answer is simple: with the right furniture you can make any room look stunning.

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Make a sketch.

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Start by drawing a quick sketch on a blank piece of paper. Mark the doorways and windows. Then, on a separate piece of paper, draw and color the furniture pieces you want to use. Cut out the shapes and place them in the room, finding the right balance.

Plan the layout.

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The whole idea is to place the furniture pieces in such a way that the room looks and feels comfortable and everyone has room to move around freely. You should also find a way to make each piece of furniture stand out. For example, if you have a fireplace, make a sitting area around it.

Add color and texture.

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Color and texture are very important. Take inspiration from the colors of your walls and floor when determining the shades for the furniture. Try to create contrasts by placing a light-colored piece of furniture against a dark background.

Accent details.

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At the end, add the finishing touches. A floor lamp can complete a cozy sitting area and automatically make it look more inviting. A chandelier can add spark to the room and a beautiful piece of wall art can be the missing link between a bland décor and one that bursts with energy.