How to create a beautiful dining wall

The dining room plays a pivotal role in every house where you enjoy that quiet dinner with family, entertain you most important guests or throw that amazing party to family and friends on joyous occasions. The typical idea to decorate your dining room would be to paint in a beautiful shade and hang some nice pictures to create a warm and welcoming feel. However, in case you want to do that extra bit to make your dining room ever charming and remarkable the following few ideas may give you a boost.

Dining room wall clackboard

You could create a chalkboard paint bordering a raised level of wainscoting on the walls surrounding the dining room to give it that unique enhanced and beautiful look.

Dining room stoneart

Dining room wallpaperframde

You could also create a stonework wall for the dining room giving it that castle look.And also simple yet enchanting design for a dining room wall would be to have framed wallpapers placed equidistant to each other. This way you are not covering the entire wall retaining the natural look yet creating a masterpiece.

Dining room plates

If you have a lot of unused exotic looking plates and cutlery, you could arrange it on the shelves behind the dining table in a monochromatic scheme. The soft look of the plates arranged on the walls would give a mesmerizing look to the dining area.

Librart wall artView in gallery

Another unique idea for the book lover would be create faux graphic wallpaper with a library look. This amazing tricky wallpaper can leave everyone hungry for more.And add some nice color to your dining area with lovely colorful posters adorning the walls.

Dining room librart poster

Dining room floating shelves

When you have a space constraint, you could use floating shelves on the walls to display some artifacts and still add a charm to your dining space.{all pics from houzz}.