Home Inspiration from Trends at New York Fashion Week 2012

The New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion week has come and gone, and we are left with exciting new trends to look for in the Spring and Summer of 2013.  But why just limit these trends to fashion and apparel?  Many of these trends can be easily incorporated into home décor, creating statement spaces.  Here are a few examples.

Color blocking.

Color blockView in gallery

Color block1View in gallery

Color blocking is a continuing fashion trend that can easily be incorporated into the interior of a home.  This year, many designers incorporated a neutral hue with one or two bold colors.  This look can be achieved best simply through paint.  Painting a feature wall in a bold hue, while the rest of the room is neutral, really draws attention to the bold color.  Or think outside the box; instead of painting one wall, paint large color blocks of various sizes and hues to help define spaces.  Blocks can even turn corners to envelope the space.


Sears interior1View in gallery

Sears interior11View in gallery

The easiest way to include shear fabric is through curtains.  The thin fabric helps to soften even the starkest spaces, while still allowing light to pass through and filter into the room.   Shear fabric is not just limited to window treatments, but could also be run on a track, separating different spaces.  If fabric isn’t your preference, translucent panels can also achieve the shear look, still allowing light to pass through spaces, such as in this modern door.{picture sources: 1 and 2}.


Striped curtainsView in gallery

Big, bold, high contrast stripes were spotted on the runway, and can be a great statement in a room.  They can be painted on one wall as a feature, or throughout the room, to lead the eye around the space.  Horizontal stripes will elongate a space, while vertical stripes will make a space appear taller. If you’re not quite ready to paint the walls in this graphic pattern, striped accents can add drama.  Throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and furniture – there are many ways to incorporate this trend.{picture sources:1}.


Colorful pillowsView in gallery

Floral bedroom decorView in gallery

Stripes were not the only bold graphic seen on the runway; many designers used florals.  Nothing says spring better than colorful blossoms.  Steal this idea with colorful floral accent pillows, bright bold artwork, or retro wallpaper.{picture sources:1 and 2}.

Black and white.

Black and white decorView in gallery

Black and white decor1View in gallery

Classic yet modern. Timeless.  Beautiful contrast. What more needs to be said? Check out these bold looks that include walls painted black.{picture sources:1 and 2}.

Leather and Lace.

Elegant chairView in gallery

Contrast seems to be overarching concept in all these trends – whether it is color or material.   While this can be directly integrated by using these materials as curtains, throw pillows, and furniture, we love some of the more subtle uses.  Take, for instance, this red leather chair juxtaposed in front of this gray lacelike wall paper. Or this great chair with lace like cutouts and leather cushion.{picture sources:1}.


Bedroom greyView in gallery

Bling kitchenView in gallery

Sparkling, shiny objects always tend to draw the eye and hold focus, whether they are on clothing or in home décor.  Sequined throw pillows are a great way to add attraction, but if you really want to wow someone, contemplate this kitchen tile!{picture 1 and 2}.