PJ Fitzpatrick Gutter Services Review 

Hiring PJ Fitzpatrick to install, clean, or repair your gutters helps if you don’t have solid DIY skills. PJ Fitzpatrick offers vast expertise in all gutter services. It’s important to assess a gutter installation company’s reputation to ascertain its reliability.

PJ Fitzpatrick: An Overview

P.J. Fitzpatrick

PJ Fitzpatrick is a multiservice home improvement company. The brand’s technicians repair, clean, install and remove ice dams. They also install gutter guards.

Homeowners get access to free online estimates and financing options. PJ Fitzpatrick’s team of professionals do most repairs and installation within a day. The professionals have been rendering their services to homeowners since 1980.

PJ Fitzpatrick’s service area includes the entire Delaware valley. The company has three physical locations in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

PJ Fitzpatrick Gutter Services

1. Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a cost-effective way of reducing future repair costs. At PJ Fitzpatrick, cleaning professionals are familiar with what leads to overflowing gutters. Hiring the company’s team helps avoid damage to your home’s foundation and basement due to leaking.

They can also identify issues that would cause more damage while cleaning. Schedule your gutter cleaning online or contact the company at 1-866-752-2358.

If you’re living in a colder region, you may have to deal with ice buildup. It blocks normal rainwater flow and causes damage to the entire gutter system.

2. Installation & Replacement

PJ Fitzpatrick installs gutters and gutter guards at fair prices. The company installs fascia boards, downspouts, gutters, and soffits.

To prevent clogging, the team at PJ Fitzpatrick installs Klean Gutter micromesh, which maximizes the debris filtering area. The gutter guards cover your gutters to avoid decomposing leaves and twigs buildup.

They prevent a home’s foundation and siding from cracks resulting from water damage. After scheduling your repair, you get insights on parts of the gutter system that require replacement.

3. Repair

Clogging and flooding issues may damage your gutter system. You can learn common gutter DIY repair tips like caulking or hire PJ Fitzpatrick’s team of experts.

The most common repair services include re-aligning, re-handing, and fixing damaged fascia boards. They resolve issues like leaking and sagging in all different types and styles of gutters.

The company has a DIY repair resource for simple fixes. You might have to deal with siding damage if your gutters are overflowing. PJ Fitzpatrick repairs all types of siding materials. You need professional assistance if your home’s siding has missing panels and cracks.

Ice buildup can lead to sagging of the gutters. PJ Fitzpatrick’s professionals do re-pitching, which helps avoid standing water. While installing ice and water shields, they replace old roof shingles.

Pricing & Financing Plans

Comparing estimates from companies helps determine a fair price. The final price depends on what services you need. Request an online request before scheduling a service. PJ Fitzpatrick offers two flexible financing options.

With SMART Pay, you get a 12-month repayment period. The second option, EZ Pay, offers financing at a 9.99% reduced interest rate for 97 months. EZ Pay doesn’t impose any penalty on early repayment.

PJ Fitzpatrick’s Guarantee

PJ Fitzpatrick’s patented gutter protection system keeps your gutters clean and clog-free. It protects your home’s foundation, exterior, interior, and basement from damage. The gutter system includes a 25-year warranty that covers both materials and labor. The no-clog warranty guarantees consistent water flow.

PJ Fitzpatrick Review: Customer Support

PJ Fitzpatrick has active customer support on all major social media platforms. You can fill out a warranty inquiry online, and an agent will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. The company lets you know of any hidden costs early. You can contact customer service at 1-877-246-4354.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the common signs of gutter damage?

Water overflows, cracks, sagging, and stained side panels are common signs you need new gutters. Clogging is the most common sign with gutters. Landscape erosion, roof rot, and foundation damage are other signs to look out for.

Does PJ Fitzpatrick offer a warranty?

PJ Fitzpatrick offers a 25-year transferable warranty. It covers any damage to the gutter system that results from a manufacturing defect.

Is professional gutter cleaning necessary?

Hiring a professional is worth it if you’re an older adult or homeowner with mobility issues. You also need to hire a professional if you don’t have the right cleaning tools. Professionals like PJ Fitzpatrick inspect your gutters for possible signs of damage while cleaning. They may advise on suitable remedies and issue discounts on multiple services offered.

Does PJ Fitzpatrick install gutter guards?

PJ Fitzpatrick installs Klean Gutter Leaf Guards to allow the free flow of rainwater. They eliminate the need to clean your gutters. The gutter guards consist of a copper-infused micromesh that prevents mold growth.

Final Thoughts

PJ Fitzpatrick is a dependable company for all your gutter needs. Despite its limited coverage, the brand has decent ratings on BBB and HomeAdvisor. Its team of technicians does on-site installation and repair of all gutter types. You can contact PJ Fitzpatrick’s service agents via phone or website to get an estimate.