Mr. Handyman Gutter Services

Gutters from Mr. Handyman are ideal for most roof designs. Gutters direct rainwater away to prevent damage to your home’s siding and foundation. They come in various styles, colors, and materials to match any roof.

After installation, gutters will need professional cleaning at least twice every year. Several companies specialize in cleaning and repairing gutters. This review covers Mr. Handyman Gutter Cleaning and Installation Services.

Mr. Handyman: An Overview

Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman is a gutter cleaning, repair, and installation company. They offer home improvement and repair services in the U.S. and Canada. Since 2015, Mr. Handyman has been under a franchise service company named Neighborly. The professionals commit to customer satisfaction. They offer to correct damages within one year of service.

How the Service Works

There are three phases to Mr. Handyman’s services.

  • Find a local Mr. Handyman office. Enter your zip code here to find the locations near you. For a price estimate, you can call (877) 685 1377. You can also download the Neighborly app to request any home service you need.
  • Service execution: Mr. Handyman is a team of experienced technicians. They show up on time and consult the property owner about the scope of work and any special requirements. You can buy the materials at your local store or have Mr. Handyman pick them up at a fee.
  • Payment: Clients pay for the job after completion. Pricing is at an hourly rate, depending on the service.

Mr. Handyman has offices in more than 200 locations across the U.S. Their gutter services are available in Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, and more.

Residential Gutter Services

1. Cleaning

Professional gutter cleaning extends the lifespan of your gutters. Gutter experts recommend cleaning your gutters in the spring and fall. Mr. Handyman’s cleaners remove all the dirt from your gutters and downspouts. They also use pressure washers to clean the fascia and exterior of the house.

2. Repair & Gutter Replacement

Gutters often clog with leaves and debris in areas with lots of tree cover. You can do some DIY fixes like replacing missing nails on sagging gutters. For repairs on seamless gutters, hiring a professional is necessary. Mr. Handyman fixes water damage on your fascia, siding, and soffits. If the gutters are too damaged, Mr. Handyman will replace the sections.

3. Gutter Guards Installation

Mr. Handyman’s technicians install gutter guards on all gutters. Gutter guards reduce the frequency of cleaning gutters. Covered gutters only need annual cleaning and minimal maintenance. You can choose the best gutter guards and have Mr. Handyman install them. You can also consult the technician on the type of gutter guards your roof needs.

How Do I Know What Needs Fixing?

You must inspect the entire system to identify what needs fixing on the gutters. Run water from a hosepipe through the gutters to check the water flow.

  • Downspouts: Clogged downspouts cause water pooling in the gutters. You will notice water streaming from the nearby gutter. Check for leaks between the downspout sections. Underground downspouts are more susceptible to clogs and freezing.
  • Gutter guards: Installing gutter guards prevents organic matter and dirt in the gutters. Mr. Handyman technicians install gutter guards of your choice. Gutters with leaf guards still need annual cleaning.
  • Drainage: Rainwater should drain into a collection tank or the city’s underground drain. Proper drainage ensures water does not damage your basement and siding.
  • Gutters: Clogged gutters are a common gutter problem. The weight of wet leaves, dirt, and pooling water weighs down gutters. You will notice the gutters pull away from the roof and sag. Inspect the exterior for breaks and tiger stripping.

Mr. Handyman Review: Pricing

Mr. Handyman bills their services at an hourly rate. On average, Mr. Handyman charges $75- $200 per hour. Their prices vary since every location is an independent franchise. You can pay in cash or via credit card.

The average gutter repair costs range from $150 to $700. Clients get to review the amount of work and time it will take to complete the job upfront. Payments are made upon completion of the job, with no extra charges.

Mr. Handyman Review: Customer Support

Mr. Handyman avails customer support on all social media platforms. The company has good reviews and addresses any complaints on BBB. If a project isn’t done well the first time, Mr. Handyman will fix it for free under the company’s “Done Right Promise.” You can contact them on their toll-free number or visit one of their locations for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can Mr. Handyman do any repairs on my roof?

Mr. Handyman repairs the fascia board, soffit, and siding. Before installing gutters or gutter guards, the technicians repair your roof.

Why should I have a professional clean my gutters?

Professional gutter cleaning is comprehensive and risk-free. Most gutter cleaning companies insure their employees in case of injuries and accidents. Professionals will inspect your gutter system and make recommendations for repairs needed.

How far in advance should I book?

Since homeowners clean their gutters in the spring and fall, you should schedule an appointment in advance. Make your appointment for early spring and fall. At this point, plants will stop dropping their leaves and blooms.

What preparations should I make before the gutter cleaner arrives?

Prepare the location by removing obstacles and checking that the water fixtures work. Close all windows and doors to protect your home’s interior from water. Inform the gutter cleaners of any leaking or vulnerable sections of your gutters.

Final Thoughts

Mr. Handyman is a one-stop shop for all gutter services. The professionals clean and make repairs on sectional and seamless gutters. The company also installs gutter guards on existing gutters at fair prices. If you need gutter cleaning or maintenance services, you should hire Mr. Handyman.