Gutter Helmet Services Review

Gutter Helmet is a gutter guard installation company. Gutter guards installation helps keep your gutters clean. Unclogging gutters and making gutter repairs can be daunting for homeowners.

Gutter Helmet Services Review

Dirt buildup in gutters weighs them down and causes water to overflow when it rains. This leads to mold, mildew growth, and damage to your roof’s foundation. Gutter guards offer a permanent solution to clogged gutters, water overflows, and nesting.

Gutter Helmet at a Glance

Gutter Helmet is a gutter protection company with over 40 years in the industry. The company has authorized dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Since 2005, Gutter Helmet has been under Southeastern Metals Manufacturing Company (SEMCO).

They manufacture and distribute Gutter Helmet®, a reverse curve system. The patented system uses surface tension to let water in while keeping leaves out. Its design maximizes the rate of water flow into the gutters.

According to the manufacturer, the system can handle rainfall of up to 22 inches per hour. It is greater than the most significant recorded rainfall of 12 inches in one hour.

Gutter Helmet Pros & Cons


  • Available in many colors
  • Compatible with most roof and gutter materials
  • Triple lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for snowy regions
  • Works on oversize gutters


  • No access to the gutters

Gutter Helmet System: How It Works

Gutter Helmet system uses surface tension to separate rainwater from dirt. Rainwater flows down its textured surface to the reverse curve. Due to the water’s surface tension, leaves and dirt fall off the gutter guard. Gutter Helmet’s ⅜-inch wide slit ensures that dirt stays out of the gutters.

Gutter Helmet also prevents the entry of pests and birds into the gutter system. The system is fitted with end caps to close off the ends of your gutters. With Gutter Helmet, birds and pests can’t nest in your gutter system. Birds use sticks and organic matter to build their nests. It often leads to clogging and rusting in metal gutter systems.

Helmet Heat

Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet prevents ice dams and icicles from forming on the gutter system. The self-regulating heat cable melts snow before it accumulates on the eaves. Unlike monitored systems, Helmet Heat reduces its output when the temperature rises.

Heat Helmet goes underneath the gutter guard. The ice-reduction system turns on and off using a switch or a heat cable breaker. It is safe to use throughout the winter season without overheating. Gutter Helmet also provides an automatic Helmet Heat system that turns on when it gets chilly.

Gutter Helmet: Features

  • Patented Nose-Forward Design: The nose-forward design effectively keeps dirt away from the gutters. Water flows through the slit into the gutters. Gutter Helmet’s nose-forward design allows large volumes of water to flow into the gutters without runoffs.
  • Textured Surface: Gutter Helmet features a textured and ribbed surface. Ribbed surfaces maximize the water’s surface tension. They add to a gutter guard’s performance. The surface texture increases the gutter guard’s tensile strength and wettability. The sturdy aluminum surface lasts for a lifetime.
  • Permalife™ Finish: The reverse curve has a patented PermaLife™ coating. The coating is resistant to chalking, fading, and corrosion. Gutter Helmet comes in charcoal, brown, bronze, black, silver, gray, green, and timber.
  • Aluminum Alloy Brackets: Professionals attach the gutter protection system using reinforced aluminum alloy brackets. They are lightweight but sturdy to support the gutter guard. The hidden brackets provide a seamless gutter system.

Gutter Helmet Review: Warranty

Gutter Helmet offers a triple lifetime warranty on the gutter protection system. The warranty covers the product materials and performance. Gutter Helmet guarantees homeowners a clog-free and durable system. The warranty is transferable to new homeowners if you sell your house.

Professional installation of Gutter Helmet guarantees homeowners of an error-free system. Certified and factory-trained dealers install the gutter guards.


Gutter Helmet provides free home visits to inspect your roof, fascia, and gutters. After the visit, the salesperson will give you a written price estimate. The cost of installing Gutter Helmet depends on the number of stories, your roof’s pitch, the length of your gutters, and labor charges.

Gutter Helmet’s technicians also repair and replace damaged gutters or fascia boards. They also clean gutters before installing gutter guards, which adds to the final cost. Labor fees vary with every location and dealership.

The website features a Dealer Locator, which helps homeowners find Gutter Helmet dealers. It requires you to enter your zip code to find a certified contractor near you.

Gutter Helmet Review: Our Take

Gutter Helmet eliminates the need to clean gutters. Gutter Helmet’s services are available nationwide because of the company’s many locations. The technicians also offer gutter repairs and alignment, so you don’t have to outsource.

The major drawback to the brand is that you have to pay for repairs despite having a lifetime warranty. Regardless, a hooded gutter guard will keep your current gutters clean for many years.