Lawn Love Gutter Services Review

Lawn Love provides professional gutter cleaning services across the U.S. Professional gutter cleaners clear leaves and dirt from the gutter system. They also unclog gutters and downspouts, which is difficult to DIY. While some homeowners opt to DIY clean their gutters, they risk ladder falls.

Professional cleaning is necessary at least twice a year to prevent gutter clogs. Gutter cleaning companies inspect your gutter system and recommend necessary repairs. When looking for a gutter cleaning service, it’s essential to check the quality of its services and pricing.

Lawn Love at a Glance

Lawn Love Gutter Services Review

Lawn Love works with independent contractors to provide gutter cleaning services. They also offer lawn care services, snow removal, and local landscaping. Lawn Love contractors are screened and experienced. When recruiting their contractors, Lawn Love ensures they have the right equipment.

Lawn Love provides gutter cleaning services in over 120 cities across the U.S. They connect homeowners with qualified local professionals. Lawn Love prioritizes customer satisfaction and delivers affordable services.

Lawn Love Gutter Services

Besides gutter cleaning, Lawn Love also offers snow and ice removal services.

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Love unclogs leaves and debris from gutters and flushes the system. The professionals also clean out the downspouts. They can inspect and repair your gutter fasteners as part of cleaning.

Lawn Love recommends cleaning your gutters in the fall, late spring, and winter. Leaves, flowers, and twigs clog the gutters during the fall and spring seasons. You want to clean out your gutters before it rains.

Wet leaves and organic matter weigh down your gutters which causes the gutters to pull away from the house. Aside from gutter cleaning, Lawn Love offers lawn care services. Choosing a bundle service package gets you a discount on the services.

How Lawn Love Cleans Your Gutters

Lawn Love professional cleaners use various tools to clean out your gutters. The cleaners clear out accumulated debris on the brackets, downspouts, and joints. They also make minor repairs on the fasteners.

Lawn Love professionals reach two and three-story buildings using an extension ladder. You may incur more if your gutters are challenging to reach. After collecting leaves and debris on the gutters, a garden hose with a spray nozzle flushes out stains.

Gutter cleaners cover your porch and other belongings when cleaning the gutters above. After cleaning, the team cleans up and disposes of the dirt. Homeowners don’t have to be home during the cleaning. You can make payments online and rate the service afterward.

Snow Removal

Lawn Love offers next-day snow removal services for homeowners. You can schedule the service for another day if they’re booked. The professionals shovel out the snow and dispose of it elsewhere. Lawn Love snow removal services leave your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow.

Residents of snowy regions can choose a recurring snow removal service plan. The company uses technology to detect snow in your area. The experts schedule the removal date and notify the client via email. You can cancel a service within 24 hours of the notification. A recurring service plan saves you the hassle of booking a service when the demand is high.

Lawn Love Review: Customer Support

Lawn Love representatives reach out to customers via email, phone, and SMS. Signing up on the website lets you get an online quote and book an appointment. Lawn Love helps you find a gutter cleaning expert within two minutes.

Homeowners rate their service providers after completion of the job. Most clients give five-star ratings for the friendly customer support team and fair pricing. Clients enjoy the convenience of online transactions and payments after job completion.

Lawn Love Pricing

Lawn love charges $75- $150 for gutter cleaning on a 60- 70 square foot roof. The final cost depends on the size of the house and location. Lawn Love uses satellite imagery to create a blueprint of your property. The blueprint enables them to provide custom price quotes.

Recurring lawn plans are cheaper than a one-off service. You choose the frequency you would like for your lawn care. Most homeowners opt for a weekly or bi-weekly lawn care plan.

Lawn care includes gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, yard cleanup, and leaf removal. Depending on the package, you can save up to 30% with the recurring service plan.

Lawn Love Review: Guarantee

Lawn Love contractors are bonded and insured. The company adheres to high safety standards when working and also takes care of your property. A general liability policy covers property damage during the cleaning process.

If dissatisfied with a service, Lawn Love technicians will fix it for free. You need to report the issue within 24 hours. Lawn Love also has a money-back guarantee. Since service providers get their payment after 72 hours, clients can get a refund for shoddy jobs.

After the task, Lawn Love does follow-up to ensure the contractors provide quality service.

Lawn Love Review: Our Take

Unlike in-home estimates, Lawn Loves’ online price estimates are quick. Your home address helps them estimate the size of your house. The final cost depends on the length and size of your gutters. But, given that the job scope varies, the final price may change.

Lawn Love is for homeowners looking for a quick gutter cleaning service. Clients pay after completion of the job, which guarantees good quality services. The company has a B rating on BBB. With so many independent contractors on the website, the service delivery differs.