Classy DIY Projects You Can Do With Gold Foil

Perhaps you’ve come across tutorials or projects that involved using gold foil and you never really had time to explore the subject further. Or perhaps you’re very familiar with gold foil and its many stylish properties in which case the following DIY projects will actually seem very simple. In any case, now seems like a great time to focus a bit more on gold leaf or foil and to find new ways to include it in your crafts.

Gold foil vase base

If you have a simple vase and you’d like to make it look a bit more interesting, you should definitely check out the project featured on Delineateyourdwelling. Here you’ll find out how to use gold foil to decorate this simple vase. Use tape to demarcate the area that you want to cover with gold foil. Then apply glue to that portion and cover it with sheets of gold foil. Gently smooth out the foil with a soft brush. You can then also paint a few stripes on the vase.

Striped wood bowl with gold foil

You can use this technique on something other than a vase. For example, decorate a wooden bowl like the one on Delineateyourdwelling. If you also want to use a pattern, painter’s tape is your friend. You cn divide the bowl in two sections and only make gold foil stripes on one half. Check out the full tutorial to find out more details. The project is quite simple and the hardest part is applying all the pieces of tape at equal distance from each other.

Marble and dip gold foil coasters

Smaller things like coasters can also be decorated in a similar way. In fact, it’s all very simple and you don’t even have to use actual gold foil. Gold contact paper would do just fine, being easier to use. You can also use marble contact paper and copper tape if you want to get the look featured on Birdsparty. You can offer the coasters as a gift or keep them all for yourself.

Gold foil pillow pattern

Gold foil is very versatile so it’s no wonder you can also use it to customize your accent pillows. The idea comes from Abeautifulmess and to make your pillows look similar to those featured here you’re going to need gold foil, special adhesive, a paintbrush, parchment paper, plain white cotton fabric, scissors, an iron and pillow insert. If you already have the pillow or pillowcase, the project becomes even easier.

Gold foil glass trinket

You can even write with gold foil if you want to. Actually, it would be easier to just use gold leaf paint. In any case, have a look at the idea offered on Earnesthomeco for some inspiration. To make something similar, start with a plain glass tray and use some gold leaf paint, acrylic paint and a dry-erase marker. Write the desired message on the tray with the marker and then apply gold paint on top using a thin brush. Use acrylic paint and a fan brush to create an abstract design.

Gold foil planter

Terra cotta pots aren’t exactly the most good-looking type. There are, however, lots of ways in which to change their look. For example, you can use gold foil for that. For a clean and stylish look, cover the pot with flat white spray paint first. Then use some tape to demarcate the portion you’d like to put gold foil on. Glue the foil in place, smooth out the surface and then seal the pot with clear spray varnish. {found on goldstandardworkshop}.

DIY gold leaf planters

On Thesweetoccasion you can find a different strategy you can use if you want to decorate your terra cotta pots with gold foil. You’ll need craft brushes, gold leaf sheets, sealer and glue. Take some adhesive and apply random brushstrokes on the planter. Then put gold leaf sheets on top and smooth out with a brush. It’s quite the artistic look.

Faux gold foil frawer fronts

Gold foil can also be used on furniture if you want to change the look of a dresser or a cabinet. Find some inspiration with this idea on Sugarandcloth. You can remove some of the drawers and put gold foil on their fronts, the same way you’ve seen described in the previous projects. Decide which drawers should get this treatment. If all the drawers have the same dimensions, you can just pick them randomly and change their position later on.

DIY pillow cover with gold foil

Applying gold foil to a pillow is not exactly easy but it’s not difficult either. If you already have a design or a pattern in mind, you can start working on the project featured on Sarahhearts. You’ll need a pillow cover, some material for a stencil, a foam brush, gold foil and adhesive. Create the stencil and then find the center of the pillow case. Place the stencil at the center and put gold foil inside. Then cover it with parchment paper and press it with an iron on medium hear. Repeat until you get the desired look.

Luxury elegant serving tray

Serving trays are more than just a practical accessory. They’re also a great subject for an interesting and artistic DIY project. Let’s say you want to give a glamorous touch. In that cases, some gold foil would perfect for that. You can use it to create all sorts of cute designs such as the polka dot pattern featured on Thecasualcraftlete. First apply chalky finish paint to the tray and then put gold foil paper on the bottom. You can also use actual gold foil sheets if you want a simpler and less complex design.

Thanksgiving pumpkin with gold foil

For Thanksgiving or Halloween you can try the idea featured on Theblondielocks. You’ll need some small white pumpkins, gold foil, adhesive, brushes, a drill and candle sticks. Remove the stems of the pumpkins and drill holes in their centers. Remove the seeds and clean the interior. Then put a layer of glue on the pumpkin and stick gold foil on top. Use a brush to smooth out the edges. Insert a candle in the center.

Rose gold foil pencil

To make your workspace more enjoyable, try decorating some of the things you usually keep on the desk. This includes pencil holders and other similar objects. You can actually transform a cup completely if you want to create a unique pencil holder. You’d need white spray paint, tape, rose gold foil and a container. Spray paint the cup and let it dry. Then create a random pattern of stripes using tape. You can either use regular painter’s tape or double sided tape. Find out more on Damasklove.

Make gold foil printable

For the office, some wall décor would make the ambiance more enjoyable. Try inspirational quotes or stylish printable art such as the example on Burlapandblue. Find a frame that you like and create the design using gold foil. it’s simple and you can also do this with paint, tape and using all sorts of other methods.

Gold Vibes

Another example of beautiful gold foil wall art can be found on Sugarandcloth. This time the design is a bit more complex. To make something similar you’ll need a frame, a printer, gold foil stickers or metallic gold adhesive paper, scissors and brushes. Have fun selecting an image you want to print out or painting the design yourself.

Mod podged planters with gold foil

Because decorating planters is so fun and easy, here we are with yet another example. This time, to get the look you’ll need mod podge, planters, succulents, gold foil sheets, a foam brush and craft paint. The process is described on Burlapandblue. First paint the pots and then apply some glue and stick gold foil on top. Make a smooth surface with a brush and then just add the soil and succulents.

Glided gold foilt terra cotta pot

There’s also the project featured on Thesarahjohnson that you can use as inspiration. It involves terra cotta pots, spray adhesive, gold laminating foil and sealant. Spray a section of the pot with adhesive and then put gold foil on top. Rub it gently. Turn the pot to reveal another section and repeat until you decorate the entire surface of the pot.

Gold dipped floral arrangement

A different strategy you can use if you want to decorate a flower pot or a vase or pretty much anything else is to cover the bottom in gold foil to make it look like the object is dipped in gold. If you’re curious to see how this beautiful floral arrangement was made, check out the project on Thecasualcraftlete.

Gold foil wrapping

To make your presents look special and thoughtful, decorate them with gold foil wrapping paper. It’s something you can easily do yourself by following the instructions provided on Idlehandsawake. You need wrapping paper, gold foil, double sided tape, glue dots, adhesive, a paintbrush, scissors and a card or tag. There are lots of different designs and patterns you can try.

Lazy susan with gold foil

Gold foil stickers are fun to use and make everything a lot easier. You can use them to decorate just about anything, including a cutting board. In fact, check out Dwellbeautiful to see some more ideas that involve stickers. You can create all sorts of intricate and stylish designs if you have the right tools and some imagination.