Glass Pool Fencing May Be The Answer

Glass pool fencing is a good way to update your pool. Pools are a luxury but you can add extra amenities to make them even better. One of those extras you can add is glass fencing which can really make a difference.

There are many different types of fencing you can add around a pool but not all of them work the same. Glass pool fencing is a unique type of fencing that many people fall in love with as it makes their pool look high-end. 

What Is Glass Pool Fencing?

glass pool fencing
Image from AquaView Fencing – Serving North America

Glass pool fencing is a great way to add a fence around your pool. You can add one that is a couple of feet high or one that is nearly as tall as the average person. The height isn’t as important as the aesthetics.

There are a few variations of glass fencing. The two primary types of glass are real glass and plexiglass. Both are great options with one being nicer and the other being cheaper. The other difference is framing.

Both framed and frameless glass pool fencing are viable. Framed glass fencing looks more like standard fencing. It appears as windows that continue around the pool. Frameless fencing is pure glass.

Why Use Glass Pool Fencing

Modern Pool in Bridgeport
Image from American Frameless Glass Enclosures

There are so many reasons to use glass fencing. It looks amazing, for one, but there are also practical reasons to use glass fencing. Some are based on usability while others are based on aesthetics.

Doesn’t Age

No matter how many years go by, glass fencing won’t go out of style. That’s because it can be modern no matter what the age we are in happens to be. Glass is timeless and it always will be timeless.

But it’s not just because it is glass. It’s because glass pool fencing is clear, it doesn’t have any colors, designs, or grains to worry about. It is what it is and it will always match any era. 

Frameless pool fencing is more timeless than framed pool fencing. So if you are looking at the years ahead then frameless glass pool fencing is probably the better bet. Then you don’t have to worry about the frame. 

Opens Space Up

Modern Pool in Bridgeport
Image from American Frameless Glass Enclosures

Because glass is see-through, it will open a space up tenfold. This works even better if you have something on the other side of the fence that will draw everything together. Like a BBQ pit or playground. 

This is similar to the mirror trick, which reflects the light and makes your space look large. But with mirrors, you can see through them so it’s like having everything practical about a fence without the bulkiness. 

Glass Pool Fencing Is Great For Kids

Glass pool fencing may not seem great for kids because it is glass, but it really is. There are many reasons that it is just as good or better for kids than standard fencing made out of steel or wood. 

Glass fencing works for kids primarily because you can see them on the other side while you’re in the pool or while you’re on the other side and they are in the pool. It works both ways for their safety. 

But the other reason that it is so great for kids is that they love to draw on it. Now, this may initially sound like a bad thing but there are certain glass markers that allow them to draw and have it washed away easily. 

Great Views 

Modern Pool in Bridgeport
Image from US Glass Fence LLC

Now, of course, glass pool fencing offers a great view. You can see through it like a window so you can have a 360-degree view all the way around your pool. This is a great thing unless you have close neighbors.

If you have close neighbors then this may be bothersome. If you are close to the neighbors on the other hand, like if they are family, this might be preferable. Then you have your own space but you can still visit.

Normally, it wouldn’t matter where you put your pool because there is a fence up that blocks the view. So if you are installing a pool, take this into account if you are considering glass pool fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing Matches Anything

Yes! You can use glass pool fencing with any design style at all. It matches anything because it is glass and glass can be found in every house. If that doesn’t sound right it’s because you’re not taking windows into account. 

Windows are hardly noticeable in a house because they are found in every house no matter the design style. The same goes for glass fencing. This can be adjusted with framing that matches the decor.

Or go frameless. Frameless glass pool fencing matches absolutely everything. Even if you change your design, frameless glass fencing will work with the changes and adapt. It’s almost like magic.

Anyone Can Clean It

Yes, it may be difficult to keep clean at times but anyone can clean glass fencing as long as they know how to clean glass. You can use Windex to clean the windows or some type of natural window cleaner.

Alternatively, using Armor All or another car window cleaner works well. These cleaners are stronger and they can be used outside as well as inside. So having one on hand can be your secret weapon. 

Why Not Use Glass Pool Fencing?

Modern Pool in Bridgeport
Image from AquaView Fencing – Serving North America

Nothing is perfect. Glass pool fencing has its own set of cons. These negatives can deter some people from getting glass pool fencing. Most of the time, they aren’t a problem but make sure you learn them before choosing this fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing Is Easily Scratched

We all know that glass is fairly easy to scratch. The type of glass you usually use for glass fencing is usually not that easy to scratch either. But you still need to be careful. Don’t let anyone use anything on it that they shouldn’t.

Even if they say they’ve done it before, always consult a professional before allowing anything with a rough texture on the glass. And don’t let anyone use an ice chipper or putty knife on the glass without consulting you.

Can Injure Animals

This is primarily for wild animals but it is true for pets as well. Animals often don’t see glass due to their bad eyesight or because they aren’t familiar with glass. They are also shorter and can miss the railing, causing an illusion.

Introduce pets to the glass whenever you install it to prevent accidents on the inside. As for the outside, well there’s not much you can do except call animal control if a wild animal injures itself on your glass pool fencing. 

Cleaning Isn’t Easy

It can be done and the action itself is easy, but glass isn’t easy to keep clean. Especially when it is outside and exposed to the elements. Things that affect indoor glass also affect outdoor glass, but you have both to deal with.

Indoor glass problems include fingerprints, droplets, dust, and more. While outdoor glass problems include precipitation, animal accidents, and dirt/rocks messing up the surface. These are a few things to look out for.

Glass Pool Fencing Can Break

Modern Pool in Bridgeport

When the glass breaks, it can be disheartening. It may happen and it may not happen. But either way, you know it’s a possibility. When it does, the glass will need to be replaced, which costs money and takes time.

The good thing is that glass is easy to match so you can match it no matter how long it has been. The bad thing is that people love to touch and lean on glass, which makes them break more easily. So try to discourage this.

Frames Will Need To Be Replaced 

If you choose a framed glass pool fencing, then eventually the frame will need to be replaced. This is inevitable. It may happen after a year and it may not happen for a decade or two. But the problem still remains. 

When this happens, it is actually more difficult the longer it has been. For one, even if you have the exact material on hand, it won’t match perfectly. One will be weathered and the other will look fresh.

Glass Pool Fencing Doesn’t Add Privacy

Although it is still a fence, it isn’t a privacy fence. It doesn’t add any privacy at all. It simply adds a barrier to other things but anyone can see through it. This isn’t always a bad thing but it is something to think about.

If you want something to block out everything and offer privacy, do not get a glass pool fence. Instead, get something solid like wood, metal, or concrete. All work great for your pool and have amazing benefits. 

Should I Get Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing isn’t for everyone. Some people feel that it is far too easy to break or that it doesn’t add enough to a pool area. But others believe it to be high-end and extravagant, or simple and unique. 

No matter what though, if you choose glass fencing it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Most fencing can be done by anyone, but glass pool fencing should be installed by a professional.