Funny Dream Bookshelf by Dripta Roy

A lot of our dreams are the reflection of our activities that we did over the day, things that affected our existence or sometimes they are connected to what we have read lately. Usually we may read something before we go to bed and most of the times we may even have dreams about we have read.

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We may dream that we are some imaginative characters, that we have some super powers, perhaps we dream that we are some wonderful heroes that everybody admires them. if you are a person that loves books and read before falling asleep then you definitely have a bookshelf near your bed or a special place where you can put all your reading materials.

For those who are funny and would like to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere and design for their room, the adorable Dream Bookshelf is a great option. Dripta Roy is a designer who combined the fiberglass, wood and the bubble cloud shape of this wonderful Dream Bookshelf where you can put all your precious books or other reading materials of different sizes. The funny shape of this bookshelf sends you to the ideas of dream and imagination which may appear after you have fallen asleep and you begun to travel to the magic world of dreams.