Freestanding green wall in Barcelona

When a building is demolished all it remains is usually dust and destroyed items. In some cases it’s not actually the entire building that gets to be demolished but just the majority of it. In Barcelona there once was a tall building and all that’s left from it is a wall. Still, it’s not just any wall. Since this freestanding structure was there, the designers from Capella Garcia Arquitectura thought they might get to turn it into something positive.

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It was a very unique project. After all, it’s not every day that you get to transform a leftover wall from a previous building. The architects managed to turn this stark blank wall into an eye-catching giant garden. The 21 meter tall freestanding steel structure is now covered with lush green plants that not only improves the aspect of the neighborhood but also has environmental benefits as well. Of course, the architects had to make some structural changes in order to then be able to create that gigantic vertical garden.

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The wall is made from prefabricated galvanized steel and has an interior set of stairs. They were designed to allow access to various levels. The wall also features an embedded pulley system used to transport materials. The plants are constantly irrigated and fertilizer is used in programmed doses as well. And since the wall is such a great natural habitat, several nesting boxes were also installed for the birds. The living wall is an original, unusual and eye-catching element with lots of benefits and a strong visual impact.{found on inhabitat}.