30 Fall Wreath DIYs – For The Love Of Autumn

Of all the great DIY decorations and projects to celebrate fall with, we like wreaths the most. They’re incredibly versatile as they can be displayed in lots of interesting ways and places and they can be made out of pretty much anything.  

DIY fall wreaths

Naturally, we’ve prepared a bunch of fall wreath design ideas that we’d like to share with you. Have a look at these DIY fall wreaths and let us know which one is your favorite or send us your own original design to share with the world.

What Do You Put in a Fall Wreath?

Before you dive right in and begin making the perfect fall wreath for your front door, you’ll want to carefully consider the materials you plan to put in it. This is because what the wreath is made of is what will set it apart from being a winter or a summer wreath.

Fall wreaths are made out of the materials that you would typically find in your yard during the fall season. This doesn’t mean you have to scour your yard for things to put in your wreath, but it means you should keep your yard in mind as you shop.

The following items are some good examples of things to put in a fall wreath:

  • Pinecones
  • Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Twigs
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Sunflowers
  • Hay
  • A Mini Scarecrow
  • Faux Crows

Halloween Themed Fall Wreath

But don’t forget that Halloween is a fall holiday, and that a Halloween themed wreath can make a great addition to your porch during the holiday season. When making a Halloween wreath, you can use all of the above items you would use for a fall wreath but add in some spooky items to really bring out the Halloween spirit.

Items you can add to a wreath to make it Halloween themed:

  • Miniature Skulls
  • Black Garland
  • A Witches Hat
  • Fake Eyeballs
  • Fake Spider Webs
  • Fake Spiders
  • Mini Ghosts
  • Halloween Themed Ribbon
  • Candy Corn
  • Halloween Lights

When Can You Put Up a Fall Wreath?

Chances are, once you construct your perfect fall wreath, you will be excited to hang it outside your home! But wait, when is it too soon to put up a fall wreath?

Generally, you will want to hang up a fall wreath once the fall season has begun. This way you won’t look out of sync with the seasons. In most places, fall has officially begun when the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change color from green to yellow and orange.

A good rule of thumb is to hang your fall wreath in late September or early October. You will definitely want to avoid hanging your fall wreath any earlier, such as in August, as this is considered to still be summertime.

What is a Harvest Wreath?

You may have heard that a friend of yours is making a harvest wreath. A harvest wreath is a type of fall wreath put it is more specifically decorated for the harvest season.

Harvest wreaths include many items that you would typically find in harvest such as fruits and vegetables typically eaten in the fall season. They are also usually made on a leaf or twig base to make them look as earthy as possible. If there is a ribbon or visible hanger on a harvest wreath, it is usually a plaid piece of ribbon.

Items typically found in a harvest wreath:

  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Mini Squash or Gourds
  • Sunflowers
  • Cranberry Branches
  • Hay
  • Corn/Corn Husks
  • A Cornucopia

What is an Autumn Wreath?

Autumn wreaths are very similar to fall wreaths, as they both typically contain the same items and symbolize the changing of the seasons. They typically focus on the meshing of the colors found during the Autumn season to make a beautiful ornament for your door that combines yellow, orange, and red with brown undertones.  

If someone asks you to make an Autumn wreath, you can use many of the same items you would use to make your DIY fall wreath. However, an Autumn wreath is meant to be focused on the season, and therefore, the Halloween wreath elements would not be acceptable in this instance.

When Do You Take Down a Fall Wreath?

Even though winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st, you may think it’s a bit odd to leave your fall wreath up this long. And honestly, it is. You will probably want to take down your fall wreath after the Thanksgiving holiday in November, and replace it with an applicable Christmas Wreath at that time.

Of course, if you have made a Halloween wreath, you will want to remove this wreath shortly after the Halloween holiday and replace it with a fall or Autumn wreath instead. This wreath can stay in place until after the Thanksgiving holiday as mentioned above.

Best DIY Fall Wreaths for Your Front Door

1. Leaf Wreath

Leaf Wreath

This is a leaf wreath…or is it? The confusion comes from the fact that the wreath is indeed covered with leaves but they’re made of paper. Some are made of pages from books or newspapers and some are made of wood grain paper. You have several options if you want to follow this design idea.

You can use simple colored paper, cardboard, and pretty much anything similar. Look for fall colors such as shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, and don’t forget to be creative. {found on thecraftygentleman}.

2. Simple Chic Wreath

Simple Chic Wreath

As soon as we laid eyes on this wreath we fell in love with it. It’s so simple, so chic and so versatile that you can’t not love it. We found the project while browsing Lydioutloud.

If you’re interested we can quickly review the things that you’ll need to make your own wreath: a 14” embroidery hoop, 4 wood slice coasters, letter stickers that spell out “fall”, a bunch of flowers (real or faux), and a glue gun.

3. Stylish Faux Succulent Wreath

Stylish Faux Succulent Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simplest ones are also the ones that stand out in a chic and stylish way most often. We like the fact that the fall wreath featured on Madincrafts is not overly decorated and all the ornaments are pretty much clustered on one third of the surface.

The rest is just a bare grapevine wreath. In addition, the combination of leaves and succulents (all of them faux) is interesting in its own way.

4. Unique Purple and Bronze Wreath

Unique Purple and Bronze Wreath

Most of the time, a fall wreath would feature colors like reds, browns, and oranges which definitely makes sense given the season. However, that doesn’t mean you have to comply with the trend. Like this ombre wreath design on Madincrafts shows, other colors can work out great for such a project. In this case, the star is purple.

Various shades of purple are layered and combined with bronze accents. The combination is both elegant and eye-catching.

5. Faux Fruit Wreath

Faux Fruit Wreath

While it’s true that we’re instinctually drawn to all that is new and original, we love traditional and rustic designs just as much, especially when they create a warm and cozy ambiance that reminds us of wonderful times, much like this wreath does. The design started with a foam wreath which was covered in burlap ribbon.

When that was done, a bunch of faux fruits was glued to the wreath. They have this interesting texture that makes them look like they’re coated in sugar. {found on madincrafts}.

6. Pumpkin Vase Wreath

Pumpkin Vase Wreath

We’ll stay in the rustic universe a little bit more and enjoy a fall wreath that makes wonderful use of a faux pumpkin. Actually, you only need half of it for the project which means you’ll actually have two great half pumpkin vases to use in your projects. Trace the shape of the pumpkin on a piece of cardboard, cut out the form, and glue it to the back of the vase.

Then put some floral foam inside and starts inserting the faux flowers, berries, and branches until you’re happy with the arrangement. Attach the whole vase to a grapevine wreath. Find out more about this project on hearth&vine.

7. Serving Tray Transformation

Serving Tray Transformation

If you look closely at this wreath, you may notice something strange, as if it looks familiar but in a totally different way. It’s because this started out as a simple silver tray. Using a paintbrush, the bottom of the tray was coated in chalkboard paint.

The rim was cleaned and polished with a sponge and half of it was decorated with faux leaves in the colors of the fall. The ribbon was the finishing touch. If you’d like to find out more details about the project, check out Averageinspired.

8. Black and White Halloween Wreath

Black and White Halloween Wreath

Depending on your perception, the five orange swirls on this black and white wreath can either be flowers or pumpkins. The second option is best-suited for Halloween in which case you can also add the tiny “boo” garland featured on Marymarthamama.

The project as a whole is very simple. All you need is a foam wreath, some black and white fabric or ribbon, a bit of felt (white, black, and orange), some black yarn, and a hot glue gun.

9. Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Slice Wreath

Yes, we know not everyone had stacks of wood slices just lying around but they’re not that difficult to come by if you know where to look. You can even cut them yourself if you have the necessary tools and then you can make all sorts of cool things like this wreath that was featured on Twelveonmain. Arrange them in the form of a circle and form two layers.

This will be the base for your wreath. Once you have the wood slice wreath, you can just add the finishing touches like a burlap bow and some faux foliage and your new wreath is ready to be put on display.

10. Burlap Wrap Wreath

Burlap Wrap Wreath

Burlap is another great resource, perfect if you want to make a chic fall wreath with a little bit of rustic charm. It can look chic and modern too. The trick is to keep the design neat and simple. Take a foam wreath and wrap it in burlap, then cover half of it with fall-inspired yarn.

Glue some burlap flowers onto the yarn-covered part and add some feathers in between them to fill out the gaps. You can also put some twigs under the flowers and cover them with a small doily, just as suggested on Consumercrafts.

11. Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath

A lot of great fall projects start with the simple grapevine wreath. It’s the perfect base for a lot of designs and styles. One option is to leave most of it bare and to only decorate a small section with foliage, branches, a tiny pumpkin, and a pair of pine cones.

The design is simple, neutral, and suitable for a lot of spaces, decors, and settings. If you like it, have a look at the full description of the project which is offered on Angelamariemade.

12. Peacock Feather Wreath

Peacock Feather Wreath

Another cool grapevine wreath design idea comes from Myblessedlife. There’s not much to it really and you can figure out all the details just by looking at this photo.

The wreath is simply decorated with a few peacock feathers. You can be creative and improvise if you want to use a different type of feathers or something else entirely.

13. Fall Window Shutter Frame Wreath

Fall Window Shutter Frame Wreath

If you’re not necessarily the traditional type you could decorate your home or office with something like this: a combination between a framed chalkboard and a minimalist berry wreath. We found this design on Lilacsandlonghorns and we find it perfect for the front door or the entryway.

14. Thankful Wicker Basket Wreath

Thankful Wicker Basket Wreath

This is not a wreath per se, although it can easily pass as one. It’s in fact a shallow wicker basket that is repurposed as a base for a beautiful fall wreath.

A bunch of small faux flowers is gathered in a bunch at the bottom and the word “thankful” was painted onto the surface of the basket. You can customize your basket wreath however you want and the project from Twelveonmain can be your source of inspiration.

15. Classic Pinecone Wreath

Classic Pinecone Wreath

This next one is another fall design based on the classic grapevine wreath. This time the ornaments are small but scattered all across the wreath.

They’re a combination of small pinecones and felted acorns. To make the latter you need acorn caps, needle felting wool in different colors, white roving, a felting needle, and a hot glue gun. {found on maidenmag}.

16. Shabby Chic Wreath

Shabby Chic Wreath

Does your home fall into the shabby chic décor category? Then you will want to for sure consider making this shabby chic fall wreath outlines on AnnsEntitledLife.

A combination of a twig wreath with beautifully organized fake flowers, this wreath is perfect for your front door, or even as decoration for a fall wedding. And the best part is, all of these supplies can be easily found at most craft stores and put together with a glue gun.

17. Modern Hoop Wreath

Modern Hoop Wreath

Minimalism is in, and this is true when it comes to furniture and to wreaths! Skip the bulkiness of a twig or grapevine wreath and make this modern hoop wreath from LoveLoveLoveBlog instead.

It’s quick, simple, and will only take about 20 minutes to make from start to finish. The example uses pink and white faux flowers for accent, but you can use any fall-colored flowers you desire for this project.

18. Sage Wreath

Sage Wreath

Nothing says fall like a simple sage wreath on your door! This wreath is small, and unlike many of the others on this list, calls for fresh sage. So not only will it spruce up your porch with its beautiful look, but it will also provide a natural fall perfume.

You can find the instructions for this DIY fall wreath on ThisHealthyTable, and this wreath can be used as both an indoor and outdoor decoration.

19. Butterfly Light Up Wreath

Butterfly Light Up Wreath

On a budget this holiday season? Not to worry, as there are several fall wreaths that can be constructed using items found at the dollar store.

This butterfly light up wreath by DearCreatives is one idea of how you can make a beautiful fall wreath without breaking the bank. Plus, this project walks you through the process of adding lights to your wreath which can be perfect when you want a wreath that will pair with light up Halloween decorations during the month of October. 

20. Halloween-Themed Skull Wreath

Halloween-Themed Skull Wreath

Speaking of Halloween, you might want to keep a wreath on hand that you can put up when the spooky holiday rolls around. This Halloween-themed wreath by MomFoodie is perfect for the occasion.

It is made using a wire wreath frame, some landscape felt, silk flowers, and skull solar lights for an extra creepy touch. And if the skulls are just a bit too creepy for you, they can easily be swapped out for other, less scary solar lights.

21. Crow Fall Wreath

Crow Fall Wreath

Crows are another common sight during the fall season. While many people think of them as a nuisance, they really can be a beautiful bird.

This fall wreath by ChickenStratchNY uses two silk crows to design a beautiful and simple wreath that will look absolutely stunning on any door. But if crows give you the creeps, feel free to skip them, as you will still have a beautiful fall wreath with just the flower design outlined in the instructions!

22. Country Scarecrow Wreath

Country Scarecrow Wreath

Although most people don’t use scarecrows in the yard anymore, they are still a great indicator that the season has arrived. Follow these DIY instructions on Craftbits to make your very own scarecrow wreath, complete with a mini-scarecrow.

You’ll be using a metal wreath base, and adding hay for a true country touch. Or, when you would rather save a little time, feel free to pick up a hay wreath base that is already done for you at your local craft store.

23. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

Many wreaths on this list include plastic pumpkins as an accent. But have you ever considered making your wreath a pumpkin? It is actually quite easy, and you can find the project here on Crafts By Amanda.

This wreath is simplistic, as it only calls for burlap ribbon, some raffia, and a piece of driftwood. Be aware though, you may need more than one roll of orange burlap ribbon!

24. Acorn and Pinecone Wreath

Acorn and Pinecone Wreath

Pinecones and acorns are great because when you want to use them for a project, you can typically find some just by walking through your backyard! This next fall wreath idea by CraftInvaders combines multiple items that you can find in nature on or around your property. Then you will spend a little time arranging them on a twig or grapevine wreath base to make the perfect fall wreath! Talk about upcycling!

25. Eyeball Wreath

Eyeball Wreath

Are your kids excited for Halloween? Then they will absolutely love this eyeball wreath. You can discover how to make it on DearCreatives, but be aware that it may not be for everyone. Especially because you will be painting the eyeballs so that this wreath will glow in the dark!

And if this wasn’t creepy enough, you can add some spiders and fake webs to up the fear factor to a whole new level.

26. Fall Twine Wreath

Fall Twine Wreath

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without some sort of twine wreath! Twine wreaths are nice because wrapping twine around a wreath base is something that any person can do and the results always come out spectacular.

If you need a little help, get some guidance from ArtsCrasftyMom who will walk you through the entire process. She used fake flowers, buttons, and pinecones to decorate her wreath, but you can use almost any items you want with this versatile fall design.

27. Duct Tape Wreath

Duct Tape Wreath

For those that don’t feel like wrapping twine, or dealing with a grapevine wreath base for their fall wreath, check out this idea for a duct tape wreath by HomemadeHeather. This sounds a bit strange, but she uses black and white duct tape to beautifully contrast some gorgeous orange flowers to make the perfect fall wreath. Additionally, the project calls for a pool noodle for the base, meaning you may not have to make a trip to the craft store at all!

28. Splatter Screen Wreath

Splatter Screen Wreath

While on the subject of unique supplies you can use to make wreaths, take a look at this idea for a splatter screen wreath by CraftBits. You’ll start by spray painting the splatter screens orange, so this definitely isn’t a project for the faint of heart. But after that, the project is easy, as you will be using glue to arrange your wreath and add the embellishments you desire.

29. Funky Feather Wreath

Funky Feather Wreath

As already mentioned, birds are an integral part of fall. Thus, you should consider making this cool and funky feather wreath by HootShack for your front door this fall season.

It may look intricate, but it really just takes a lot of feathers and expert gluing! The example includes a bird nest in the middle, complete with faux eggs, but for those that prefer a more traditional shaped wreath, this part can be left out. 

30. Colorful Butterfly Wreath

Colorful Butterfly Wreath

Butterflies typically migrate during the fall season, so that they can be south when the winter hits. This means butterflies can be a great addition to any fall wreath you may want to hang on your front door.

This idea for a butterfly centric wreath by DearCreatives, is very basic but allows room to add your own creative touches. The example is done with multiple butterflies of all different colors, mini faux pumpkins, and faux painted acorns, but the sky is the limit on this gorgeous fall wreath!

Whether you decide to go with a classy fall wreath, or something a little spooky with a Halloween flair, you simply can’t go wrong with any of the DIY fall wreaths on this list! And since you probably have both a front and a back door, this means you get to make at least two wreaths this fall season. And the ones you don’t get to this year, you can feel free to tuck away and come back to next year, after all, fall is the best time of the year for wreaths!