Creative Fall Party Décor Ideas

After an action-packed summer, fall seems to come at just the right time to slow down the pace a little bit. To relax. To enjoy the crisp air and cool evenings. It’s a perfect season to throw a few parties, what with the fall holidays and all. 

fall party decor

It’s also a lovely time to simply gather together a few close friends and family and enjoy that time together. So whether your party schedule this fall involves high-energy holidays or low-key hangouts, you’re going to find some great fall party décor ideas that will help everyone enjoy themselves most.

There doesn’t have to be a reason to throw a fall party other than you simply want to celebrate the season! General fall parties can be thrown any time after the weather begins to get a little chilly up until around the Halloween holiday. Fall parties can also be thrown after Halloween and before Thanksgiving if you wish!

Fall parties are characterized by pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, the changing leaves, and pinecones! Below are some cute DIY fall party décor ideas to get you started on preparing for your general fall party.

Why Should You Throw a Fall Party?

Although the season fall, or autumn, isn’t a holiday, it is still a good idea to throw a party this time of year. This is because the true purpose of a party is just to spend time with friends and stay connected with those that you may not see all that often. Having a fall party is just one of the many mediums used to accomplish this goal.

Plus, everyone loves fall, so why not throw a cute, adorable party filled with pumpkins, spice, and everything nice?

Fall Chili Bar Decor

When Should You Throw a Fall Party?

Of course, there are a few different times when you should consider throwing a fall party. Remember that fall contains two large holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and therefore you should avoid throwing fall parties during the weeks of these big events. But otherwise throwing a fall party is a great idea any time during the months of September, October, and November.

What Do You Do at a Fall Party?

When planning a fall party, you will definitely want to plan a few themed activities to keep people busy. You can go with something low key, like cider tasting, or something more active like a pumpkin patch where guests get to pick their own mini pumpkin (and maybe do a craft with it!)

You can also take a game you already have and give it a makeover to make it fall themed. Below is a list of some activity ideas for a fall party.

Activities For a Fall Party:

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Scarecrow Decorating
  • Cider Tasting
  • Hot Chocolate Tasting
  • Caramel Apple Making
  • Bobbing for Apples
  • Candle Making
  • Themed Corn Hole Game
  • Themed Ring Toss
  • Fall Arts and Crafts

Why Do We Celebrate Fall?

Throughout history, fall has been an important time of year. It was the time of year when farmers would harvest their crops and prepare for winter. If the harvest was bountiful, it would be an easy winter.

Crops like fruits and vegetables always taste better when they are first harvested. This is what led to the first harvest celebrations as people wanted to share their food when it tasted the best. Plus, harvest was an event that would bring much needed family and friends to the farm to help with all the extra work that harvest entailed—and celebrating anything with family is always fun.

Awesome Fall Décor Ideas For Your Next Party

1. Decorate with Colorfully Autumnal Foliage, Mums, and Pumpkins

Fall party table decor

It really doesn’t get easier than this, really, because these colors and decorative pieces surround us at this time of year! Grab a few pumpkins from the farmer’s market or your local craft store to put in a basket, pick up a few potted mums at the grocery, and toss a few colorful leaves you’ve gathered from your backyard onto the horizontal surfaces.

It gives all the cozy fall vibes and is a very low-effort way to decorate for a fall party.

2. Easy Flannel DIY Faux Pumpkins

Easy Flannel DIY Faux Pumpkins

Made easily out of plaid flannel fabric and toilet paper rolls, these adorable and easily customizable pumpkins are a fantastic fall party décor idea. Not only for the decorations for the party itself, you could also use the craft as a fall party activity.

3. Painted and Distressed Mason Jar Vases

Painted and Distressed Mason Jar Vases

We’re all well aware that mason jars can be painted and used as vases. What is striking about this fall party décor idea, though, is the injection of a pale icy blue jar amid the warmth of the other colors and the fall foliage.

This cool shot of color keeps the fall party décor feeling fresh and perky, rather than dark and heavy. (Which, although cozy, is often the side effect of warm fall colors.)

4. Cinnamon Stick Candles

Cinnamon Stick Candles

Besides just pumpkin spice, cinnamon is also an integral scent indicating that it is now the fall season. Make these cinnamon stick candles from Home Stories A to Z and use them as a centerpiece for your party dinner table, or even just have a few lines up along the mantel. They’re easy to make, and only require a few materials, so don’t be afraid to make extra to give as party favors!

5. Hang Leaf Garland

Hang Leaf Garland

Of course, no party is complete without some sort of hanging decoration! Craft this fall leaf garland from The Frugal South, and hang it on any edge in your home that needs some decorating.

You can use it on the mantel, like they did in the example, on a food table, or even on an outdoor railing! You can also make extra of these and hang them in a doorway to embody the falling leaves of fall—the sky is the limit.

6. Create a Pine Cone Garland

Create Pine Cone Garland

Is leaf garland not your type? Then try designing this pine cone garland from The Sweetest Occasion instead. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, make a bit of both and use them both to give your home the ultimate fall feel for your party.

This project does need to be planned in advance, however, because it involves foraging for pinecones in your backyard. But for those without a yard, don’t fret, as you can also likely buy some at your local craft store.

7. Put a Burlap Wreath on the Front Door

Put a Burlap Wreath on the Front Door

When people come to your home for a fall party, the first décor they are going to notice is the one that hangs on the front door. Be sure that they get the right first impression with this DIY burlap fall wreath from Today’s Creative Life.

You’ll be wrapping a wreath form in burlap, then gluing fake leaves and a ribbon to one side. Add another ribbon around the top to hang it, and voila, a wreath for your front door!

8. Place a Stained Picnic Basket

Place a Stained Picnic Basket

For a food or beverage bar for a party, you usually want to have some of the food at different levels to create a cute and homey aesthetic. For fall party décor, simply re-stain an old picnic basket you have lying around that has a flat top.

After it is dry, you can place it on your table and use it as a pedestal for all types of treats! See an idea of what this might look like on Craft Berry Bush.

9. Popcorn Corn on the Cob Décor

Popcorn Corn on the Cob Décor

This next fall party décor idea is another one that is good enough to eat! Just take some buttered popcorn (the more yellow the better) and fill snack size Ziploc bags. Then fold over the zipped end, and wrap one side of the bag in green tissue paper with some twine. You can use these as centerpieces, fall table decoration, or place a bunch of them in a box with some hay as they did on Smart School House.

10. Upcycled Scarecrow Décor

Upcycled Scarecrow Décor

A scarecrow is a great fall party décor idea. You can place it on your porch, in your backyard, or even in your living room (if you don’t mind a little bit of hay lying around). Don’t want hay in your living room?

Then make this DIY upcycled scarecrow that doesn’t require any hay. It’s made out of an old board, some paint, twine, and any other materials you can find lying around your backyard or garage. Find the full instructions on Eclectic Red Barn.

Outdoor Fall Party Décor Ideas 

Even though it’s fall, during the first month or so, it is typically still nice enough to host your party outside! When planning an outdoor party, you’ll look at décor a bit differently than you would an indoor party, and you’ll want to make everything easy to move in case there is inclement weather!

When hosting an outdoor party, it makes it easier for you to add things like games, and messier snacks than you would consider for an indoor party. Plus, who doesn’t want to enjoy a little bit of the season the party is honoring?

1. Capitalize on Fall Sprigs

Fall party table decor

Those fall-themed sprigs of this and that in orange, yellow, red, and brown, bright and vibrant or soft and muted. Stick them in a twig wreath, lay them flat in a line, or put them in a vase if you want some height.

There are so many ways to use sprigs generously in your fall party décor, inside or out. They make even the simplest of table settings look incredibly (and instantaneously) festive.

2. The Magic of a Fire Pit

The Magic of a Fire Pit

There’s something ultimately special about hay bales in the fall. Their smell, their scratchiness, their complete and unapologetic organic existence.

If you have access and space, consider copying this fire pit surround – a bunch of hay bales and flannel plaid throw blankets to encourage people to come over, get comfy, and stay awhile. We love the uniquely relaxed and comfort-centric quality of an outdoor fire pit gathering in the fall season.

3. Create an Easily Transportable Outdoor Beverage Garden

Create an Easily Transportable Outdoor Beverage Garden

For anyone capitalizing on the beautiful fall weather and hosting an outdoor fall party, consider putting your old Radio Flyer wagon to good use. This charmingly vintage getup, with beverages easily accessible on ice and a basket of homemade pretzels for the taking, requires a minimal amount of decorating without skimping on appeal.

4. Candy Corn Decoration and Party Game

Candy Corn Decoration and Party Game

If the fall party you are hosting is not a dinner party (or even if it is) you probably will want a few games to keep people occupied. And this candy corn party game by Kid Friendly Things To Do is both a game and décor for an outdoor fall party!

Grab a few small orange cones next time you are at the dollar store, and spray paint them with white and yellow spray paint. Then set them on some hay bales for decoration, or grab some glow in the dark necklaces for a fun filled ring toss game!

5. Design a Pumpkin Patch

Design a Pumpkin Patch

During the fall season, pumpkin patches are everywhere. And who doesn’t love getting to pick out their own pumpkin? Allow your guests the same joy by designing your very own pumpkin patch for your party as depicted in Kara’s Party Ideas. You don’t even have to place out pumpkins you could use this space for all kinds of pumpkin themed favors that you want guests to take with them when they leave!

Fall Dinner Party Décor Ideas

Hosting a fall party only for adults? Then it is probably best to go with a more mature theme, such as a dinner party.

This way you can all sit around the table and discuss the amazing things you are doing this fall season. A fall dinner party will require slightly more set-up, a bit more work, and of course, an amazing centerpiece!

Besides just the décor, you will also want to consider what food you will serve and how, as this will play a major part in your decoration ideas for your fall dinner party. Scroll down to see what some of these things might look like!

1. Indian Corn-Wrapped Candle

Indian Corn-Wrapped Candle

This is one of the simplest candle-decorating ideas, yet it’s also beautifully striking and seasonally thematic. The colors and texture of Indian corn, tied with twine or any other natural-looking string around a thick candle, adds an instant rustic look to your fall party décor. Aim for collecting ears of Indian corn that are all about the same size to enhance the look and reduce fire risk.

2. White Everything with Greenery For Your Fall Dinner Party

White Everything with Greenery For Your Fall Dinner Party

Monochromatic décor can easily be dressed up or down to match the atmosphere you want with your fall party. This tablescape is soothing and natural, with lots of white elements playing off the organic wood table top and greenery surrounding the centerpiece.

Notice the contrast between the round, stubby pumpkin shapes and the tall, slender candle tapers – this juxtaposition creates strong visual appeal and detail within monochromatic décor.

3. Think Inside the Bowl for Fall Party Décor 

Think Inside the Bowl for Fall Party Décor 
Think Inside the Bowl for Fall Party Décor 

Add an informal vibe to your fall dinner party décor with chalkboard name tags tied with twine around dinner napkins. Rather than placing them neatly by the side of the flatware, toss the tagged napkin into a bowl at the place setting for a relaxed, cozy fall gathering.

4. Fall Chili Bar Decor

Fall Chili Bar Decor

Do you know what food you are going to serve at your party? If not, consider a serve yourself chili bar like this one from Kara’s Party Ideas. You will need some hay bales and mini-pumpkins to decorate the table, as well as a chalkboard to let everyone know what it is they are eating!

Add one of the amazing centerpieces or candles you’ve made to the side for some added mood lighting. Then, all you need is some chili and all the fixings!

5. Fall Party Food Labels

Fall Party Food Labels

As a party host, it is helpful to the guests when you take the time to label all the food items you are setting out. This doesn’t mean you should ruin your set up with tacky sticky notes, rather you should create these cute food labels from Kara’s Party Ideas.

They are two pieces of fall themed cardstock cut out with decorative scissors, and a typed food label glued on top. You can even put these on toothpicks and place them in your pies!

Intimate Fall Party Ideas

As the fall season gets colder, you may want to consider throwing a more intimate party. This can be an indoor party where the lights are low and you pass around a few drinks.

You will want some candles for this type of party, and you may want to consider a snack or dinner aspect. Either way, this party is perfect for those fall evenings that may have snow or just be very very cold.

1. Candles, Pumpkins, and Mood Lighting Fall Party Decor

Candles and Pumpkins and Mood Light, Fall decor

Lest we ever fall into the trap of thinking that “more is more,” this fall party décor idea turns that on its head. Simple, authentic, and cozy, this centerpiece comprised solely of pumpkins and candles is bound to enhance the quality of any fall party lucky enough to showcase it.

2. Fall Party Decor Table Centerpieces

Fall Party Decor Table Centerpieces

A simple fall-colored centerpiece on the table, whether you’re dining or not, will bring instant autumnal festivity. We like the idea of a clear, wide vase filled with tiny pumpkins and shooting branches or sprigs out the top for maximum fall décor visual appeal. And don’t forget the sunflowers! This is a perfect time to incorporate those cheerful beauties.

3. Create Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

Create Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

When there is food at a party, there also has to be drinks to keep your guest satisfied! This idea, featured on It Happens In A Blink, for a decorative hot chocolate bar can be used inside or outside as you see fit.

It only requires that you fill some mason jars with hot chocolate toppings, and decorate them with hay bales and pumpkins. Add some cups, and a pot of hot chocolate and you are ready to enjoy a delicious hot drink with all the fixings!

4. Fall Party Name Place Holders

Fall Party Name Place Holders

Want all of your fall dinner party guests to sit in a certain place at your table? You can make these cute fall party place holders from Saved By Love Creations and place them in front of each seat to make sure the people who came together are sitting together (or apart if you want to encourage intermingling!) And the best part is, you can remove the fall leaf part to repurpose these for other holidays!

5. Fall Party Decor Peanut Butter and Chocolate Acorns

Fall Party Decor Peanut Butter and Chocolate Acorns

Everyone loves décor that looks good enough to eat! And the good news is, these chocolate acorns from Through Her Looking Glass both make great plate decorations as well as tasty treats!

They are Nutter Butter bites held to Hershey’s kisses with chocolate frosting, with an added stem to the top. Place these on any tray of cookies or brownies you plan to serve, or just place a bunch in a bowl as a centerpiece!

Halloween Party Ideas

The season of fall contains two important holidays, one of which is right in the middle—Halloween! If you plan to throw your party the last week of October, then it’s best you make it a Halloween party!

Although you can repurpose some of your fall décor for this party, you will also want to create some special Halloween décor suited for the spooky mood you are trying to create.

1. Painted Mason Jars as Fall Party Decor Storage

Painted Mason Jars as Fall Party Decor Storage

Consider making the painted mason jars a work of art, rather than just a punch of color blocking. These pint-sized mason jars are perfect for a Halloween-style fall party, with their simple yet graphic orange- and black-with-white stripes, googly eyes, and tiny pumpkins.

The contrast of chunky stripes with tiny “prints” not only makes this colorful set charming, but it also provides easy access to straws, utensils, candy, or other need-on-hand party items.

2. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Fall Party Decor

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Fall Party Decor

Have a bunch of lids leftover from all the above mason jar crafts? Don’t throw them away! Use them to make this awesome mason jar lid pumpkin decoration by The Country Cook.

This project does involve some spray painting, meaning this project is best done a few days before your party to allow time for it to dry properly! After you spray paint, you’ll be tying the jar lids together with yarn and putting some cinnamon sticks in the middle to create the pumpkin stem.

3. Candy Corn Bottles Fall Party Decor Center Piece

Candy Corn Bottles Fall Party Decor Center Piece

If the fall party you are throwing is closer to the Halloween holiday, then you may be looking for a centerpiece that is less fall, more Halloween. Follow these instructions from Brit Co to create a sweet bottle candy corn centerpiece. All you need is the paint, the bottles, and a little bit of time to let them dry and you’ll have an amazing looking centerpiece that everyone is sure to comment on at your party!

4. Boo Bead Fall Party Decor Vases

Boo Bead Fall Party Decor Vases

A Halloween party can be especially fun, just think of all the creepy treats you can make! Plus, you can make this adorable set of boo vases from Smart Fun DIY to use either as a centerpiece or as a mantel decoration. In the example, they are filled with water beads to look like candy corn, but you could also fill them with treats, or place fall foliage in them for a more rustic Halloween vibe.

5. Fall Party Decor Pumpkin Dip Bowl

Fall Party Decor Pumpkin Dip Bowl

Chances are, you will probably have some sort of dip to serve at your fall party. When that is the case, make this adorable pumpkin dip bowl from HGTV to make your dip fill in with your décor.

You’ll want to buy a pumpkin that is about the size of the bowl you want to put the dip in. Hollow it out, scrape out the sides, cut off the tip, then place the dip bowl inside. Just be sure you don’t do this too far in advance (or store it in the fridge) to keep your pumpkin bowl fresh for the day of the party!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can a Fall Party Also be a Halloween Party?

If one of your friends is throwing a fall party, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is a Halloween party. If you are unsure of the theme of the party, it is always best to ask the host for a verification!

Can a Fall Party Require Costumes?

Sometimes when people throw fall parties, they are also Halloween parties. You will want to check the invitation you were sent to see if people will be wearing costumes or not. But a general fall party usually will not involve costumes.

What Do You Wear to a Fall Party?

Fall is a season that is all about being comfy and warm. This means that you should dress in comfy clothes unless the invitation says otherwise. Comfy jeans or leggings with a sweater will probably be your best bet!

The Magic of a Fire Pit

What Do You Wear to an Outdoor Fall Party?

If the fall party you are going to is outdoors, then you will definitely want to dress for warmth. This is because fall evenings can be quite chilly. B

e sure you wear a sweater or turtleneck, as well as bring or wear a jacket. You should also consider wearing a hat. Layers are suggested and even encouraged when it comes to the fall season.

What Do You Wear to a Fall Dinner Party?

For those that have been invited to a fall dinner party, this typically means you need to dress a bit nicer. You can always check with the host of the party to be sure, but women you will probably want to wear a dress or a nice jumpsuit. Men, a dinner party usually calls for slacks and a button-down shirt.

What Are Some Types of Fall Parties?

Besides just a general party celebrating fall, fall parties can also include Halloween parties and Thanksgiving parties (sometimes called Friends-giving parties).

Ready to completely make over your house? With all of these DIY fall party décor ideas, your guests won’t even recognize your home when they come over! Whether you choose to make leaf garland, some candles, or a bunch of mason jar crafts—however, you choose to decorate, we hope you’ve found inspiration in this article for whatever style fall party you are throwing! Enjoy!