Mason Jar Vases Ready To Become Unique Centerpieces

This is not our first article related to mason jars turned into stylish centerpieces and it definitely won’t be the last. There are always new designs and new ideas worthy of adding to the list and we just can’t resist them. So here you go, 7 new and unique ways of furniture glass jars into beautiful vases which you can proudly display in a lot of great settings.








We’ll start with something simple. To make a mason jar that looks chic and rustic, you first have to clean the jar and remove the label. Then you have to spray paint it white. Let the paint dry and then cut a piece of burlap or patterned fabric and tie it around the jar. You can also decorate your new vase with yarn or twine.{found on thecluelessgirl}.

Let’s now more on to something a bit more complex. On dwellinginhappiness you can find the tutorial for these spring jar vases. The materials needed include floral fabric, scissors, a small paint brush, mod podge or glue and a pencil. Lay the fabric pattern side down and roll the jar on it marking a line with a pencil so you’ll know where to cut. Wrap the fabric around the jar to see how long the fabric needs to be. Then cut it into strips, dip it in mod podge and put it inside the jar, using the brush to get a smooth surface. Repeat until you cover the jar.


Temporaryy tattoos on mason jars

An unusual design idea we found on ourminifamily suggests decorating jar vases with temporary tattoos. Here’s how you do it: first you clean and dry the jar, then you cut out the tattoo design and remove the transparent film. Place the tattoo face down onto the jar and pat it down with a damp cloth. Peel off the sheet when the design was transferred. Let the jar dry. You can also spray paint the jar before applying the tattoo.

Patriotic mason jars
Give a bunch of mason jars a festive look for the 4th of July. You’ll need red, white and blue paint, foam brushes, painter’s tape, sandpaper (if you want a distressed look) and a star template. Paint a jar white and then paint red stripes on it. Then paint a jar blue, let it dry and use the template to add white stars. Check out kickingitwithkelly for more details.

Blue mason jars and planter box

A lovely way to display a bunch of small jar vases is described on makingitinthemountains. Five blue-tinted jar vases are displayed here inside a simple wooden box. You can make that box using four pieces of wood and some glue or nails. You can then display everything on the fireplace mantel or on a shelf or table.

Mason jar simple flower vase
Mason jar vases can also make beautiful wedding centerpieces given the right setting. If you want something simple, chic, and bohemian, you can decorate glass jars with burlap ribbons and flowers and put some cute little flowers in them.

Winter table seatting
A winter table setting can also include mason jar vases. In this case you can plan something a bit more different. For example, you can pour salt in the jar till you cover one half and then fill the rest with cranberries. Add some fir tree branches on top and that’s about it. You can find more details about this project on dans-le-townhouse.