Clever Ways To Add Some Extra Storage To Your Home

There’s rarely a moment when one can say that there’s enough storage in their home and any more would just be too much. A little bit of extra storage is always welcomed. We’re constantly on the lookout to find new and clever ways to add storage whenever we see fit and the following furniture designs show a bunch of interesting solutions regarding this idea. Let’a see what some of these solutions are.

Kitchen island with pull out drawers for a better storage solutionView in gallery

Kitchens can squeeze quite a bit of extra storage inside their islands. A kitchen island can offer storage for things like dishes, pots and pans, kitchen utensils and various other accessories or storage containers. You could also choose to an interesting kitchen island and bar combo.

Black coffee table with storage spacesView in gallery

Living rooms can offer storage inside the coffee table. Some coffee tables are designed with built-in trays or with storage shelves and compartments. These can come in very handy in a lot of situations. Also, there are various different ways in which storage can be integrated in a coffee table.

Bathtub with built in storageView in gallery

Having enough storage inside the bathroom is sometimes problematic, especially when the bathroom is small. However, if you have a tub in there you could take advantage of that and add some storage inside its frame.

Plate bathroom vanity storage designView in gallery

Similarly, bathroom vanities can be a great place for some extra storage. This stylish design features storage on the side in the form of open shelves. It’s great for things like magazines, books, towels or bathroom necessities such as soap, toothpaste and other things.

Under the sink bathroom storageView in gallery

Larger vanities like this one can offer even more storage. Such a unit can pretty much take care of all storage needs for this particular room. This design does it in a really stylish and elegant way, featuring a mixture and open and closed modules and compartments.

Trunk coffee table with storageView in gallery

The idea behind this design is a quirky one. The coffee table resembles a vintage suitcase. It has all the right little details to pull off this look. Moreover, it also features a wooden tray that snugly fits into the top and can be easily removed for serving.

Small end sofa table with books storageView in gallery

The shelves featured by this glamorous table are perfect for storing books. This makes the table ideal for that cozy reading corner you have in your home. You could also use it as a side table for the sofa.

Kitchen island end storageView in gallery

All kitchen islands offer storage in one form or another. This one features the usual cabinet-like storage and built-in appliances and fixtures but also an open side storage area for things that need to be easily accessible or seen.

Marble countertop with storage for accessoriesView in gallery

We find this design idea to be particularly interesting and useful. Basically this kitchen counter has a carved out slot for things like spices, herbs and even some dishes. They’re all stored close at hand and they’re super easy to grab when needed.

High walls with hexagon storageView in gallery

Geometric wall shelves offer storage in an eye-catching and practical way. There are tons of different designs and looks to choose from. Hexagon-shaped shelves are particularly popular and often used to create honeycomb patterns.

Built in appliances and wine storageView in gallery

Opting for built-in appliances instead of freestanding ones can save you a little bit of space. And since you’re doing that you can take advantage of this and add extra storage around the appliances like these shelves and closed cubbies.

Gaston wall deskView in gallery

The design of the Mural Gaston secretary offers a bunch of advantages. First of all, it was designed with small spaces in mind so it takes up little room especially when not in use.

Gaston wall desk with storageView in gallery

Fold down the door and you reveal the work surface. There’s an opening for cables enough storage inside the top drawers for all the basic desk accessories and other personal items you might want to keep there.

Desk with storageView in gallery

This is probably one of the simplest and most practical ways to add some extra storage to a table or desk without making it look bulky or too large for a small room. As you can see, the top folds up revealing generous storage compartments, big enough to hold a laptop, documents and lots of other things. Use them to keep your work surface clutter-free.

Tiny stools with storageView in gallery

A similar concept was also used for these cute and comfy stools. They have removable tops which allows you to use them in two different ways: as a pouf to sit on or as a storage container. Combine both functions or use them separately.

Small concrete planters for wallView in gallery

Modular units offer a lot of freedom and leave a lot of room for creativity. Individual wall-mounted storage modules, for instance, can be mixed and matched in a lot of different ways and this means you can use them to create unique units like this one.

maxDivani storage coffeeView in gallery

When you think about it, any piece of furniture could potentially offer extra storage. Coffee tables are just one example. They do this in some really clever ways. For example, this table has a carved out storage box like a secret niche in which to store cocktail glasses or other things. Just take off the lid and reveal the compartment.

Storage coffee tableView in gallery

Other coffee tables like to offer you a glimpse of what they hide beneath their top. This one has a central opening where potted plants and vases can be displayed.

Pedro ortiz plant coffee tableView in gallery

There are also additional storage compartments on the sides. These are perfect for magazines, books and other similar objects.

Pedro ortiz storage coffee tableView in gallery

Moreover, the top can be lifted so you can use it as a desk. This way you can comfortably sit on the sofa and work on your laptop without needing a portable desk or anything else.

stone forest cabinetView in gallery

Bathroom vanities have their own ways of offering the much-needed storage for toiletries and personal things. Because this one has an open design, you can also display decorations there. These can be flower vases, potted plants and other similar things.