Elegant outdoor bench with cooler incorporated

As you probably notices, the outdoors need furniture as well. Of course, it doesn’t compare with the one used indoors. The concepts might be the same, but the general appearance is significantly different. Like in the case of this bench. It looks like something you would place outside. And wait till you see the rest of it.

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This very elegant wooden bench is made of lightweight and durable materials such as crushed stone, polyester resin, styrene and fiberglass. It was designed to stand up to wind and bad weather conditions and can be easily relocated to fit the landscape or design preferences. It also contains a surprise. It opens to reveal a cooler, perfect for summer days.
It is also not susceptible to mold, mildew or other problems that ussualy come with natural materials. The dimensions are: 36″W x 16″D x 18″T and it’s available for $495.