Dynamic coffee table

If you’re bored of seeing the same dead piece of furniture in your home that do nothing but just sit there all day long over and over again, maybe it’s time to make a change and choose something more alive. For example, here’s a coffee table that seems to be in a continuous movement. Even though it’s just am impression, it gives a little more dynamism to your home.

Coffee table with dynamic legs 2 554x389View in gallery

Designed by Chul An Kwak, this coffee table is supposed to have been inspired by running horses. However, to me it looks more like a tabletop with octopus legs. Anyway, regardless of the image it inspires, the coffee table is definitely an original piece of furniture. It brings movement into your home, even though it’s static. The coffee table only comes in one color, but it’s neutral enough to match many types of interiors. The design is half simple and half complicated. The top is very simple, without any decorations or additional details. The legs, however, are a little more complex than that. Even though they’re placed on a side, they spread so that they can support the whole structure giving it stability


Coffee table with dynamic legs 2 554x389View in gallery

There also seems to be a sort of end table that shares the same principles. However, I have to say that that little extra leg on one side looks a little suspicious to me. Other that that it’s a very elegant and sexy table.