Dutch Swing Table

Furniture has allways been the subject for inovations.We have tried along many years to make it as functional as possible and also to make it blend perfectly into our homes. We’ve painted it to match our taste or the interior setting.Exepting  a few  minor modifications in the shape and desig allowing us to embed appliances furniture inovation allways consisted in adding new materials  or builing it entirely from  new materials.

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This,until now, because Marleen Jansen created an interesting table.Whith this she changed the  face of sitting and dinning. What made her think about this and in what circumstances the idea occured in her mind we do not know,what we know is that in this way no one has the posibility of leaving the table during dinner. This new project combines two elements: a combinations of a swing and a rocker and a simple large wooden table.

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The combination might be regarded with plenty of interest by kids or teenages for which eating  or making them eat is a challange, but not for the elderly or other person over the age of 20. As fun as some people may thing it is i belive that the actual  eating process is not that easy.You will have to mantain ballace all the time  and simple tasks like reaching out a plate or a glass will disturb the other one sitting acros the table.