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Drawer Storage Organizer Ideas That Minimize Clutter or Hide It

Not having enough storage space is a struggle that most people face. Even when you have a big house, you often find stuff lying around and want to get it out of sight quick but also in an organized manner. Today, we are going to address this issue of always bumping into things by offering you some amazing drawer storage solution suitable for multiple types of home decors.

How to Choose the Right Drawer Storage

When you’re out looking to buy drawer storage, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you’re actually spending money on the right product for you. The things that you have to pay attention to when choosing drawer storage include:

Available Space

The very first thing that should be in the back of your mind is where you’re going to place your new storage unit. In general, people choose to place their drawer storage next to a wall, but there is a matter of both width and weight to consider. You can always opt for tower drawers if you’re low on space, as these unit sacrifice width in favor of height determined by multiple drawers stacked on top of each other.


It’s great to see that storage drawers are available in so many different constructions options, ranging from wood and all the way down to plastic (not that plastic is the worth possible choice, but it’s often the least aesthetic one). The different materials are important to consider when you think about the whole room where you want to place the drawer unit in. For instance, wooden drawers aren’t always a good idea for bathroom where the air humidity is often high and might damage the wood. Plastic options are more suitable for kitchen, especially if we’re talking about clear plastic that allows you to see the contents of the drawers. With a product like that, you can store your fruit and vegetables and always know what to reach for in the middle of a cooking session.

Number of Drawers

The number of drawers will determine how much storage space you actually get, but also how efficiently you will be able to organize your space. It really depends on what you’re looking to store inside the drawers as well. For instance, if you’re interested in-drawer storage for an office, you might want to consider a unit with multiple small drawers, so that individual drawers can serve different object categories. For crafts, it’s also best if you choose smaller multiple drawers than a unit with three large ones. For storing towels or kitchen items/foods, you want to go for larger drawers that can hold multiple larger items.


Paying attention to drawer accents is important if you’re interested in the visual appeal of the drawer and the room where you’ll be placing it in. Accents are also important in a sense that they can help you get a better experience when using the product. For example, it’s always best to choose drawer storage units that have accents matching the existing hardware that’s already in the room.

Best 3-Drawer Storage Solutions

Honey 3 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Choosing a 3-drawer storage chest is a great idea if you have limited space but you want to be able to store away different kinds of items without having to invest in additional pieces of furniture that will always be more expensive compared to this type of solution. The model we’re looking at right now is designed with a metal frame and a wicker drawer material available in this black and white option, as well as an espresso one. Each of the 3 drawers can support a total weight of 10 pounds and measures 19.5” W x 13” D x 26” H. It comes with casters that make it portable, as well as convenient.

Merlene 3 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Next up, we have a chest that’s a little more stylish compared to the last one, even though there are some design similarities. Measuring 26.38” H x 16.93” W x 10.63” D overall and designed with 3 storage drawers, this is quite the investment if you’re looking for a spot to store magazines, shoes, or whatever other small items you’d like to keep out of sight. Made from rattan, this 3-drawer storage solution is available in black and brown and comes with a top storage shelf that can hold books or plants or whatever you feel would match the décor.

Rebrilliant 3 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

The Rebrilliant storage chest is definitely a statement because of its beautiful design and 3 drawers that each has a different color. The three colors match one another perfectly, so it’s definitely a sign of good taste in terms of how a piece of furniture should look like. The construction measures 25.75” H x 16” W x 12” D overall and is made from manufactured wood, with the drawers being made from fabric. It is so stylish that it can serve more than just drawer storage and would look amazing even as a nightstand.

Ultra 3 Drawer Rolling Storage Chest (Set of 2)

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

The Sterilite isn’t the most visually appealing storage set, but it is very convenient in terms of price and you’ll be getting 2 chests with 3 drawers each, so that’s plenty of value and storage space for the money. These chests can serve as show storage or can be placed in the kitchen or pantry to store your fruit and vegetables. The chests are made from semi-transparent white plastic and measure 24” H x 12.63” W x 14.5” D per chest. The design makes it really easy to identify the contents, thus proving even further that these would be very handy in the kitchen.

On wheels 3-Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

The next drawer on our list has a bit of an office-style look. It is designed with a metal frame and fabric pull-out drawers. The entire unit rests upon four casters that facilitate the movement of the drawer whenever you want to reposition it. This 3-drawer unit measures 35.5” H x 16.13” W x 11.5” D and has a silver and black color scheme that would look great in an office.

Drawer Rolling Storage Chest (Set of 2)

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Here is our last 3-drawer storage unit for the day. It is another transparent product that would serve you really well in the kitchen or pantry, but is also great for those of you that loves art and crafts and need to store your items in a spot where you can see them and find them with ease. Measuring 24” H x 12.6” W x 14.5” D overall, this storage chest is made with a black plastic frame and see-through plastic drawer placed on top of casters. What’s even better is the fact that you get two products at a really good price.

Best 4-Drawer Storage Solutions

Avalynn 4 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Let’s move onto to larger drawers for people who need more storage space. The first suggestion we have for those of you in need of a 4-drawer storage unit is this one from Beachcrest home. Measuring 24” H x 28.4” W x 13.6” D, this is a product designed with a brown metal frame and matching brown fabric drawers stacked on top of each other in groups of 2. The metal frame comes with a bronze finish and the top is made from wood, thus creating a lovely contrast between the 3 different types of materials used to make this storage chest.

Killington 4 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

If you want a more stylish mean of storage, you’re going to love the all-wood construction of the Killington chest. It measures 37.8” H x 11.8” W x 9.5” D and all the 4 drawers are beautifully stacked one on top of the other. This rectangular cabinet has a beautiful overall designed, with drawers adorned with cutouts that would serve for storing items like towels because the multiple cutouts allow the interior of the drawers to be well-ventilated. Since there are no casters, this storage unit wasn’t really designed to be mobile, but since it only weighs 8 pounds, you could still move it around with ease.

Kemmerer 4 Drawer Rolling Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Another perfect example designed for pantry, office, or kitchen use is the Kemmerer 4-drawer storage chest. It is an all-white clear plastic product that measures 21.25” W x 15.75” D x 33.81” H and weighs a little over 10 pounds. The weight isn’t all that important since the storage chest lies on top of 4 casters that add mobility to the product. The semi-transparent pull-out drawers are what most interest us because they grant vision over what’s stored inside each drawer.

Hume 4 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

When it comes to stylish drawers, the Hume unit gains extra points because of its traditional look. It comes with two larger and two smaller drawers that reveal plenty of storage space for your belongings, making this a perfect choice for different types of rooms, from bedrooms to living rooms. The unit measures 29.63” H x 17.75” W x 13.5” D overall and mobility is surely not its strong point considering the fact that it has no casters and it weighs 34 pounds. What we do love is how the black metal frame comes in contrast with the light brown manufactured wood that’s use to make the drawers.

Best 5-Drawer Storage Solutions

ClosetMaid 5 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Let’s get down to serious business and show you some storage chests that are perfect for people who often find themselves thinking “where am I going to put this?” The first 5-drawer storage unit we want to show you is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. It is made entirely out of metal and measures 40” H x 17.75” W x 21” D. Granted, it is not the elegant storage solution that you want your guests to see when they step into the living room, but it is a convenient and practical way to keep stuff organized.

Nigan Decorative Modern 5 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

If you’re looking for a more visually appealing option, you are going to love how this storage chest looks like. It comes with five drawers, three of them identical in size and two smaller ones located on top. It is designed with a durable steel frame and fabric drawers that are of different shades of brown, making this storage option very stylish. The chest measures 39.25” H x 22.8” W x 11.5” D overall and it doesn’t come with casters.

Klein Industrial Pipe 5 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Are you looking for a storage option to fit a farmhouse décor? Then this is the right product for you. It is designed with four identical drawers and a large fifth one of the bottom, resulting in a beautiful product that combines a black metal frame with brown manufactured wooden drawers. The large drawer interior measures 15.8″ H x 12″ W x 11.81″ D, while the small drawers measure 4.3″ H x 12″ W x 11.81″ D.

5 Drawers Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

We welcome with Ebern Designed 5-drawer storage chest which is designed with a frame made from metal and manufactured wood and drawers made out of fabric. The drawer measures 21.4” H x 39.3” W x 11.8” D overall and it doesn’t come with casters. That would make the 24-pound piece of furniture a little heavy to move around, but if you find the right spot for it, moving won’t be required. The wooden tabletop creates a nice contrast with the other materials used to make this very convenient storage option.

Ackerson 5 Drawer Storage Chest

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Those of you in love with fabric drawer units are going to appreciate the simplicity and good price of the Ackerson. It is created with a metal frame and fabric drawers that add up to a total dimension of 28” H x 32” W x 12” D. The unit is structured with two larger drawers located on the left side and three smaller drawers on the right. The structure provides a practical storage solution that’s suitable for offices, children’s rooms, but also living rooms.

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

Brundrett 8 Drawer Storage Drawer

We loved with 8-drawer storage unit so much, we simply had to add it to the list. It is the perfect product for storing multiple smaller items, and the design is absolutely adorable. The black metal frame comes with an intricate design on the sides, but the earth tones of the fabric drawers are what caught our attention. Measuring 54” H x 17.25” W x 13” D overall, this tower-style drawer is perfect for just about any room in the house, making a perfect storage piece of furniture for hallways and living rooms.

Bottom Line

When it comes to additional storage, these kinds of products are perfect for people with limited space that still want to enjoy the benefit of having that one piece of furniture that allows them to organize stuff or just get some other unwanted stuff out of sight. Available in multiple configurations and designed for different types of rooms in the house, these are practical solutions that serve their purpose well offering the benefit of always being able to find a spot for them in your home.