DIY Terrarium With Succulents – Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

Who doesn’t love a terrarium? Especially when it’s mini! These adorable terrarium ornaments offer up a little ecosystem that you can use to decorate for the holidays with the added bonus of living way longer than the short yuletide season! Hang one (or a few) around the house or make them as the perfect gift for neighbors, friends, or coworkers!

DIY Terrarium Ornaments
DIY Terrarium Ornaments Suppliers

Supplies you’ll need to craft the succulent Christmas tree ornaments:

  • Clear glass ornaments (the larger the easier it is to make these!)
  • Small funnel
  • Gardening gloves
  • Dry soil
  • Moss
  • Succulents or other live greenery
  • Scissors
  • Skewer
  • Ribbon or twine as desired
  • Small cup (optional)

How to make the succulent Christmas tree decoration

DIY Terrarium Ornaments Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the bucket

To start we found a small bucket that fit out large bulb and placed the bulb on the bucket to steady it. Remove the metal cap on the ornament and prep your terrarium supplies.

Step 2: How to make a terrarium

Next, you will start the base of your terrarium. You can add small pebbles to the bottom if you want better drainage (like you would with a larger terrarium) or you can just go straight for your soil since these are so small. Pour dry (the drier the easier it is to maneuver it) through the funnel and into the bulb. If needed, use a skewer or skinny pen or stick to break up clumps of dirt.

Step 3: Attention on the roots

Next, pull off a very small piece of your succulent. You can place the succulent with the roots attached into the soil if you’re able (if it is small enough). If you can’t maneuver this then just cut off a small piece from the top of your succulent that will fit through the neck of the bulb. The succulent will eventually propagate and grow a root system so long as it is in the soil, being watered, and getting enough light.

Step 4: Add moss

Add moss and any other greenery or trinkets you want to your little planter (here we added a small vintage light bulb just for a little something extra in our big bulb). Use the skewer to manipulate the items down in the bulb to get them where you want them.

Step 5: Drops of water

Once everything is in place, add just a few drops of water to your little bulb terrarium and reinsert the metal cap.

Finish off the ornament with a ribbon bow, some twine, or yarn to polish it off!

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How to make terrarium Christmas Tree Ornaments