Chic And Quirky Side Tables You Could Easily Build Yourself

Just like coffee tables, side tables are pretty easy to make, especially if you don’t want any particularly complex designs and features. A side table can be your next weekend project. Surely, your home could use one. They’re pretty versatile and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and a bunch of other spaces.


The side table featured on designsponge is easy to replicate at home if you have the necessary supplies. The main thing you’ll need is some lumber which you’ll have to cut into pieces with the right dimensions. First you’ll assemble the sides and then you’ll add the top. The final piece is the drawer. At the end you can also paint or stain the side table.

Concrete stool Project

On tomfo you can find a nice tutorial which shows you how to make a concrete top side table which can also be used as a stool. The materials needed include rapid set concrete ,a bucket, cooking oil spray, a dowel rod, some sandpaper, white paint and tape. Cut the dowel into 6 even lengths. Spray the inside of the bucket and position three legs inside it. Then mix the concrete with water and let it set. Mask off the legs and paint their bottom halves.

Tropical leaf side table

If you want to make a tropical leaf side table just like the one we found on hellodiy, you’ll need some plywood, a saw, sandpaper, table legs and hardware, spray paint and lacquer. With a pencil, draw a leaf onto the plywood and then cut out the shape. Spray paint the legs and apply spray lacquer to the top. Then assemble your table.

Copper side table diy

The side table featured on abeautifulmess is chic and easy to make. Its industrial design makes it stand out. To make a similar one you’ll need copper pipes, straps, caps and fittings as well as a wood board and some glue. Cut the pipes to the desired lengths and use them to put together a frame. After that you can add the top and the bottom shelf. These are made of wood and painted.

Simple couch table diy

Side tables such as the one on sinnenrausch are very practical in living rooms. They’re also quite easy to make. You can have one custom designed to perfectly match your living room sofa. Measure the sofa to decide how high the table needs to be. Cut a few pieces of wood and put together the table. You can have it painted to match your existing décor.

Vintage craftsman toolbox side table

As you can probably guess, the side table featured on prettyography is made out of a re-purposed vintage toolbox. Similarly, you can re-purpose an old suitcase or some other old thing. Basically you just have to add four legs to the toolbox and you can call it a table. Have it painted and cleaned up to make it look pretty.

Wire basket side table

A wire basket can make a pretty great base for a side table. Re-purposing it is easy and you can find out all about it on oleanderandpalm. You’ll need a piece of wood for the top, some wood stain, screws, nylon cable clamps and a drill or a screwdriver. Stain the wood and then center the basket on it and attach clamps evenly around the top.

Mid century side table

A bunch of other things can be re-purposed into elements for a side table. For example, a cake pan, as unusual as it may seem. Head over to sugarandcloth to find out more about this idea. You’ll also need a wooden circle, taper legs, angle leg plates, a drill wood stain and gold spray paint. Prep and stain the wood and paint the tips golden. The cake pan will actually be piece onto which you attach the legs.

X brace side table

A side table with an X-brace base and a concrete top is not difficult to build either. You’ll need some wood for the base and obviously some concrete mix for the top. Assemble the base according to the instructions on rogueengineer and then make a mold for the concrete top. Pour in the concrete and then set the wooden base inside the mold, upside down.

Concrete side table DIY

Your concrete top side table can also have a square or rectangular top. To picture how such a design would look like, check out the project on storefrontlife. You’ll need concrete, concrete sealer if you want to use the table outdoor, some wood, primer and spray paint. After you build the base, prime and paint it. Then simply attach the concrete top which should be all dry and sealed.

Side table timber

The timber side table we found on francoisetmoi is pretty cute and versatile. If you want to make a similar one you’ll need some timber, a circular saw, sandpaper, a drill, wooden dowels, wood glue and clamps. Basically you have to cut and sand four identical pieces of wood and then to secure them together.

White washed mid century side table

There’s also the possibility to already have a side table but to not be happy with the way it looks. In that case what your table need is a makeover. You can do that with some paint and tape. First make sure the table looks good and do any necessary repairs. Then just paint it. You can make it white and paint the tips of the legs gold. {found on sarahhearts}.