How To Paint With Acrylics A Basket

Baskets are such a great household storage essential. However, their simple neutral tones or shapes can get a little boring or may become outdated after time. Looking for something new and exciting? Avoid buying new when you can use the ones you already have! Spice up your existing or outdated baskets with acrylic paint and some fun colorful geometric shapes!

How To Paint With Acrylics

Here we added various sized circular and oval shapes in shades of blues, greens, and golds to our basket but you can create anything with this project. Go more modern and trendy with triangles or small pluses in a monochromatic scheme!

Match the colors and shapes to your or go bold and use bright contrasting colors to what you already have! This project is super easy, fun and creative! Even the most novice DIYer can tackle this one!

DIY painted baskets final

Materials you’ll need for these simple acrylic paintings:

  • baskets
  • various colors of acrylic paint
  • various sizes of paint brushes
  • cup of water for washing brushed between colors
  • plate for paints

Instructions of how to paint with acrylics the basket:

Prep by pouring out your paint colors on to small plates and getting water ready for washing brushed between each color (especially important if you use multiple colors like we used here).

Step 1: Small brush

Start by using a small brush to outline a shape in one of your colors. Here we used various sizes of circles overlapping each other at the bottom of the basket.

DIY painted baskets final

Step 2: Choose another larger brush

Once you have the outline the shape with the small brush, use your large brush to fill in the shape.

Step 3: Try different shapes

Continue on around the basket with the same method, drawing/ planning the shapes out first with your small brush and filling in with your large brush. Vary your colors and shapes for a pattern of your choice.

DIY painted baskets final

Once you are done painting your basket, flip over to let your paint dry. Once dry fill up your basket and put on display in your home!

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DIY painted baskets final
DIY painted baskets final

This technique provides a more organic look, but if you prefer a more modern or evenly spaced look, measure out your shapes and lightly draw on with a pencil ahead of time before adding paint.