DIY Hoop Display Board

Bulletin boards and display boards are used in many homes to house and show off important items or things that need to be remembered at a later time. Most of these boards are made of cork and allow you to use push pins to attach and display items. But these pins can damage important items and many of these boards are fairly plain.

hoop display board

But there are other types of bulletin boards available. Here is an easy way to make a display board that leaves room for customization and won’t leave holes in your items.

DIY Hoop Display Board – supplies:

  • embroidery hoop or round plastic purse handle
  • several feet of twine or cord
  • small clothespins
diy hoop bulletin board

Tie the end of your twine or cord around the rim of your embroidery hoop or other circular frame. Stretch the twine to the opposite end of your hoop and wrap it all the way around that end of the hoop. Continue stretching the twine to other parts of the hoop and wrapping it so that it stays secure. Once the majority of the inside of the hoop is covered, tie off the end of the twine and create a little loop at the top of the hoop so that it can hang from a nail or hook.

diy hoop display board

To attach your items to the board, you’ll need some very small clothespins. Just pin them to parts of the twine throughout the display board so that your items are evenly spaced. You can pin personal photos, coupons, important reminders, and basically anything you can pin to a traditional cork bulletin board.

hoop bulletin board

This project can even be customized to fit your home’s individual decor in a number of ways. You can use different colors of twine or even create a design with it like a star or other geometric shapes. Or you could paint the hoop or cover it with the twine or some yarn or fabric.You could even add little designs to the clothespins with paint or washi tape. Just keep your room’s overall aesthetic in mind when creating this project and there are so many different ways you can make it your own.