Spring Cleaning: A Room-by-Room Guide

There’s something about the change in seasons, especially winter into spring, that makes us want to start fresh. This is probably why spring cleaning is so common – out with the old and grey, in with the new and fresh. But deep cleaning an entire house can be a daunting task, so much so that it sometimes never gets done at all because we don’t know where to even begin.

Spring Cleaning utensil

We know everyone’s time is valuable, which is why we created this Homedit spring cleaning guide. This guide provides an efficient and thorough game plan for your spring cleaning this year, taking you from room to room and focusing on getting in, getting it done, and getting out.

Spring Cleaning utensil

Note: To maximize your cleaning time, we recommend that you have the following supplies on-hand:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Broom, dustpan, & mop
  • Vacuum with attachments
  • Carpet shampooer or steam cleaner with upholstery wand (rent one for the day if needed)
  • 3 Boxes Labeled: “To Relocate,” “To Donate,” and “To Toss”

Ready to begin? Let’s get your house ready for spring!

Spring Cleaning Tips for – BATHROOM