How To Make Beautiful Curtain Rods Out Of Tree Branches

Using tree branches in interior décor is definitely not a new thing. There are many great DIY projects you can do for your home using these things. Today we’ll focus on curtains rods and on the methods and designs you can use if you want to make them out of fallen tree branches. Every such project starts with the selection of the ideal branch. It has to be big and sturdy enough to support the curtain’s weight.


In addition to the right set of branches, you’ll also need a few other things. Gardening loppers, sand paper, a saw and some screws should take care of everything. After you’ve chosen your branch, trim all the tiny twigs and sand the branch so it doesn’t ruin your curtains. Cut two small pieces of branch and secure them to the wall. Then screw the main piece (with the curtain on) to these supports. Don’t forget to loop the curtain onto the branch before you take care of this last part.

Branch curtain rod

As you can see, turning a branch into a curtain rod is a fairly simple task. The most tricky and time-consuming part is finding the right branch. Perhaps if wondering in the forest were one of your favorite activities this wouldn’t be a challenge at all. In any case, don’t worry if the branch isn’t perfectly straight or if has knots or lots of tiny branches on it. The whole point of this project is to make something unique. {found on theburlapbag}.

DIY rustic branch curtain rod

There are plenty of different ways to hang a branch curtain rod and numerous ways to attach the curtain to such a rod. We suggest using tree branches as supports for the rod in order to create a cohesive and uniform look without contrasts. Find out more about this particular part of the project on lifeovereasy.

Modern curtain rod that inspire nature

If you think procuring the branches you need for such a project would be a difficult task, then perhaps you’d enjoy ready-made curtain rods designed to look like tree branches or actually made using this resource.

Baby Woods curtain Rod

Consider adding branch curtain rods to a woodland-themed interior design. A child’s bedroom or nursery would be a perfect choice in this case. Consider green curtains or curtains with a print on them. Their design should be in theme with the rest of the room’s décor.{found on projectnursery}.

Nature inspired curtain rod

If you’re not interesting in using a particular theme for the room’s interior design, then a tree branch curtain rod would stand out on its own without any help. In such a case, it doesn’t really matter what type of curtain you choose to hang from it. In fact, a very simple one would be perfect.{found on rustic-crafts}.

Painted wood branch used for curtain

If you want, there’s the option of painting the tree branch white before transforming it into a curtain rod. This option works well if you want to establish a contrast of colors in combination with a dark curtain. Check out this combination of white and blue and how casual the whole design is.

Tiny branch curtain rod

A branch doesn’t need to be very thick unless the curtain you want to hang from it is very long or very heavy. If the curtain is lightweight, then a thin and long branch should be just right. Burlap seems to be a pretty nice choice of material in such a situation. Its casualness could suit rustic or modern spaces.

Rustic branch curtain rod

The bedroom is one of the best settings when choosing to turn tree branches into curtain rods. Their natural beauty, warmth and uniqueness suits bedrooms really well. There are numerous styles could integrate such a feature without any problems. Rustic, Scandinavian but also modern and contemporary interiors are suitable choices.