How To Neatly Store And Organize Your Scarves And Belts

If you’re the type that likes to collect scarves and accessories in general, you’re probably familiar with the challenge of finding a way to store and organize them. The challenge is making sure they’re properly organized and that they also look nice. If you just throw all your carves in a box, you’ll have a hard time untangling them every time you want to wear something different. The same thing goes for belts.


Let’s see how you can build your own organizer so you can nicely display your scarf collection. If you follow the tutorial on prohandmade you’re going to need a piece of plywood, a wood hanger, a saw with which you can cut out 2” holes, a hook and some stain or paint, depending on how you want to customize the organizer. With a pencil, mark the holes and grooves that you want to cut out and then use the saw for that. Sand the edges and then stain or paint the piece.

clothespin holder scarf holder

A chic idea can be to make a scarf organizer out of a piece of wood and a bunch of wooden clothespins. You’ll just have to glue the pins to the wood and then hang your new organizer somewhere. You can also mount it on the wall in the entryway.

behind closet door scarf holding

Simple rods can be really practical too. Depending on how big it is, a rod can hold at least five scarves. You’d just have to loop them around the rod and make a loose knot. If the scarf is extra long, fold it in two or three.{found on thesnug}.

organizer for scarves using a piece of wood

An interesting idea we found on agirlandagluegun shows us how to make an organizer for scarves using a piece of wood and some old drawer knobs. The knobs were attached to the board and then the whole piece was spray painted. This became a scarf organizer. The project is really simple and anyone can make it.

Ladder used for scarf storage

If you have a ladder and no clue how to make good use of it in your home’s décor, don’t hesitate to turn it into an organizer for your large collection of scarves. All you have to do is find a good spot for the ladder and then just knot the scarves around each of the rungs. You could organize your scarves by color, season or however else you wish.

Ladder into a closet scarf storage

Upcycling a ladder into a scarf organizer is really easy and comes as a natural thing to do. You can choose this option if you have lots of scarves or if you already have a ladder and no good use for it. Either way, it’s up to you to decide what type of ladder you want to use and how big it should be.

custom scarf rack

Of course, there’s also the option of building your own custom scarf rack. You can make it out of wood and you’ll find a detailed description of the whole project on doityourself. You’ll need a circular saw to cut the boards if you want the organizer to look similar to that one. Copper pipes will be used as supports for the scarves.

Grundtal rack for scarf storage

For your belts, you could come up with a very simple system. You’ll need a metal rod and some S hooks. You can hang the rod anywhere you want. Your closet could be one of the options, although you can also attach it to a wall.

Organize belts and scarf

The same system can prove to be very efficient and practical when it comes to ties. Both belts and ties can be stored and organized this way. You could use a simple towel hanger for this and then add as many S hooks as you need. Get some extra ones just in case your collection grows.

multiple rails mounted

You can have multiple rails mounted on a wall or inside a closet and use them for different purposes. For example, one can be for hats, one for belts and another one for scarves or for necklaces. Use hooks of different sizes, depending on what needs to be stored.

Side out closet rack

If you want to be even more practical than that, check out this slide out belt rack. It slides in and out and you can add it to your closet. The belts won’t take up a lot of space and they won’t be in the way. Just find a good spot for this organizer. You can customize it in a lot of different ways.

Belts closet organizer

In case you don’t want to have an extra rail or rod in your closet or on the wall, a different solution can be to use simple wall-mounted hooks. These can be attached to the inside of the closet door or anywhere you can find some free space. You can store multiple belts on a single hook if it’s large enough and they can also be used for scarves.

Drawer belts storage

Another option is to have your belts stored in a drawer. Of course, you can’t just throw them all there. You’ll have to use dividers. Each belt will have its own little space. So roll them up and have them neatly organized by color, size, style or however else you want. You can make the dividers out of cardboard or you can buy them.