Make Your Own Little Clay Pots For Fresh Succulent Plants

Cute little succulent plants are always nice to have in the house. They can add a fresh touch to any space and the greatest thing about them is that they’re small and they also require very little maintenance. You can just let them be and they’ll do their part. Your job, however, is to make sure they look beautiful and in order to do that you could make some planters for them out of clay.


Let’s say you want to make something simple and modern like the pots featured on sayyes. You’ll require a few things, including a knife, oven-bake clay, a rolling pin, non-stick baking paper, a house template and a smoothing tool. You can make the template yourself out of a piece of cardboard. Roll out the clay on a piece of baking paper and cut it into sections. Press them together and seal the edges with a thin piece of clay. At the end, bake the pots.

succulent clay pot

If you’re not very particular about looks, you don’t have to make the pots look perfect. You can just freehand the whole design without using a template. Roll out a piece of clay, cut it into a rectangle and then cut a circular piece to use as a bottom section. Roll the rectangle into a cylinder and attach it to the circle. Or you could use the much simple technique described on wecanmakeanything which suggests using an actual planter.

colorful clay pots

Another interesting design idea is provided on diypassion. The supplies needed for this project include air-dry clay, small bowls or jars, water and wax paper. Roll out the clay on wax paper and then use a bowl as a mould. Flip it over and remove the bowl. You’ll be left with a clay version of it. Let the clay dry and harden and then you can paint it and decorate it however you want.

mini diy plant pots from clay

You could also just shape the clay however you want without using a mould. The technique is described on sugarandcloth. You’ll require polymer clay, a knife, porcelain paint, clear glaze, paintbrushes, water and an oven. Cut the block of clay into sections and roll each one into a bowl. Then start pushing in the middle with your thumb and shape the planter. Once they’re all done, put them in the oven.

clay pinch pots

You’ll also find a simple and very lovely tutorial for clay pots on thinkmakeshareblog. The project goes like this. You take some air dry clay and you make it into a ball. Then you make a hole in the middle and you start to shape the pot. When you’re happy with the shape, let the clay dry overnight. Then lightly sand it and smooth out any rough spot. Decorate the pots with acrylic paint or permanent markers.

stamped clay succulents

If you want to give your tiny clay pots more detail, check out the project description featured on damasklove. It starts with some clay which you roll out. Trim the clay into a long rectangle. Then use a scallop stencil and start creating the pattern on the clay. You can then use a stamp to create a nice pattern on the rest of the pot’s surface. Wrap the rectangle around a circle cut from clay and join the edges together. Bake the pot.