Cute Clay Ideas That Entice Your Creativity

As kids, we all used to make things out of playdough and it was a lot of fun but at one point it had to break or lose shape. Then we took things a step further and we started using air dry clay. It’s still fun to make things out of clay even as an adult. It reminds you of your childhood and it actually stimulates your creativity. So today we’ll look at 17 simple and cute projects based on simple and creative clay ideas.

air dry clay flower pots

The first one is a cute little clay pot you can use for succulents and small plants. We found this project on Sayyes and we think it’s really simple and fun. The pot doesn’t have to have a perfect shape. In fact, the more irregular it is the more interesting and unique it becomes. After you give it a shape, let it dry and after that you can paint it. It’s actually such an easy project you can let the kids do it.

Clay garden markers

Let’s say you don’t want to make new pots because you already have some pretty good ones. Well then, how about some markers to use with the pots? You can make those out of clay using a rolling pin and rubber letter stamps. Bake the markers if you’re using polymer clay or follow the instructions on the package.{found on witandwhistle}.

Modern minimalist clay planters

Just look at these beautiful planters. Can you believe they were made at home using oven-bake clay? If you want to make something like this yourself, you’ll need a knife, a rolling pin, non-stick baking paper and a house template. Roll the clay on paper and cut around the templates. Then press the pieces together and seal them on the inside. Bake the planters and enjoy. You can find more details on Sayyes.


If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to decorate your clay pots, try using a stamp. Roll out the clay, trim it into a long rectangle and make scallops with a knife to create a pattern along the top edge. Then press the stamp into the clay and gently peel it away. Wrap the rectangle around a circle, also made of clay, and create a cylinder. Join the edges and make a hole in the bottom with a straw.{found on damasklove}.

Flower pots from dry clay

Little flower pots aren’t the only things you can make using clay. Actually, I bet you could make a pretty beautiful vase as well. Using a wooden rolling pin you can make a simple column vase. You can also use cans and other containers to create other shapes.{found on whatkatiedoes}.


Considering how perfectly shaped and delicate this jewelry dish, accepting that you too can make something just as beautiful at home is quite difficult. Actually, all you need is two ovenproof bowls, wax paper, a lace doily, a rolling pin, some polymer clay and a knife. Roll the clay onto wax paper and place the doily over it to make an imprint. Peel the doily away and then place the smaller bowl over the clay. Trim it using a knife. Then lay the clay into the larger bowl and bake it.{found on honestlywtf}.


Here’s another stylish bowl, also made from scratch. For this one you need air dry clay, a foam brush, a round plastic container and some white spray paint and gold paint. Roll out the clay and then cut it using a circular container as a model. Then take a bowl and set the clay disc in the center. Gently press down and let it dry. After that, spray paint it white. When the paint is dry, use the brush and gold paint to decorate the bowl. Curbly offers more detailed instructions in case you need the.


Another project you can make using air dry clay involves tea light holders. First you have to roll the clay into a ball. Then take a tea light and press it firmly and wiggle it a little bit. Slice into the base of the clay ball at an angle and then around the base until you like the shape. Flip the clay over and continue. Then fix any cracks using some water. Let the clay dry overnight and use sandpaper to finish its design.{found on gatheringbeauty}.


Missing some knobs on a cabinet? Don’t worry. You can make these yourself. You can also update the look on some old knobs. You need air dry clay, spray paint, a butter knife and knob hardware. Start by covering the knobs with clay. Then just let it dry. After that, cut off all the rounded edges with a butter knife to create a geometric shape. The next step is to spray paint the new knobs.{found on delineateyourdwelling}.


Remember how we said you can use an egg carton as a jewelry holder? Sure, that’s a practical and simple idea but the carton doesn’t really look that fancy. But you can use it to mold a clay container. It’s something we learned while browsing Fallfordiy. You can then use this piece as a jewelry holder or as an egg container.


You can also use clay to make a bowl in which you can then keep fruits and other things. Roll the clay, then put it into a bowl. Press it into place and cut off the excess. Smooth out the lumps using water. Then use a straw to make holes around the edge of the bowl. Once the clay is dry, remove the bowl and sand the clay until it becomes smooth. Then run embroidery thread through the holes and decorate the bowl this way. You can also use some rope. This was another Fallfordiy project.


For your desk, you can make clay pencil holders. It’s basically the same process you would follow when making a column vase. You can use a paper doily or something similar to create a pattern on the outside of the container. A stamp would also work.{found on gatheringbeauty}.

Clay pencil holder

If you prefer a pencil holder that has a bit more character, then try this design. Roll a large piece of clay into a ball. Then flatten the bowl into a dome and start pushing pencils into it. Wiggle and twist each one to make the hole a bit bigger. Take the pencils out and let the clay dry overnight. Get a sharp knife and cut away chunks of clay to create a faceted geometric design. Let the clay dry a few more days and then you can paint it.{found on linesacross}.

Desk accessories storage from clay

For the small things you usually keep on your desk, you need some kind of containers and Willowday has the perfect answer for that problem. You can make clay alphabet containers using cookie cutters. First roll the clay. Then press the cookie shape into it to cut it. Then cut pieces of clay that will become the sides and fit them around the edge. Seal all the seams and let the clay dry.


For your needles, buttons and other similar things, make a small trinket box. You need a mug, air dry clay, paint and a sanding block. Cut a piece of paper and wrap it around the mug and cut it to that length. Make the piece of paper as wide as you want the box to be tall. Then cut out two clay circles using the mug. Also, cut a piece of clay the same size as the piece of paper you’ve measured. Use one circle to make the lid. You also need to roll out a bit of clay for the rim. Then put together the box.{found on craftingfingers}.

Clay animal heads

Want something interesting to display on your walls? How about some clay animal trophies? As you can imagine, you need a bit of creativity and patience to create the shape of the animal heads. But this is the most difficult part. Once the clay is dry, paint it. Then you can attach the heads to blocks of wood so you can mount them on the wall.{found on delineateyourdwelling}.

Clay ornaments

And if you want some ornaments to hang in the Christmas tree or simply to decorate your home with, here’s how you can make them using oven bake clay. Roll it out into a thin and even sheet. Cut out shaped using cookie cutters and use a straw to make a hole in each one so you can then hang them with rope or thread. Bake the clay and then decorate them however you want.{found on abeautifulmess}.