Delicious bakery in New York by bluarch

Omonia bakery is a famous place in New York, known for its delicious Greek pastries. But since the actual building of the bakery has been designed by bluarch , it’s now known for more than that. With an interior design as delicious as the actual pastries, there’s no way you can pass near this place without buying something.

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The interior design of the bakery uses elements from the recipes as inspiration. For example, there’s a large number of with ¼” chocolate brown Bisazza tiles that cover the floor, the ceiling, as well as the walls. Furthermore, the very soft lighting system created a very inviting look. It’s like a pastry museum in there. Everything about this place is somehow related to the same delicious ingredient: chocolate. It’s a very successful redecoration.

Omonia Bakery new york3

It’s modern and playful and it almost makes you want to taste it. And, of course, with a design as beautiful as this one, it’s only natural for the owners to want to share it with the rest of the world. That’s why the kitchen can be admired by the public as it’s surrounded by just a tampered glass box.

Omonia Bakery new york3

The next time you go to New York, if you’re not already there, you have to go see this place. And since you’ll be there you might as well taste some of their delicious products.