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Cuddler Recliner Chairs For You And Your Partner

A cuddler recliner is for those who enjoy relaxing with loved ones. Otherwise known as an oversized recliner chair, it’s a cheaper alternative to couches or loveseats. Although similar to a recliner, an oversized recliner allows you to cuddle with your partner or pet.

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

Cuddler recliners have large seat cushions and arm cushions that offer greater comfort support. The cuddle recliners come in a variety of styles and have multiple features. If you’re not sure which cuddle recliner to buy, we can help. It’s understandable if you’re overwhelmed due to the wide varieties available on the market.

Top Cuddle Chair Recliners

Here are the best cuddler recliners available on the market today.

Morgana Manual Rocker Recliner

Morgana Manual Rocker Recliner

This luxurious cuddler recliner is ideal for those who enjoy relaxing in comfort. Made with high-density foam, the head and back have extra padding, making it more comfortable than most chairs. The spacious recliner allows your legs to stretch over the footrest so you can rock back and forth. 

There’s also a pull buckle behind the armrest, so the cuddle chair can be placed in two positions at 110 degrees and 145-degree angles. Partial assembly is required.  


  • Comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • Some have reported the chair’s parts do not stay together

Aerne Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

If you want a chair that doesn’t take up much living room space, check out the Wall Hugger Recliner. Available in three colors, the cuddle chair is the best way for two people to relax together. It’s made of high-density foam and high-quality microfiber, offering greater capacity so two people can enjoy sitting together.

The cuddle hair is equipped with a recline level trigger that allows you to adjust the chair in different positions. Like most recliners, the chair is equipped with a footrest, allowing for more leg space.

As one of the best oversized chairs on the market, the chair features a wide backrest. The oversized recliner chair also has a thick armrest, allowing your body to relax in a reclining motion. Also, its two-point lumbar massage soothes muscles. The chair’s arms are filled with premium quality fiber that can be used as pillows or seat cushions. Partial assembly is required and comes with a six-month limited warranty. 


  • Comfortable
  • Easy setup


  • Partial assembly required
  • Only six-month limited warranty

Ringgold Manual Recliner

Leather Match Manual Wall Hugger Standard Recliner

This recliner is exactly what you need when you’re looking to cuddle up for a movie or a relaxing afternoon. It comes with oversized back and head support and is upholstered with faux leather for a comfortable experience. All you’ve got to do is pull the external latch handle, push back and relax. It comes with two reclining positions that you can choose from and is a fantastic addition to your home. 

Those that have purchased this recliner really like it and mentioned that it’s comfortable, easy to assemble, and is of a perfect size. Some said, however, that it doesn’t seem to be a recliner that’ll last for an extended period. Nevertheless, they mentioned that it has a nice finish, and is also lightweight and easy to move around. 


  • Fits well in most spaces
  • Easy setup


  • Some have said the chair is not as comfortable as it appears

Crosley Cuddler Recliner

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

This cuddler recliner comes in two options – power and manual. With the power recliner, you can select infinite positions to recline in. The manual recliner offers three positions. It comes in leather and a plush cover. 

The seat cushion will also provide you with plenty of support – thanks to its C3 pocketed coils. To adjust the recliner manually, just use the handle. For the power version, it comes with a button that you can press. The power recliner has a USB port so you can charge your devices while you relax.


  • Choose between manual or automatic operation
  • Easy setup
  • USB port


  • No lumbar support for head or back

Shephard Oversized Manual Glider Recliner

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

Not a fan of having to assemble your recliner? With this chair, there’s no assembly required. It offers comfort, value, and style. The recliner is encased in smooth corduroy and consists of a fabric seat cushion for added comfort. For easy operation, you use the external handle to enjoy a variety of relaxing positions.

The recliner is made with tear resistant material, making it a durable option. It’s also easy to clean, which you can do with a dry cloth. It also comes with a footrest for your legs, making it the perfect recliner for two people. 


  • Versatile
  • Tear resistant material
  • Easy setup


  • Only has manual controls

CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair 

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

This manual recliner features stuffed padding and leather material. It provides a more comfortable sitting feeling. A two-button control system allows you to activate the reclining function. 

Whether you are right-handed, left-handed, or just have a drink in each hand, your new recliner has the perfect spot for your drinks. Two built-in cup holders offer a supper theater experience at home. The armrest function is ideal for book storage and can help save space.

Two USB charging plugs are hidden in arm storage and can be charged by connecting the power supply. You can also charge your tablet or phone while watching a movie or football game.

After you pull the lever, you can lean back and unwind. This is a classic leather recliner that’s perfect for your home, and it’s excellent for two individuals as it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. 


  • Extra features like cup holders and USB ports
  • Easy setup


  • Installation isn’t secure
  • Some pieces are wobbly 

CANMOV Recliner Chair Breathable Bonded Leather

Cuddler Recliner Chairs

This faux leather recliner is sure to turn heads – thanks to its modern design. It’s able to accommodate a weight of up to 300 pounds and is made of luxurious and breathable material along with high-density foam that’ll provide a good amount of support. The chair also has a smooth reclining mechanism that offers extra comfort, while brass nails accent the recliner. 

To recline, all you’ve got to do is pull the lever, and you’re good to go. You can able place your legs on the footrest, stretch out, and unwind so it feels good according to your needs. The chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.   


  • Some assembly required
  • Sturdy


  • Smaller than expected
  • Not enough head support

RelaxZen Longstreet Rocker Recliner

 Relaxzen Longstreet Rocker Recliner

Last on the list is this rocker recliner that comes with everything you could possibly need. Pick the color of your choice before sinking into this plush recliner that comes with massage capabilities. It also has USB charging features that allow you to charge your electronic devices while unwinding.

The massage motors come with eight settings that target four different body zones with five intensity levels. You can adjust the heat settings to soothe tired muscles.

The chair itself is encased in microfiber that’s soft and easy to clean. The recliner also comes with a remote that you can personalize to give you an optimum massage. 


  • Easy access remote control
  • Extra features like USB ports
  • Heat setting adjustments


  • It’s a vibration rocker, not a massage rocker
  • Noise level issues

What To Look For In A Cuddler Recliner?

Before you buy a cuddler recliner, you should know its key features and how the chair works.


The base material of the cuddler recliner is vital. If you want a long-lasting cuddler recliner, then choose one with a stainless steel base. You can also pick one that’s made with a sturdy wooden base and made with recycled wood dust.


The next thing to consider is the padding of your cuddler recliner. Since you’ll most likely be sitting in a reclining motion for extended periods. You may want a cuddler recliner with extra padding. Soft foam seat cushions are popular choices. You’ll need to make sure the padding in the backrest and armrest is suitable for your body and can accommodate your weight capacity.

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Power recliner upholstery consists of the material of the cuddler recliner. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly power recliner, select a recliner that has microfiber seat cushions. Leather is a better option, although a more expensive one.  


You should measure the space where you want to put your cuddler recliner. After all, the last thing you’d want is to purchase a cuddler recliner that’s too small for your living room, for example. If you have limited space, however, you can go with a smaller power recliner, but make sure it will seat two people.

Extra Features

Cuddler recliners come with special features. Some recliners, for example, come with USB ports for you to charge your phones while others come with massage features. 


Finally, consider the durability of your cuddler recliner. It should be crafted with a material that isn’t difficult to maintain. The best cuddler recliners offer sturdiness and are easy to clean. Avoid recliners made with flimsy material. Most of all, test your power recliner before buying it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do You Fix A Cuddler Recliner Chair Back?

There are three types of recliner backs, locking levers, locking tabs, or catches and bolted. When fixing locking levers, check the brackets on the sides and make sure they’re fixed. They need to be flipped down and locked onto the seat’s metal posts.

The locking tabs snap into place when you slip the back on. Remove the bracket fasteners and tighten them to secure the back. Use a flat screwdriver to ensure the tab fits in the slot after the back is fitted on.

With bolted on backs, loosen the lower side of the back panel. Remove the bolts underneath and refasten them by ensuring they’re tight and hold the back to the seat posts.

How To Fix A Recliner Cable?

There might come a time when your recliner cable breaks. Instead of calling a professional, you can fix it by yourself. You’ll know when the cable needs to be replaced when the back moves up and down by itself or fails to recline. To fix this, loosen the cable stop. Next, pull and tighten the cable. Before you tighten the cable stop, make sure it’s held in place against the piston bracket.

Why Does My Recliner Pop?

When your recliner makes an odd, metallic, popping sound, your chair may not be aligned. To fix this, turn your chair over, identify the mounting plate, pull cord, and retaining screw, and see if you can identify signs of misalignment like paint, rub marks, or metal dust.

What Causes A Recliner To Lean To On One Side?

When a recliner leans to one side, often it’s because of its surface, like an uneven floor. Uneven weight distribution will cause your recliner to lean. If one leg or area of the base is more elevated than others, the weight will be heavier in one area than another, causing stress on the components on one side.

Why Does My Recliner Clunk?

The clunk sound that your recliner makes comes from the metal pieces moving against each other when you sit up or drop the footrest. The mechanisms make a softer sound when you lean back because you lean slower.

If you want a furniture piece for your living room other than a couch or loveseat, a cuddle chair would be your best option. An oversized recliner is the best option for when you want something that comfortably seats two individuals. The chairs are available in faux leather options and other styles.

Thanks to advanced technology, the chairs have power button features that help you relax in style. When creating a focal point for your living room, the best way to achieve this would be with an oversized recliner chair. The cuddle chairs offer greater weight capacity than loveseats and feature high-density foam support for your back and head.