30 Decor Ideas to Make Your Cubicle Feel More Like Home

If you’re like much of the world, you spend about forty hours a week sitting in a neutral colored gray box. It’s not pretty and it certainly doesn’t inspire you. It’s no wonder we dread Mondays. However, there isn’t a rule that your cube has to feel like a jail cell. In fact, if you focus some decorating effort into making your cubicle a pleasant place, you’ll find that you’ll like being at work a whole lot better. Make your cube an inspiring space with these 30 decor ideas.

free printable artView in gallery

Everybody knows that as soon as you begin hanging curtains and pictures in your house, it starts to feel like home. You can use the same principal in your cubicle! Whether you steal some family pictures and art prints from home or print out one of the many beautiful free printables, create a gallery wall that will inspire you a lot more than a blank canvas. (via Gold Standard Workshop)

painted storage boxesView in gallery

Storage is key when you work in such a small space. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring storage. Upgrade some letter boxes and magazine files with a little bright paint to bring a touch of color to an otherwise bland workspace. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

diy infuserView in gallery

Candles are one match away from bringing a homey feel to any space, but many offices don’t allow for open flames. You can still create a pleasing scent though with a DIY oil diffuser. Be sure it’s not too wild or your coworker neighbors might object.

marbled filing cabinetView in gallery

Contact paper is known to be a staple for home decorating, but have you thought of taking it to the office? Cover your built in storage and file cabinets in a pretty pattern that will make your cubicle one of a kind. (via Persia Lou)

dry erase frameView in gallery

For us note-takers, sticky notes can easily take over our office spaces. Thankfully, with a simple frame and pretty printable, you can create a mini dry erase board that will keep the paper to a minimum while keeping your thoughts organized. (via Sugar and Cloth)

cork stripView in gallery

How do you reconcile a minimalist cubicle with a decorated cubicle? This cork strip should help. Along with adding a small pop of color, it will keep things organized and provide space for you to hang a single picture or print.

geo pencil cupView in gallery

It’s time to stop rooting through your drawers for a writing tool. Round up your pencils and pens in this bright geo pencil cup that you can DIY this weekend and take into work on Monday. Because nobody objects to geo decor. (via Dream Green DIY)

printable calendarView in gallery

What day is it again? You could use your phone to keep track… or you could print out these gorgeous calendar printables for free. One click of a button will help you keep your days straight as well as provide a pretty piece of art for your desk. (via Oh The Lovely Things)

paper succulentsView in gallery

If there is no green in the space, it isn’t finished yet. But if you’re worried about forgetting to care for any office greenery, try making these succulents out of paper! They look just like the real thing without the worry of watering and sunlight and all the other necessities of plant care. (via Ash and Crafts)

leather catchallView in gallery

Every worker has their own set of office essentials. Keep your keys, lipstick, granola bar and any other workday must-haves in an organized little catch-all. It will look stylish on your desktop but keep them out of the way for maximum workspace.

pom pom pushpinsView in gallery

Maybe you’re the kind of person who utilizes the cork board ability of your cubicle. Upgrade your pushpins with a little glue and a mini pom pom. Suddenly all your papers and notes and pictures will have a bit of fun flair. (via Babiekins)

embroidered desk accessoriesView in gallery

Are you running short on decorating funds to even think about your cube? Work with what you already have. Take your desk accessories home for the weekend, give them a new coat of paint and some embroidery thread patterns. Everyone will be asking where you bought them. (via Revamperate)

pom pom pillowView in gallery

Comfort at home is expected, but why stop there? You can add a touch of comfort to your workspace by just adding a pillow to your desk chair. Make it fun and friendly by adding a simple pom pom border. Trust me, you’ll smile every time you sit down.

clip on organizersView in gallery

Working from a tiny desk space? Increase your storage and clear some surface by DIYing these clip on desk organizers. You can paint them to stand out or paint them to fit in or paint them your favorite color. Whatever makes you happy. (via Brit + Co)

business card holdersView in gallery

So many people are making their business cards into art these days. Create these business card holders out of some clay and paint and you can display your own cards or your flowery favorites on your desktop. (via A Beautiful Mess)

wall pocketsView in gallery

It’s really amazing how papers seem to pile up so quickly. With a couple bright wall pockets like these, you can easily keep your desk looking neat and organized. Plus, you won’t have to sift through piles when you go looking for that one paper. (via Emily Henderson)

spotted planterView in gallery

Polka dots match with anything, am I right? While this DIY is for a dalmatian inspired planter, you could certainly polka-dot-ify any pencil cup or organizer. Or use it as an excuse to add a nice big plant to your cubicle.

ombre calendarView in gallery

When you can go ombre, you go all the way. This DIY calendar will add some gold sparkle to your desk as well as ombre art to your workspace and keep track of the date for you. Need I go on? Your desk needs this. (via Annabode)

emoji marquee signView in gallery

You just gotta love the silly yellow emoji faces. Brighten up your cube, literally and figuratively, with this DIY emoji marquee sign. Then all you need to do is prepare yourself because your workspace will become the new office hangout. (via A Beautiful Mess)

pineapple planterView in gallery

How adorable is this pineapple planter? Find yourself a succulent that doesn’t need much care, like aloe or a snake plant, and make your desktop instantly trendy. Because anything pineapple is definitely trendy.

diy mouse padView in gallery

Are you one of those people who can’t part with their mousepad? While that’s totally fine, I would guess that it could use an upgrade by now. Find some gold paint and tape to make a pretty patterned mousepad that your mouse won’t mind living on. (via Homey Oh My)

diy tassel garlandView in gallery

Let’s talk fringe. These tissue paper garlands are so incredibly easy to make and they promise to add a maximum amount of style to a previously boring cubicle. The best part is that you can change up your colors for seasons and holidays, making it a decorating opportunity that never ends. (via The Flair Exchange)

fring wall artView in gallery

Speaking of fringe, have you considered bringing a little macrame to the office? A super simple fringe DIY like this will give you the macrame touch you’re looking for without being too much yarn. Just think how great this would look hanging above your laptop.

diy organizerView in gallery

I’m not sure I’ve seen a better organizer than this one. It provides space for all your office needs, plus it uses supplies you probably already have. If you’re looking for a little pop, paint your pencil cans or add a bright flower to the little vase tube. (via Atilio)

ombre bookendsView in gallery

Books are an easy way to make your desk feel like your home office. Choose a variety of favorites to keep at work and then make these ombre bookends to keep them straight. There’s nothing like a useful DIY that also counts as decoration.

minimal clockView in gallery

When you work from home, you hear all the homey sounds of the washer running, the A/C blowing, the cat purring, the clock ticking. While your boss might not appreciate you bringing your cat to work, you can add this minimalist clock to your cubicle for that tick tick ticking sound. (via The Lovely Drawer)

chalkboard globeView in gallery

For those of you who have families with kids, part of the homey feel is the kid-friendly nature of your home. Adding a bit of chalkboard to your desktop is a great way to bring that kid-friendly facet to your office. Bringing that bit in the form of a chalkboard globe just makes things more interesting.

fringed photo garlandView in gallery

Photos are forever and if you love your family, you probably have some of their pictures in your cubicle already. Use a bit of fringe and some string to turn their plain photos into a real piece of art. (via Homey Oh My)

diy hexagon trayView in gallery

A tray is good for so many things on the coffee table, but did you know that it’s use extends to the office? You can use it to hold all of your valuables or you can use it to carry coffee and snacks from the break room or you can use it simple to add a pop of color to your desktop. The uses are endless.

office chair makeoverView in gallery

If your office allows, don’t stop decorating at the desktop. Think about your chair too! Cover any hard surface with a layer of gold paint and recover any fabric with a bright pattern. Or take a throw blanket to work for a quick and easy chair makeover. (via Hither and Thither)