5 Unique and Stylish Desk Chairs For Your Home Office

Are you tired of your boring, black “roll-y” desk chair? Sure it has wheels and it has the ability to go up and down to fit your height, but don’t you want something just a bit more stylish for your office? Even though you may be working in cubicle or a barely decorated space in the house, doesn’t mean you can put a tad more thought into your seating! Take a look at some of these unique choices!

1. Ghost Chairs.

Modern office chair

I absolutely adore this chair for so many reason. Ghost chairs are one of the best home decor trends. They can mix in with any room, of any color, of any theme and still stand out. It’s such an unusual look, even when that looks melds into the scenery. They’re not bulky either, with is a definite plus for small spaces.

2. Grudgy Chairs.

Modern office chair

Whether it’s a vintage piece from the 70’s or just something you dressed up like the grudge episodes of the 90’s, sometimes  a bit of distress and relaxation is the right choice. No one wants a beat up piece of furniture, BUT a beat up piece of furniture set up in a smooth, contemporary office could be just the right of surprise the room needed.

3. Futuristic Chairs.

Modern office chair

Not to be confused with retro, futuristic chairs come in shades of bright neon to simple neutrals. Sharp lines or even bubble-shaped, theme fashion-forward seats are perfect for a punch of uniqueness. They’re playful and fun, and a lot of times super comfortable! Just find one in the color of your choice and don’t be afraid to try it out.

4. Basket Chairs.

Modern office chair

For a comfy, cozy feel, why not try something that feels like home? Natural, wicker baskets add a bit of rustic, down-home appeal. If you put that style into a chair not only is it unique but it still keep that’s family feel. It’s perfect when you just need not tiny bit of extra something to round out your vision.

5. Architectural Chairs.

Modern office chair

How about a chair that looks like a piece of crisp art? Just like in fashion, architectural pieces has smooth edges but they look like an amazing piece of handmade art. These chairs will looks amazing in your sophisticated, modern home office. Make in pop in a bold red or allow it to blend in a stark white. Either way, choose a chair that speaks to you artistically. You’ll always be inspired by it!

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